Monster Integration - Chapter 941 - Entering The Trojan Ruin

Chapter 941 - Entering The Trojan Ruin

Chapter 941 - Entering The Trojan Ruin

"I can't wait to go inside," Elton said as he saw people pa.s.sing through the twenty-meter circular teleportation gate, it is a huge teleportation gate but compared to the people that are going inside, it is nothing.

There are millions of people going inside, only after seeing such a crowd I had realized the power of the Warzone. All the people that are waiting in the square are the Golden Elite and above, and there are about five million people Golden Elite here.

Five million Golden Elites, what kind of number is this! To be honest, I had thought there would be at max two million Golden Elites and in our Warzone but never have I guessed there would be about five million of them.

And this is War Zone 13, one of the weakest Warzone in all Warzone; other Warzone will have more numbers than this. When these people return, they will return, becoming even more powerful.

The Guild had spared no effort this time; they had transmitted the Limit Breaking Method to everyone who is going inside the Ruin, aside from me, of course. I had registered for it, but my request had been declined.


We were just talking when suddenly, the teleportation gate activated with the loud buzz. It had been activated meaning the connection with the Trojan Ruin had been, and we can now enter through it.


Said the super house who is responsible for the Teleportation Gate, just as we heard that we moved toward the formation swiftly in neat lines. We are one first people who are going in, as, after a few Adamantine, which are not more than a hundred, it is the turn of our diamonds.

"Best of Luck," I said to Elton as I activated my Armor, the Silver Spread from me, and solidified into Armor. Elton had also activated his defensive, and with the last nod, we entered inside the formation Gate.

As I entered inside it, the familiar feeling of flying into the tunnel came to me, and it is a reality. I am pa.s.sing through the s.p.a.ce tunnel, which is made from the powerful formation, and in a few seconds, I will reach my Trojan Ruin.

I hope I get transported to the familiar area, I have not only had a map from the Grimm Monster, but I also have one that was given to me by Ellen. This map was the most comprehensive one; this is the map that only Guildleader has access to.

Though like all the other Maps, it is not a complete map of the Trojan Ruin, still it is the most comprehensive map that humans have, and I am quite lucky to have such a map as it will make my stay in the Ruin a little easier.

Unlike the other Ruins, this Ruin is War Ruin, and even thousands of years later, of powerful attacks have still left around the Ruin; one accidentally entered where these traces are present.

One will be lucky if one is able to get out without losing their life as falling in such places is compared to losing one's life.

This is why I desperately wish that I would not fall into such a dangerous area where I would lose my life the moment I enter.


I had just thought that when everything in front of me turns black and the next moment I find myself cras.h.i.+ng very heavily on the water, or what seems like water.


The water is not deemed to be too deep that I crashed heavily in the water and felt an intense shock running through my body and even felt some of my bones cracking.

This crash was no less powerful than the attack of full power One Star Adamantine. I am Peak Diamond, who had donned myself in powerful Phantom Armor and this crash, still able to injure me.

If it had been any other Peak Diamonds in my place, he would have either died or very near the death. I am a little surprised by my fall, but not much.

The Gravity in the Trojan Ruin is four times the normal, and that is normal places, in some special places, it increases much more.

Still, this fall would not have happened; as from what I've read people appear very close to land when they entered the Trojan Ruin, they made special preparation for that to happen otherwise people entered in the Ruin as I did, they would be squished to death before they could utter the word.

I opened my eyes as I adjusted to the four times gravity, I found myself in a small lake of red-brown liquid. This red-brown liquid is quite thick and also dangerous as I could see, it is trying to infiltrate my body through my Armor.

Though my Armor can stop it, I could see its power and knew most Diamond would be powerless against it. I was just looking at this red-brown liquid when a thought came into my mind, and my expression changed suddenly as I understood where I had fallen.

F.u.c.k! I couldn't help but curse at my luck; I had fallen into the f.u.c.k.i.n.g Bond Pond. If It had been Grimm Monsters, it would have been ecstatic with joy but not me, especially when I saw the power of the Blood Pond.

This Blood Pond is Grade 1, albeit barely reaching there but still a Grade 1 Blood Pond, which is suitable for the Peak Diamond or Initial Adamantine Grimm Monsters, and that is a bad thing for me because.


I did not get to finish my sentence when I started to hear the crazed roars, I crushed healing medicine in my mouth and got up, only to see seven beings surround me.

I am surrounded by beings that look like Humans, Grimm Monsters, and Monsters.

They had the figure of these races, but their bodies are entirely red-brown, the same color as the lake with crazed looks and all seven of these beings emitting the aura of the Initial Adamantine.