Monster Integration - Chapter 918 - Raven City

Chapter 918 - Raven City

Chapter 918 - Raven City

"We have got an emergency mission, we are heading to Midzone immediately," Elton said suddenly. We have finished the mission before Dawn, and now it is afternoon, everyone was doing their own thing when Elton suddenly spoke.

"Why are they sending us to the midzone so suddenly?" asked one of my Team Members, clearly confused as the most conflict that arose in dealing with the Midzone are Death with Golden Elites and Platinum Elites; there is no need for Diamond Elites to go there.

"It's Raven City," Elton said, just as we heard that we all fell silent and a look of understanding flashed across the faces of everyone.

Raven City, a city in the category of Midzone but not really a Midzone. It had become an extremely special existence due to an incident that happened in it about an year ago; it is the only city in Midzoe that had ten or more Adamantine always stationed inside.

That incident had completely changed the city and made it a heaven for the people who have comprehended the Ice and Fire-type Rule users, there is a treasure in the Raven City that was enough salivating the Grimm Monsters that every Grimm Monster would bring a huge Army to take the city.

Such big attacks now became common the Residence of the city; they happened two times a month at the least. In the past few months, I've seen many teams from the Guild going to Raven City for reinforcement.

I also wanted to go, but the teams I've been a.s.signed to never had a chance to go there.

"I really want to see that Ice and Fire Building." someone saint in a dreamy voice, "You should really see it, it is amazing. When I saw it the first time five months ago, I was in Total Awe." Said another team member.

The Raven city is the same city where twins were posted before they went to the Central Continent.

And the treasure they were talking about is Building is the same building where about a year ago two people had awakened their Ice and Fire Const.i.tutions.

Their awakening completely transformed that building to the Grade 3 Crystal whose values are huge, a crystal we harvest from the Grimm Monsters are the Grade 1 Crystal, the Grade 2 are thousand times more expensive than it and Grade 3 thousand times more than Grade 2.

So, one can guess how valuable a hundred story building is; it is no wonder Grimm Monsters are attacking that Building like a mad.

"Micheal, have you been to the Raven city past year?" Elton asked, to which I shook my head in no, "Well, you should have the Ice and Fire Building really worth it." Elon praised.

"Let me tell you guys a secret about Ice and Fire building that even some Adamantine did not know," Elton said mysteriously, "What is the secret?" the name Gina asked immediately.

"You just have to make a promise that you will not tell anyone about it before you become Adamantine?" Elton said, and this he was really serious, "Do we really have to swear?" Gina asked, "Yes, otherwise I will not tell you." he said in a deadly serious voice, but there was a twinkle hidden deep in his eyes.

Elton made everyone swear one by one; if Ashlyn were able to speak, he would have made her swear as well, though, with her nature, she would have flew away arrogantly without care for the secret of the Ice and Fire Building.

"The Ice and Fire building is not completely made of Level 3 crystals; there are Level 4 and Level 5 crystal also inside it."

"The apartment that two people were in had completely transformed to Level 5 crystal, and the place those two were sitting had transformed to the Level 6 crystal, but the amount of it is very, very tiny."

"This is why the same level of Super Powerhouse already protects the Raven that Warzones are protected," Elton said. Healing that we are sh.e.l.l shocked that we do not even make the sounds of shocks and exclamation.

What of kind value that Level 6 crystals possess? In our world, there are Seven Grades of the Crystals with Level 1 being Lowest and Level 7 being highest, and that building contains Level 6 Crystal that is just one level lower than Level 7.

Even if the quant.i.ty of the Level 6 Crystal is extremely low, their value is far far greater than Level 3 Crystals that the majority of the Building had transformed.

"Just what Monstrous Const.i.tution those two people had awakened to create even Level 6 Crystal," Gina asked softly and looked around for the answer, but no one had the answer, not even Elton.

I had asked twins a few months ago if they knew who created such a transformation of the Building, but they had said that they had left a week before that had happened, and even if they were present in the city, they would not have known.

The ident.i.ty of such people is very sensitive and not easily revealed; even if Elton knows about their ident.i.ty, he will not dare to voice it.

The Secret of the Building is nothing; even if the Guild knows he told us about it, he will receive tiny punishment at most, but he dared to disclose the ident.i.ties, then he would directly disappear into thin air.

No one talked anything a few minutes before they started doing their own thing, I too closed my eyes and started sorting the storages of the Grimm Monsters which I had been doing before.


Time pa.s.sed by, and two days later, at dawn, we reached near the Raven city. As we reached close to the city, everyone went to the windows to take a look at the Ice and Fire Building from above.

My seat had a window, so I didn't have to fight to squeeze myself to take a look outside. In a few, we will reach the city, in that time I will see the Ice and Fire building which I had wanted to see since it had transformed.

"Wow, it is more amazing than pictures." Said my teammates and they are right. Below there is an average square size hundred story building that had been transformed to the Absolute Marvel.

Even from a distance, it looked breathtaking that one just wants to keep looking at it.

The Ice and Fire building, as its name suggests, is made of Ice Elemental and Fire Elemental Mana crystals.

One side of the building is covered by the icy blue crystals which look like they have come from Ancient Glaciers while another size is made of bright red fiery crystals that look like they have come from the earth's crust.

The Building is amazing, but also it gives a huge threatening feeling; it is not just a feeling, that building is really dangerous to knights if they get too close to it.

The Knights have to keep 50-meter distance from the building if not then they either froze or burned to death depending on which side of the building they are on.

It's not like people could get that close to the Building, the building is under tight protection and how closer one could depend on their power and privilege.