Monster Integration - Chapter 916 - Fortress II

Chapter 916 - Fortress II

Chapter 916 - Fortress II

The Grimm Monsters looked at me angrily as if I had asked for their firstborn child, they seemed really angry over how easily I was able to kill their comrade and also about my remark earlier.

"Ter, Sie and me will handle this one; all of you go finish up that Batard." The leader Hyenamen Ordered. Hearing its Order, five Hynemen came at me; all of them have different levels.

The leader is Six Star Diamond, two are Five Star Diamonds, and Two are four Star Diamonds, this is quite a powerful group, and seeing them I couldn't help but feel excited.

I wanted to use the knives to finish off the two Level 4s; I know I could, but I stopped at the last moment, as even though they are a little weak, with their team they will be able to create some pressure on me, so I might just well let them live a little longer.

With such powerful force coming at me, I immediately took out the sword from my storage, which is not my Totem Artifact, and summoned the wolf lord's Armor, which appeared on my instantly.

Seeing the Armor appearing on my body, the gaze of the five Hyenamen became solemn; till now, they have not taken me seriously but seeing the Armor appear, but just as Armor appears, they have become extremely serious as they know what terror such Armor could create.

As the Armor appeared on my body completely, I instantly activated one of its perks, and just as I did that, silver radiance shot out of my body into the sword and coated it in the Radiant Silver, making a sword part of the Armor.

"Don't hold back on anything; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is very dangerous." Said Leader Hyenaman as he came at me with two Five Star Diamond while the two Four Star Diamond that remained in back attacked me with a long-range method.

"It would have been better if you have left these two with other weaklings, they will be your burden instead aiding you to defeat me," I said, others might think the Wold Helmet on my face remained unanimated while I spoke, no it moved as I spoke as if it is speaking itself.

I could keep it inanimate, but where the fun is in that, It looks quite cool when the wolf design on the helmet moved when I spoke.

"Humph, we will let you know how weak we are when we separate your body from your head." said one of the Five Star Diamond behind Six Star Diamond, and just as it said that the axes of three of them started to s.h.i.+ne in the Brilliant red light.

This Method seemed to be common among these Hyneman as all of the Diamonds are using it. It seemed to be a Tribal Method of this Onix Eyed Hyneman Tribe. Mystic Method is not only special to some Const.i.tutions, but they are also Special to some tribes.

I have only come across the Tribal Method only once, but I have to say they are pretty powerful, and this one looks even more powerful than that which couldn't help but make me excited.


The three of them came close to me before and surrounded me from the three sides before attacking me with Axes that are s.h.i.+ning luminously.


Seeing their attack, a smile appeared on my face and moved closer to the Six Star Hyenman and attacked, which not only helped me effectively dodge the attack of the two Five Star Hyenamen but also let my Sword directly clashed against the Axe of Six Star Diamond Hyanaman.

As for the attacks of the Four Star Hyenaman, I simply don't care. If I were using any other method, I would not dare to say that as every method attack is fatal, especially when it is coming from the powerhouses that are one level higher than you.

But I am wearing Phantom Armor, which's the 4th Floor had purified energy of my Refinement Tower; if this armor were not able to defend against such attacks, it would be letting down its.

Bang Bang

Two method attacks crashed on the Armor directly, but all they were able to do was create a small ripple on the s.p.a.ce they have hit, that's all their attacks did even made me feel tickled which made me ecstatic. I poured more power into my sword as I slashed it toward Six Star Diamond Hyanaman.


Its ax and my sword clashed. I felt nothing, just nothing. All the offensive force that had come toward me was resisted by the Armor, not a single bit came at me, which is even beyond my expectations as I thought some of it would come, but no, not a single bit had come at me.


We looked at each other for a moment before we started clas.h.i.+ng at the blurring speed that even a Five Star Hyenmen have a problem in seeing. We are phasing in and out one spot after another, never staying in the one spot.

The power of attacks is also off the charts as the shockwave created by the attacks were able to slow down the long-range method attacks coming toward me by the half.

Now even five-star Diamonds are attacking me with close-range right now as they know this battle is beyond their level. If they have come close, they die before they know what has happened.

Their attacks were also doing nothing to me except for making me feel tickled a little. To be honest, I had expected it to completely discard the attacks of the Four Star Diamond powerhouse, but I did not think I would be even able to discard the attacks of Level 5.

The defensive power of this Armor is amazing beyond my expectations. Not only defensive power but the strength and speed of it is also amazing, till now, I have even used even half of that power.

"Is that all you have, use whatever you have if not then I will kill you next second," I said directly, I have been fighting against it till now was to get used of the Armors Power, but now that I did, I have no use of the opponent which could not make me utilize all the power.

Like I had said, if it could not bring something amazing, I will kill it next second, and I could.


Hearing me, it started to laugh loudly as if I had said something very funny and it could not control its laughter; seeing its weird ugly laughter, I really had the urge to kill it, but I controlled it and waited for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d to finish its laugh.

"You want to see my strength; I will let you see my strength." It said with a laugh as the rage started to burn in its eyes. The next moment, intricate brown lines began to appear on its body.

Till now it had only shown its offensive Method and Speed method, this should be this third Strength type method, looking at the aura it is emitting, it looked quite strong, let's hope that it gives some challenge otherwise I would really hope to end the fight this early.