Monster Integration - Chapter 919 - Ice And Fire Marvel

Chapter 919 - Ice And Fire Marvel

Chapter 919 - Ice And Fire Marvel

Note: 1 Extra Chapter.


The airs.h.i.+p landed on the airport of the Adventurers Paradise, and we all got out with an excited look on our faces as we all were very eager to see the Ice and Fire Building.

"Welcome to Raven city; My name is George. I am sent here to guide you to your accommodations." Said the Blond-haired man who was already waiting for us.

From the Airport, he had taken us into the Adventurers Paradise while informing us about the recent ongoing about the Grimm Monsters, which according to the intel they have will attack in one to three days.

The Grimm Monsters already ama.s.sed the Army, and now they are just waiting. The Guilds of Raven City would handle the battle; we will only enter the battle if the Diamond on their entered; if not, then we will just watch.

Half of the time Grimm Monsters attacked, the battle had been fought between Diamond and below, but other times, even Admatines got involved. Nothing could be said about the battle; everything depends on the Grimm Monsters.

"These are your quarters, you are free to roam around the city but not allowed to go out, and there is an important meeting at 7 AM that you all have to attend." He said.

I had already received the notice of the meeting through the mail, the meeting is quite a high level as only limit levels can attend it.

After saying goodbye to my teammates, I walked inside the place that had been a.s.signed to me. It is an elegantly furnished apartment, though it is small, it had everything that one needed, including the training Room.

The first thing I did was order food before I went for the shower as I did not have one in the four days, so I spent quite a time in the shower before I got completely free of the filth that I had acc.u.mulated for the four days.

When I came out, I saw the lunch was already delivered. Seeing that I did not waste any time and started to eat lunch, I have so much to do today and very little time to do that.

In the twenty minutes, I finished dinner and walked out of my accommodation, I wanted to train and drink potions to increase my strength as Grimm Monster could attack any time, but I did not seem to care about that as all I am focusing on is the Ice and Fire Building which I want to see.

Soon I got out of the Adventurer Paradise and took in the air and flew toward Ice and Fire Building speedily.

In Warzone, I may be a criminal with nearly no privileges, but in Midzone, there is no restriction on me except for being a criminal.

I could go anywhere in the city and train in any facility of the Guild and do anything I want, but regretfully with my current power, all of them are utterly useless to me, only Warzone has everything I want, but I can't get those things, not in the official capacity at the least.


Soon I reached near the Building and gasped in wonder as the building, its really amazing, more amazing than I saw from the Airs.h.i.+p.

It looks amazing like a supreme work of art, but that is not a shocking thing about this building; the most shock worthy thing about this is Rule fluctuations coming from the Building.

It is a thing that made me gasp in shock, there building faintly releasing Rule fluctuations of Ice and Fire Rule, one will be able to sense these fluctuations if one closes his eyes and concentrates for a little.

That is probably why hundreds of thousands, yes, hundreds of thousands of people sitting five hundred meters from the Building comprehending Rule Power. I had heard about the Ice and Fire Building, releasing the Rule power but did not think the Rule power it is releasing is this great.

It is enough to make even normal powerful gain comprehension about the rule powers; even normal people could comprehend rules few they concentrate daily on these fluctuations.


I landed one kilometer from the building; this is as far as I could fly; ahead of me, five hundred meters is the meditation field, which was especially created for the Rule comprehension of the people.

The five hundred meters field held the s.p.a.ce for nearly half a million people to meditate and all these s.p.a.ces are filled with waiting of more than months, people came in doves in Raven city to comprehend the Rule power, and most who came were able to do that.

I looked at the meditation field for a while before I scanned my holowatch to the gate and entered inside. I am also planning for meditating as Sunfire and Fire rule related, but I am not planning on meditating in the Meditating field or at least not on this meditating field.

Normal people to Golden Elite could only meditate on the Common Meditating field, though s.p.a.ce they get dependent on their power. Still, they are meditating in the common meditating field while I, as Diamond, will meditate in the layers.

Those who are above the Golden Elite can meditate in the layers as for what those layers are; the layers are the invisible force field that covers the Ice and Fire Building.

They can't leave such treasure without any protection; there are Nine layers of forcefield covering the Ice and Fire building. They are extremely strong that even the strongest Knight could not create even a slight ripple in them.

Since I am Diamond, I could meditate in the layers, but I also could not go much far as the Diamond could only meditate in the 7th layer.

From what I've heard from Elton, he said that every layer has a deep aura and I should be able to get benefits from the 8th layer.

As I walked closer and closer to the Building, the aura of the Rule is getting stronger and Stronger; not only the aura is getting stronger but also Rule powers.

In the beginning, the Rules felt like common Level 3 Ice and Fire Rules, but as I got to the middle of Meditation Field, they became powerful Level 3 Rules, just step away from Level 2 Rules, but that changed when I reached the end of Meditation Field as now the rules have Became Level 2 Rules.

I couldn't help but be shocked sensing this as the power of Rule may change but not their level, but here, the level of the Rules also changes as one gets closer and closer to the Building.

Finally, I appeared beside the 9th layer of the forcefield; to the eyes, it seemed invisible one could use only it when one concentrates. Both sides have four guards protecting it, and these Guards were no normal Guards, they are Lord Stage powerhouses.

I couldn't help but let out a mirthless smile, seeing that, as the building is an absolute treasure, those who are protecting it should not be weakling, and these guards are guarding the 9th layer entrance, those who are guarding the deeper layers are even more powerful.