Monster Integration - Chapter 934 - Rules Of Battlefield

Chapter 934 - Rules Of Battlefield

Chapter 934 - Rules Of Battlefield

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It had been an hour since I had killed the Adamantine, and now I am just roaming around the battlefield. I am doing the same job that Ashlyn had been doing since the battle started.

We are just phasing around the battlefield, saving humans, and balancing the battlefield.

I wanted to kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds at my heart content, but unfortunately, I can't do that. If I killed wantonly, I would attract the gazes of the Adamantine Grimm Monsters, who are still working at large on the battlefield.

I am very aware of my power and know that I could just kill the Adamantine that is One Star Adamantine.

Now there is no One Star Adamantine left on the battlefield, meaning now every Grimm Monster Adamantine that is fighting in the battlefield is above One Star Adamantine.

I don't want to Atogonise any of them by launching the killing spree, just like that Adamantine Foxmen who remained when it entered Diamond Battlefield. This is why I only kill when any human in danger, otherwise I continue playing around the battlefield.

Those who never fought in the battlefield many things on the battlefield, you only do one thing, and that is to kill; they are right, but there are also rules about whom you could kill because killing too much could also get you killed.

It had been an hour since I had been fighting against this snow werewolf, more like playing. I am fighting to keep myself on record as I could not just stay on the battlefield and not fight.

While I am fighting it, I am also looking at all the battles that are being fought by the Platinums and Diamonds. If anyone needed my help I could just disappear and save them before continuing fighting against this snow werewolf.

But most of the time, I don't need to do that, the only time when I have to kill someone is when Ashlyn is busy saving Silver and Golden Elite.

Ashlyn may seem quietly flying above, but she is actually attacking, a tiny fish eyes size Invisible fireb.a.l.l.s constantly releasing from her wings, which would silently seep into Grimm Monsters below, killing them immediately.

This making fire invisible trick is quite new; she had learned while comprehending. I wish I could learn that quickly, but I will have to take a long road of hard work. As to make a fireball invisible, Ashlyn had used her ability of Materialistic Changes.

Once she understands how it is done, it is quite easy for her to change the color of her ability. Her current attacks are invisible to other eyes, and since they are coated with the killing rule, sensing them also is a very difficult job; the only people who can see through her attacks are Adamantine.

Another three hours have pa.s.sed, and the battle is still continuing, in the Platinum and Diamond level battle we have got a clear advantage, so is in the battle of the Silver Elite and Golden Elite.

Only in the battle of the Adamantine, our side did not have high superiority. The Adamantine have high numbers and humans fighting against them with all.

Still, no matter how powerful we are or how we are fighting, it does not make much difference in the scheme of this battle.

The main result of this battle totally depends on the Earthas.h.i.+ng Battle that is happening in the North. The only result of that battle will determine the result of that whole battle; if that Bullman won somehow, then it will be very difficult for us to live.

It is very powerful, powerful enough that it would not take long for it to exterminate the whole Army. Their battle is being far away, even with my stronger vision, all I could see were two blurry ant-like figures fighting against each other.

Though their figures could not be seen, still the shockwaves of their attacks could be felt and heard from the distance, which is enough to shake their body to the core in fear.

Their fight had reached an even more terrifying degree than before, I wish I could see it but I could not. They are too far to be covered in a range of my senses. Still, I am very happy with what I saw.

This is the first time I had seen any special power in work, and to be honest, I had got completely blown away by it. In front of these Special powers like Inheritance, Const.i.tution, Bloodline, and other, normal powerhouses are nothing.

Aside from my Refinement Engine, I have something, and that is that Goldslayer inheritance. If I did not find anything by the time I had reached Peak Adamantine, I would use that, and I am sure by the time I reached Peak Adamantine, I would have the capability to accept the Inheritance without needing to make a breakthrough into the Lord Stage.

Another two hour pa.s.sed, and last standing Platinum is dead; now all the Grimm Monster Platinum are Dead, so is the Diamonds. Now the only ones that are fighting are Admantines and Silver and Golden Elites.

All of us Diamond and Platinums are now standing in the air like idiots, Admantines are above our league and Silver and Golden Elite we could not attack directly, so all of us are now acting like sitting ducks in the battle.

Though we seem like we people have nothing to do, but we are doing quite a bit inside our mind, the definitive moment is arriving; we all are calculating what to do after that arrives.

In the battle, if the Girl in High Heels won, then everything will be fine and dandy, and we will slaughter these Grimm Monsters during their retreat, but if they won then, then either we could call even more reinforcement to fight or run away but not into the city.

Running back inside the city would be like giving permission to attack the city; h.e.l.l will not even get to enter the city as its s.h.i.+elds would get activated, barring anyone from retreating inside.

These are the rules; if we retreat in the city, the Grimm Monster will attack according to rules of the battlefield.

That super powerhouse that is inside the city would not be able to lift the hand to help; defending against the Grimm Monsters would be wholly in the hands of the city.

And if Grimm Monster attacked the city despite anyone taking the refuge inside it, then it would be considered the provocation, and the super powerhouse inside the city will be free to use his power to finish those who attack the city.

These are simple rules, and there are many technicalities involved in it, like if they see the battle on losing end and Grimm Monsters would attack the city, they would call the reinforcement through the Teleportation Gate without care for the expenditure.

Which is why Grimm Monster rarely attacks and destroys the Midzone and Warzone cities as we humans did not let go, till we fight to the last blood.

As I was busy with my thoughts, a sudden change occurred on the battlefield, those two super Admantines that were fighting had suddenly stopped fighting.