Monster Integration - Chapter 936 - Rejections

Chapter 936 - Rejections

Chapter 936 - Rejections

The first thing I did after I reached the room that is allocated to me is Shower; in the whole battle, only one attack had been able to hit me, but that single attack had bloodied from head to two.

Dried blood had covered most of my body, which is giving me quite an itchy feeling, so I took a good shower before coming out and eating the lunch that I had ordered earlier.

As I finished with that, I got on the bed to sleep, I had not only slept last night but had also fought a very tiring battle Against the Adamantine where I had used my method abilities to my limit, it had tired me out quite badly.

So, after setting the alarm for the evening, I laid on the bed and fell into sleep within a few seconds.


"The record of this person is good, entering roughly in Grimm Battlefield as the below-average Level 4 Knight and from there to become a Mid Diamond Elite who could kill an Average Adamantine."

"He did this all while deprived of Guilds Resources and Privileges, not even a Limit Breaking method still he was able to become Diamond Elite through natural way, quite a good seed indeed." Said the dignified looking middle-aged man in projection.

"But we can not accept him; the Sky Saber had put a mark on him. If we accept him, those vengeful people will bear the Grudge." Said the Middle-aged man with a sigh. "But teacher we Blood Sun did not fear the Sky Saber, then why are we not accepting such good see." a feminine voice asked.

"Kiera, you have to understand, power is not everything there is also a lot of politics hidden beneath it. If we do something to displease them, even something small, they will also reciprocate."

"And this seed who barely qualifies as a Candidate in waiting, not even a full candidate is not worth displeasing organization of our level, especially as vengeful as Sky Saber." said the Middle-aged man and cut the call.

"It seems like you are a bad luck buddy." said a feminine voice, if Micheal had been here, he would have been easily able to guess the owner of this voice as she is you who Micheal referred to as the 'Girl in high heels.'

Such conversations could be heard around the city, many people sending the Footage of the Micheals battle to their Organisation, but each one of them getting rejected by it.

Unbeknown to this, all Micheal is sleeping like a baby, dreaming a dream which he wouldn't even remember he had when he would wake up.

Tring Tring…

I woke up by the alarm bell and vibration of my holowatch, hearing the alarm I woke and directly went to the bathroom to freshen up before I changed my clothes and went out of my room to attend the meeting.

The meeting today was little different, we have been briefed about the movements of Grimm Monsters and though intelligence, it had been concluded Grimm Monsters would not attack the city, at least for ten days.

Last come the contribution points, everybody was quite happy when they received it, as with such contribution points they could get quite some stuff from the Guild but me, I did not even look at them.

What I am going to do with them, with me being a criminal, I could not spend a single point, like the other contribution points I've earned in months, these contribution points will also rot in my account.

"You have become quite famous," Elton said as he saw people peeking at me now and then in meetings and soon after meeting as I got out. I also saw them, and for a reason unknown, I saw pity in some of them's eyes, which had clearly confused me.

"You kill an Adamantine, and you will also be this famous," I said with a laugh which brought the laugh out of Elton and my teammates, "Yes, you better keep watch, one of these days I will surely going to kill an Adamantine," Elton said which again brought the laugh out of my teammates.

"We will leave for the Ice and Fire building in half-hour, we only have a day to utilize it well," Elton said as we parted and walked toward our rooms.

Our departing order had come; we will leave for the Heim Tomorrow evening, which we have comprehended Ice and fire Rule, just one day in the Raven City.

In my room and I ate dinner with Ashlyn before coming out, some of my teammates were already there waiting, and when Elton and others came, we departed for the Ice and Fire Building.

"Man, I hope I could go above the 6th Layer, my rule power had already reached the peak Basic." "I so wanted to enter the 3rd Layer to get a look at the Level 1 Rule; It will make many things easier for me," Elton grumbled as we walked toward the Meditation Field.

Buzz Buzz...

Hearing that I typed a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch and next moment, their holo watches started to vibrate one after another. Seeing their notification rang out when they were on the meditation field, they immediately checked their holowatches and shock appeared on their faces.

"Michal, how?" Elton, as asked as he found a temporary Green Pa.s.s on his Holowatch, the Green Pa.s.s will let him and my teammates access all Nine Layers for the next two days.

The Emerald Pa.s.s is one of the highest there is as it gives me all access to the building, and it also gives me the privilege to share the lesser with my friends and Teammates for the limited time.

"I have some connections," I said with a smile, and I entered the 9th layer; layer by layer we kept entering inside till Elton and I finally reached the 6th layer when Elton hesitatingly flashed his green pa.s.s to the scanner, and the next moment, the door opened for him.

A bright smile appeared on his face when he saw that, he turned to me and mouthed thank you before entering inside. After he entered, I also entered the 5th layer, where Elton stood still to adjust to the pressure.

I gave him a smile before I continued to walk toward the 4th later, Elton is Peak Diamond now, 5th layer would not be able to stop him, the real challenge for him would be 4th layer as only crossing through it would he be able to enter the 3rd layer to comprehend 3rd later.

It is a challenge for me too, and the pressure I would feel would even be greater as I am Mid Diamond compared to his Peak Diamond.

I entered the 4th layer and familiar pressure came down on me, making it even difficult for me to breathe. I did not resist the pressure, instead worked on adjusting to the pressure.

It took me twenty minutes to get adjusted to pressure enough that I could get a slow continuous breath, as I started to take the continuous breath I started to take forward for 3rd Layer.

Before coming here, I had already decided that I will comprehend the Rule power in the 3rd Layer, and I will do.