Monster Integration - Chapter 940 - Initial General Stage

Chapter 940 - Initial General Stage

Chapter 940 - Initial General Stage


A thunderous boom rang in my body, bringing a huge amount of energy with it. This cleansing energy is not only affecting my body, but it also is affecting my soul. To my shock, the secret method I was circulating in parallel did not produce any obstructions.

Not only it had not produced any obstructions, but it also started aiding the cleansing energy to spread in every part of the soul, so the impurities in my soul would be cleared.

I had read about it from the Information that Ellen had provided me a few months ago. Still, I never dared to believe it as Body Cleansing Exercise is a body cleansing method, but now not only is my body going through the Cleansing but also my soul.

The new cleansing energy that is roaming through my body and soul is very thicker than normal cleansing energy of the Major Cleansing, but its amount is also great. It was able to bring out impurities that hidden deep into my body.

I could see a terrible smell coming off from my body; it is very bad. Very very bad that I am having a problem holding back my vomit. Not only impurities coming out but hidden energies also coming out.

My body is completely filled with these hidden energies; most of them are from the medicinal monsters cores, but some of the energies are for the potions I had drunk, and there are even energies of Miracle Fruits that I had eaten in the past.

The Grand Cleansing is bringing that all out, Nero is having a field day eating the different types of energies, it is like him eating the different types of Candies.

He ate all the energies, but there was the order in them, he ate the ones he liked most first, and that is without question is Miracle fruit energies, the amount of them is very small compared to the other energies, but he still ate the first before starting on another.

Gutuk Gutuk...

The Nero speed of eating is incredible that I had to gulp down two monster cores that I had been holding into my month as the Grand Cleaning is a rare chance before I started practicing, I had stuffed a lot of monster cores into my mouth, so I could eat them as the energy need arises.

Holding monsters' cores into the mouth may seem simple, but it is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

These cores easily melt when they come in contact with saliva, so I had to cover each and every core into my mouth with my mana so that energy could leak from them, and I could gulp them as their need arises, like now.

Now every energy is suppressed in my body under the work of cleansing energy, and as I continue to go through Grand Cleansing, many of these methods will melt and merge into my body and soul, strengthening them bit by big.

Within a few minutes, I had become Seven Star Diamond from Six Star Diamond, and now I have to reach the limit; for that, I will need immense energy; I don't know if the Grand Cleansing would be enough for that.

Still, I have to keep trying, and with all energy that is merging with my body and soul, there is some chance that I will be able to reach the limit with the help of Grand Cleansing.

So I continue performing 108th pose with all the energy I have with it, I would consume monster core, after monster core to fulfill the energy I needed for my body.


Time pa.s.sed, and I completed 108th pose fully and fell tiredly, but Grand Cleansing is not over; it continued. The Grand Cleansing lasted for seven more minutes after I landed.

When everything was over, I scanned my body and found I needed some more energy before I reached the third limit, seeing that I had initiated the level up.

Through the Grand Cleansing, Nero had acc.u.mulated enough energy for me to level up, and when I asked him to start the level up, he did, and I began to level up the General stage.

The Level up lasted for ten minutes, and when it was over. I had reached the Initial Level of the General Stage, and my body and soul had also reached their limit.

So from now on, I would not be able to make any progress or better to say all the progress I would make from now on would directly go towards building the momentum and will make use of that progress when I broke the limit and became Adamantine.

Currently, Adamantine seems very far from me but who knows; I might come across the lucky chance and become Adamantine just a few days, in the Ruin anything could happen, which is what makes it really alluring despite the immense danger it represents.

After the breakthrough, I got up weakly and wobblingly started walking toward the bathroom. If I had gone through the Major Cleansing, I would not have felt this weak despite making a breakthrough into the General Stage.

But it is Grand Cleansing I had thought, and it tired me to my core, even though I am recovering faster, it is still slower than the normal times. Soon I went to the bathroom and showered; I showered till there was not a whiff of that vomit-inducing smell remaining on my body.


Half an hour later, when I looked myself at the mirror, I couldn't help but gasp. My skin has become so vibrant that it seemed to emit vibrancy, the glow I got due to it had made my average face look handsome.

"Mother would be very jealous when she saw this," I said and clicked a couple of photos of mine and sent them to my parents.

Both of my parents had reached the limit, and their progress is not far behind me in methods; if nothing went wrong, then my parents would be Platinum by the time I had returned.

After I am done with sending pictures, I ate the food I had already ordered before I flew down from the widow of the room toward the Central square, where the formation Gate leading to the Trojan Ruin will be opened in two hours.