Monster Integration - Chapter 956 - Illusion and Quintessence II

Chapter 956 - Illusion and Quintessence II

Chapter 956 - Illusion and Quintessence II

I tried a couple of times to contact Ashlyn, but seeing it is futile, I left it be and looked at the environment I am in. The Blood Mist had no change; it had the same aura and color as it had in the illusion.

If it were not for me feeling the connection with Ashlyn, I would have thought I was still in the Illusion.

I looked around to get a sense of direction but got no answer, and when I used my killing Rule, which is shaking madly for some time to sense the direction, things got even more confusing that I immediately cut off my connection with the killing Rule.

Usually, when I use the killing Rule, I instantly get the idea about the directions, but this time when I used it, my senses have become haywire that made everything even more confusing.

It's a good thing I did not make use of the Killing Rule in my battle earlier if I had then those skeletons would have been able to kill me, and I don't, which would happen after that as those who lost in the illusion were never able to come back ever.

'Looks like I will have to do this in the Old Fas.h.i.+oned Way.' I said in my mind and started to walk in neither slow nor fast fas.h.i.+on. Since I could not sense the direction, I will take help from the blood mist.

I have chosen one direction; if the Mist got dense, then I am in the wrong direction, and if the Mist Started to thin away means I am walking in the right direction if that had happened then I would get the h.e.l.l out of the way.


But when I walked sufficient distance, I found a slight change, but this change is confusing as one moment, the Mist would thin out while another moment it would thicken.

Seeing that I changed direction but found everywhere is the same, wherever I go, I will get the same feeling from the mist. 'Have I entered too deep?' I asked myself.

When I entered the Blood Red Sea of Mist, I was in extreme pain, and that I did not have a sense of where Ashlyn was taking me, and when I knew I had entered the Blood Red Sea of Mist, it had become too late as I had already entered the mist.

Speaking of injuries, I had nearly forgotten about it, I thought, and began to check my injuries and found all of them have healed, and I am very sure that my injuries have healed. I am not in illusion as these small proof of that fearsome injuries were all over my body.

After a moment of looking around, I again started to look around for the way out, and I have to find the way out quickly as in a minute or two, I will enter another illusion, and dealing with it is going to be not as easy as the previous one.

Time pa.s.sed when a minute later, I found the connection of Ashlyn, and mine was disappearing at very fast, and seeing that I knew, I was entering the Illusion. I had tried to fight it, but no matter how much I tried, I was not able to fight against it.

'Chew Chew…'

I had entered the Illusion, and my connection with Ashlyn was about to disappear when suddenly I heard the familiar chip of Ashlyn. That connection of ours has started strengthening at the visible speed till it became stronger than before.

Unlike before, I could now sense the condition of Ashlyn, and unlike me, she is still injured, but her injuries have mostly healed, and those that remained are nonthreatening.

Though the connection between us had grown stronger, there is still a strong restriction that is forbidding me from summoning Ashlyn outside.

I was just talking with Ashlyn and had just asked how deep we are in the mist when I felt the movement in the mist and saw five skeletons walking out of the mist like before, but these skeletons are different from the previous five skeletons.

These five skeletons are six meters tall and have the aura similar to the Admantime Foxmen I had fought before and seen good mastery they have over their energy; they would be a tad stronger than foxmen.

But I am still confident in killing them, and when I do that, the reward I will get will also be bigger as the blood-red fire burning is in their eyes is bigger and deeper, which clearly means that the Quintessence they will provide but also be much purer than before.

With such pure Quintessence, I am confident that I would be able to upgrade my Rule to Level 1, but before that, I will have to defeat these five skeletons.


All five Skeletons thundered as they came at me; their speed is incredibly fast that normal Diamond could not be able to see it, and it is the same for me as my killing rule had gone haywire.

If it had been earlier I would have been worried as without killing Rule, I have senses of normal Peak Diamond, but now I don't have to worry about it as Ashlyn is lending me her killing Energy which is perfectly stable and since our killing Rule is exactly the same, I have no problem using it as mine.

As they moved to kill me, I also moved toward them, and I did not hold back on anything. I had donned my Armor and used the energy of the featherlight, but I had used the energy of Domain of Withering Sand on my sword.

I tried to use the upgraded fire ability, but it was futile; this may be an illusion, but it is the perfect one. The limitation that the real world has also applied here, so I could about using my upgrades fire ability or my Totem Artifact.

With me using my full power, my speed went beyond my limit which even got me quite surprised by it. This is my first time using my fill power in the fight after my fight against the Adamantine Foxman, which I had fought against a month ago.

I moved swiftly and avoided the attack of their b.l.o.o.d.y saber before appearing behind the last skeleton and brought down my sword on its skull with all my power.


A huge bang resounds when my Rapier hits its skull, the skull of the Skeleton instantly shattered into pieces, and black Sand that is covering my sword quickly covered the whole skeleton and turned it into dust.


While this was happening, I appeared behind another skeleton and used the same move and got the same result as the first skeleton.

These skeletons seemed to have intelligence as seeing what happened to their comrade they grouped, but it was no use; I have speed and power that far surpa.s.sed them.


With three of them acting together, three of them were able to survive a few more seconds than their previous comrades, but they ended three of also suffered the same blow as their other comrades and turned into dust.