Monster Integration - Chapter 942 - Blood Thralls

Chapter 942 - Blood Thralls

Chapter 942 - Blood Thralls

Blood Thralls!

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are Blood Thralls, the unfortunate souls which had been transformed by the Blood Pond. They had completely lost their mind and became an ent.i.ty of which only knows how to attack when someone entered the Blood Pond.

The Blood Pond is made from the blood and other parts of the Super powerhouses that fought in this Ruin thousands of years ago. By unique nature to this Ruin, that Blood had conjured up and turned into Blood Pond.

Blood Pond is said to be a Semi Living ent.i.ty due to its ability to create the Blood Thralls; they are called Vampiric Pool.

The Grimm Monster, who came to use the Blood Pool, takes the huge risk as when they are not careful enough when consuming the Blood Pool, they could be converted by it like these seven beings surrounding me.

In them One is Human, Two are monsters and last four are the Grimm Monsters, those four of them must have been consumed by it when they are trying to devour it.


I said as I called out Ashlyn, and at the same time, I had called took out very beautiful Rapier, which has become f.u.c.k.i.n.g heavy under this four times Gravity.

Its original weight is half-ton, which one would not think it would weigh seeing such a delicate and beautiful Rapier, and now under this four times, Gravity weight of its became two-ton which is heavy for me.

Seeing this, my expression couldn't help but worsen as I am fairly confident that I would not be able to my Totem Artifact, which would weigh around Four Ton in this Ruin.

So, I will have to fight these seven Adamantines with this Rapier; it's good thing I have Ashlyn; otherwise, it would have been very difficult for me to finish off these seven Blood Thralls.

Roar Roar Roar…

Seeing me bringing weapons in my hand, some kind switch had been clicked inside them as all seven of them came at me.

I have a maximum of half an hour to finish these Blood Thralls as these Blood Thralls are immortal as long as they are in the pool.

I will have to destroy their core within half an hour, so I will have enough time to deal with the lake before they resp.a.w.n.

I could run away there is that option but I will not, this Blood Pool is big enough to create at least twenty Adamantine Grimm Monsters from Diamond, so I will not leave until I deal with this pool and these seven blood thralls will be good training partners for me to get used to the environment of this Ruin.

All seven monsters came at me with Roar, within seconds they came to the place I had been and attacked, but they did not find me as I appeared ten meters behind them.

Despite the Gravity, I could move it here effortlessly, the training in the four times Gravity worth, I thought. They soon found me as they had sensed me with the help of the pool as the whole pool is their domain.

Roar Roar Roar…

They came at me with more ferociousness and speed than before, their blood-red eyes and red canines are clearly visible; they are a clear indication of what will happen if I get caught by them.

Their speed is slow, though; if they had been their Original selves, I would have run away with my greatest speed. Alive Grimm Monsters and Humans could use the method power, but these Blood Thralls did not, but they have a pretty good deal in the Pseudo Immortality, though.

I let them closer to me, but I quickly disappeared, and this time, I did not move too much distance. I just appeared behind the human and pierced my rapier towards its heart.

If one takes a look at the Rapier I am using, they will see it densely covered in the Dark Black Sand and Sunfire. These Blood Thralls may be weaker than their original selves in every other aspect, but they are very strong in the defense.

These are the Guards of the Blood Pool, and they have a very strong defense, especially around their Blood Core; it is very hard to breach it, which is why I hadn't held back anything during my attack.

My sword touched the skin of its back and found it extremely hard. Its hard defense on the back did not last long, and my sword pierced through its back and finally touched the blood core.

Kach Kach Kach...

With force my rapier went inside it, I had thought the blood core of it would shatter the moment the sword touched it but no it had just cracked, this shocked me, but I do not have time to get shocked as human Blood Thrall had launched an attack at me and others also coming at me.

Kach Kach Kach...Bang!

So I unloaded all the power of my Rules and even activated the vibrating enchantment of the Rapier, which I thought would be useless, but it turned out to be most useful the vibration widened the Gaps in blood core, which help me seemed Black Sand inside it and Blasting it away.


Just as its heat shattered, it turned into blood and fell into the lake. I had known something like this happens but still was quite shocked seeing it.

Seeing the power of this Blood Pool, it will need at least half an hour to construct its shattered Blood Core and come back, and I am not worried about not doing it in the times, as the two Blood Thralls had already been dealt with.

I and Ashlyn had shattered the Blood Core of each Blood Thrall each and now we are going after other Blood Thralls, seeing that I also disappeared from my spot and moved toward the Grimm Monster Blood Thrall.

Looking at physic of the Grimm Monsters, it was Werewolf, a Wind Werewolf to be exact, sharp triangular ears made it easier to identify its tribe. Shattering its heart had been a little more difficult than the human's Blood Thralls, but I was still able to do it.

And now only two Blood Thralls had remained; when I was dealing with Werewolf Blood Thralls, Ashlyn had finished with the two Blood Thralls.

The two Blood Thralls that have remained right now are the monster Blood Thralls, one is Eight Meter long Hippo Monsters while the other is seven meters long Deer Monster and since Ashlyn went for the Hippo Blood Thrall, I naturally went for the deer.

The Deer Blood Thrall was the fastest of the bunch, but its speed is nothing compared to me, I directly appeared at the closest spot to its heart and pierced its skiing which is unusually hard, harder than I thought.

Though my sword was still able to get past it, the real problem came while cracking its blood core, it's one tough bunch and to crack it. I had activated not only the enchantment of the sword at the full power but also released the Dark Black Sand Indiscriminately.

Kach Kach Kach...BANG!

Finally, the Blood Core shattered into pieces as I released every ounce of my power to crush it.