Monster Integration - Chapter 917 - Fortress III

Chapter 917 - Fortress III

Chapter 917 - Fortress III

"You wanted to see my real power, now see my real power." It said as it appeared next to me and swung its Axe at me with intentions of cleaving me into two, seeing that a smile couldn't help appear on my face as I too swung my sword to counter its ax.


Our weapons clashed, and this time I finally felt something; a faint tingle which ran through my body before disappearing. Such a powerful attack was just able to make me feel tingled, this proved the amazing process of the Armor.

In the fight, until I felt the force of enemy attacks on my body, I didn't really enjoy it, only when I started to feel something like that, I began to get excited, even though all I felt faint tingling was enough to make me feel excited.

"Good, Give me more," I said in thirsty expressions which morphed his expression shock that got me unaffected by its attack to the expression of fear as he looked at my thirsty face, I literally saw it literally gulping down its saliva as it looked at me.

"Take this, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Hyenaman bellowed as it attacked me, and this time its attack was more powerful than before. It has not only used the full power of its strength Method, but it is also using the full potential of the offensive method and Speed method, it is holding nothing back.


"Good. Good!" I said as I started to clash against it intensely, the power jump of it was really great that it had made me more excited to fight against it.

The attacks of the Four Star Diamonds had completely stopped since the Hyenamen started using its full power as they are barely able to touch me due to the shockwaves we are releasing through our attacks.

It is now only Five Star Diamonds or Five Star Diamond that is attacking, the other Diamond had got killed just a few seconds ago by Ashlyn, It was trying to run toward where the team leader was fighting, but Ashlyn killed it as the warning.

This is why the three Hyenamen are in the vicinity of our fight and not going to reinforce the other team, which is at their last leg.

After a few seconds of fighting, I suddenly saw something through my senses and tuned to Hyneman, "Is this really all you have, to be honest, I started to feel bored." I said to the Hyneman.

Hearing that Hyenman's face turned red in rage, but the power of its attacks had not increased, "I guess it is all you have, it's really disappointing I was something more." I said with the sight.


"You B" I opened its mouth to say something, but just as few words came out, they stopped as it found the heart of it got pierced by my sword, the last thing I saw was my disappointed face on its performance which angered it so much it made it die a second early.

"Now, it is dead there is no reason for you guys to stay alive," I said, and before they could do anything, four knives released from my hand-coated with the silver radiance.

Puch Puch Puch…

Some tried to run away, some tried to defend with their defense skill while others tried to run away, but each and every one of them had my knives pierced through their skull without any resistance.

"Nice Battle," Elton said as he appeared beside me, he looked fine except for a few scratches here and there, "It was a little disappointing, I was hoping to fight something stronger," I said truthfully as I summoned my armor.

"Don't worry, in the next mission, I will let you have the Peak Diamond," Elton said with a laugh, "I would be really grateful," I said as I followed Elton's gaze as the fight was still raging.

Earlier I had asked Ashlyn to only create a level field for human platinum; she just has to kill enough Platinum Grimm Monsters that they did not overpower the Human Platinums.

The Platinum Grimm Monsters she had kept alive was enough to challenge and kill the humans if they made a mistake. Till now, many humans got bloodies, but not a single one had been killed, Ashlyn is keeping eyes on the whole battlefield.

If someone is about to die by the attack of the Grimm Monsters, she could easily save them.

"The Guild is really an idiot to waste the resource you and her," Elton said while watching the fight, to that, I just smiled. Since he had done research on Ashlyn and me, he knew how powerful we are and what Guild had been doing to us.

If we had gotten our own team, we would have helped Guild destroy many Grimm Monsters, and our record would have been one of the best in the Guild, but it had become a puppet of the power that it backtracked on the principle it had established.

I wanted to leave the Guild many times, but I know other Guilds would be the same, and it's not like I could fight in Grimm Battlefield without a Guild, if I do not have the Guild and did not want to choose them Adventurers Paradise will choose it for me.

The Guild is necessary to stay in the Grimm Battlefield unless I become Adamantine, only becoming Adamantine will I have the choices for anything I want.

"Micheal, give them ten minutes if they did not finish in ten minutes ask Ashlyn to finish off all the Platinum," Elton said as he started to fly down, I nodded and asked Ashlyn before flying down.

It had been barely fifteen minutes since the fight started and we had already finished off nearly all the Grimm Monsters.

In such a mission, the sooner we finished the fight and left, the better. If I had been in Elton's place, I would have asked Ashlyn to kill off all the Platinums before leaving with my teammates.

"Ashlyn had saved us quite a trouble," Elton said as we landed on the construction of the fortress that barely started.

While we were fighting, Ashlyn not only kept an eye on the Platinums Elites but also killed all the Craftsmen Grimm Monsters that were responsible for building the fortress.

The Construction of the fortress had barely started, which why this mission had given to us if it had finished even 10%, then only Vice Guildmasters or Guildmaster would have done this mission as that time instead of the Diamonds, there would have been Admantines that would have Guarding this mission.

We started to collect the important things that we could from the fortress; there are many things which are quite expensive, we had not stood ceremony and started to take out important things.

When the ten minutes were over and Platinum came as Ashlyn killed off all the Platinum Elite Grimm Monsters. our speed became even faster, that we were able to take out all the important parts that were pointed in the list provided by the Guild.

In an hour, we finished doing that, and just that time, the airs.h.i.+p also appeared above the camp to take us home; the whole mission only took one and half hour to finish, becoming my quickest battle.