Monster Integration - Chapter 935 - Battle Ends

Chapter 935 - Battle Ends

Chapter 935 - Battle Ends

"Kill Them All!"

This loud order rang out across our ears as I saw the ant-like figure of the Bullman who was fighting against the Girl in the High Heels running away; it only took a moment to disappear from our eyes.

Just as I heard the order from the Girl in the High Heels, I started to attack in Abandon, as this time there is no fear from the Grimm Monsters Adamantine as they are also running for their lives.

Everyone started to attack the Grimm Monsters below, they are ants, and they have huge numbers, but in front of Limit Levels Powerhouses, these numbers mean nothing.

This is Ma.s.sacrete as every attack of mine would kill thousands of Grimm Monsters, I started to make huge fireball after fireball and added little Domain of Withering Sand Energy in it. So, when these explode on the ground, they would create powerful explosions that simply vaporizes the Grimm Monsters.

Everybody is attacking bringing down the destruction of the Ground; if I had seen such a scene a year ago, I would have been so horror-stricken that I wouldn't have been able to move, even the now I am feeling quite a horror inside my heart by the speed and range we are ma.s.sacring the Grimm Monsters.

I see the shadow of the War in this battle; millions die such when the commander failed to stand up against the Enemy commander; If the Girl in the High Heels had lost, we would have suffered the same fate under the Grimm Monsters.

Everybody is killed, but the one that is bringing mont destruction is the Adamantine; they are bringing down the utter destruction on the Grimm Monsters, which is why just half a minute after the Order came down, we have already wiped our own more than half of the Grimm Monsters.

The Adamantine is forefront in the destruction, and right behind them is Ashlyn; she is releasing huge fireb.a.l.l.s that are bringing down destruction slightly less than the Adamantine.

Her fire may not be as strong as Admantines abilities, but she knows how to spread it around in more areas so that the maximum people would die and since the one she is killing is Silver and Golden Elite, she did not have to worry about her fire packing an extra punch.

If I had not cautioned her of using full abilities, I am sure that she would have easily been able to kill more Grimm Monsters than the Admantines, but that would have caught too much attention.

There is already too much attention on us; I don't want to get more by Ashlyn showing her full power.

Finally, we stopped as all the Grimm Monsters are dead and to kill them all; we only needed forty-nine seconds, we have killed around eight hundred thousand monsters in just forty-nine seconds what kind of time is this?

All of them are dead; the only ones that can survive were Admantines; not only the Bullman that was fighting Girl in High Heels was able to run away, but also some who are fighting in the main battlefield have also been able to run away.

After we killed all the Grimm Monsters, we flew toward the Girl in high heels and stood behind the Girl in high heels whose whole clothes are bloodied; she was wearing white Armor and her signature high Heels and now that white armor has become completely red, and so are her hills.

It looks like the battle had been that easy for her, looking at all this blood, she much has suffered quite great injuries.

Since I have time to pa.s.s, I looked at other solemn faces, who were looking ahead, searching for any Grimm Monsters. Everybody had their weapons in their hands; if Grimm Monster launched the rebound attack, we would immediately respond.

Most of the time, the Grimm Monsters did not attack, as they used whatever they had during the battle, but we still kept watch in case they did. Usually, this waiting time is one to three hours depending on the leader; I hope it is just as an hour as I am feeling quite bored in this solemn silence.

n.o.body talked as we stood behind and we stood behind her two hours, till the late morning without talking a single word. It is not like n.o.body could talk; they could as there is no restriction, but n.o.body wanted to break this solemn silence.

"There will be a meeting at the same time in the evening about the battle." Finally, the Girl in Red said after two hours and wait, and before anyone would reply, she flew toward the city speedily.

Seeing the battle had been finally over, all of us returned to the battlefield and started to collect our loot. I did not touch the single body Silver and Golden Elite Grimm Monster, only the bodies of a limit level powerhouse, including that of the Foxman Adamantine, which I had killed.

To be honest, I felt kinda proud of killing the Adamantine Grimm Monster. It is a thing that many dreamed about doing, but barely anyone can do that, and since I was able to do that, me feeling proud is the natural thing.

But I did not let this success get over my head as I know what Admantines are capable of. The Adamantine I had killed was the weakest one, and with a normal Mystic Method, if it were someone with a stronger Mystic Method then, everything would have been quite difficult.

Not to forget, there are special Admantines which had fused with their inheritance without making a breakthrough into the Lord Stage. They are real challenges; to them, the normal Admantines are the same as the normal powerhouse of Silver and Golden Elite.

I want to become that unless I become that I would never let any achievement get over my head, but before going that far, I should focus on reaching Adamantine, I wonder how much time it is going to take me to reach there.

"You have given quite a shock to us Micheal, killing an Adamantine while still being Mid-level Diamond, what a rare feat," Elton said as he patted my back.

"So, tell me the truth, are a Special or something?" Elton asked curiosity could be seen dripping on his face and faces on my teammates as they looked at me eagerly for answers.

"Sort of, you can say that. I have a special const.i.tution which boosts the power of the Method I practice." I lied. I could not tell them about my Refinement Engine or Totem Artifact; the const.i.tution is safe best as const.i.tution people are born with; it is a natural thing, though it can also be gained artificially, that happened in rare cases.

I did not lie to them completely, I have a const.i.tution which I got through the serious unfortunate incidents turn fortunate incidents, but my const.i.tution is fairly low, barely reaching Grade 3.

It could only give some potential, healing power which is better than average and some other things, compared to the real Const.i.tution it is nothing, the high level const.i.tution could make one powerful than one can imagine.