Monster Integration - Chapter 915 - Fortress I

Chapter 915 - Fortress I

Chapter 915 - Fortress I

As I entered the room, I saw it was bigger than I had expected. The interior inside it is military-style but thirty chairs still look quite comfy, though they could not compare to the pods, they are still quite good.


Soon everyone took their chairs, and a minute later, the airs.h.i.+p took the air at the blurring speed. The s.h.i.+p is faster than I had expected when I looked from the window I saw everything in a slow blur.

As the Airs.h.i.+p started to fly above the cloud, everyone got busy in their own thing, some were reading, some were talking, some were playing games, I am also reading but also training.

I am practicing my Refinement Engine, Secrete Method, and Supreme Combat Exercise, it is quite stressful to read while practicing as all these three methods have become hard with the Diamond level.

Time pa.s.sed by as we continued doing our things and as such one and two and a half-day had pa.s.sed, and soon we will reach our destination, The Revenant Glaciers.

"We have reached our destination, we will jump down in five minutes," Elton said, hearing that everybody stood up and started to check their gears and wore the suits they have got for this mission.


Five minutes pa.s.sed by, and the door of the Airs.h.i.+p opened with the Zub and with it a biting cold temperature permitted inside the airs.h.i.+p despite the thermostat going at full blast.

Elton and I are fine, but all Platinum are literally shaking, we are really high, and the temperature here is extremely cold. If I had been a Golden Excelsior, I would have frozen up like a popsicle by now.

Such cold could only bear by the Platinum Elite or above those below it simply frozen to death in just few seconds.

"Lets Jump." Elton, after seeing everyone, is ready and jumped down, Ashlyn and I also jumped down behind him. As I did, I was blasted by the Cold, it was very cold, but with my current power, I could bear it without using the Sunfire Cover.

Thud Thud Thud…

Half an hour later, we landed on the Ice one by one. The mission was deeper in the Glaciers; we will have to cross about three hundred kilometers to reach our destination.

Seeing all us landing, the team leader motioned with his hand, and we started to make our way toward the mission. Ashlyn had already flown away from my shoulder when we jumped down and now is ahead, acting as a scout.

During the discussion of the planning, I had already told them about the scouting ability of Ashlynn, so it is me now leading them toward our destination.

With our camouflage suit and guidance of Ashlyn, our speed is quite fast, we have become a ghost on the ice, only stopping when we saw the patrol of the Grimm Monsters.

Aside from that, we have never stopped for anything, which is why by midnight, we have reached the destination, "I have never thought we would reach here this quick." The team leader said a hint of surprise could clearly be detected from his voice.

The Grimm Monsters have covered the area they are constructed with the huge forcefield. The first step of the mission is similar to any other mission; we first have to destroy the teleportation gate, only doing that we will be able to fight against them without the fear of their reinforcements.

"Take your positions, start the attack as soon as you receive the signal.:" Elton said, hearing that everyone nodded and started to move toward their position while Elton moved toward the camp, which was covered in a camouflaged forcefield.

I walked toward my a.s.signed position while feeling extremely excited as in this battle; I will see the power of my methods. The last time when I used my methods, they were at the Golden Elite level, and this time, they are at the Diamond Level.

The power they would reveal would be amazing; it just remained to see how amazing their power would be, I hope the Grimm Monsters there are strong, I would really like an opponent who would force me to use all my powers.


I was just busy with my thought when I heard the loud bang from the forcefield; I resisted the force that came from the forcefield and placed the Drill on it; next moment, the hope big enough for me to pa.s.s through had appeared on the forcefield.

Boom Boom Boom...

When I appeared on the other side, I greeted with the defeating sound of the fighting, in the centre of this small city size camp Elton is fighting against Nine Grimm Monsters and all these Grimm Monsters are very strong.

Each of the Diamond, with Lowest, has Three Star Diamond power while highest having 7 Star Diamond power, this is a very powerful force, and we had not expected any less from Grimm Monsters that is Guarding the fortress constructions.

"Ashlyn create a level field for the Platinum Elites and keep an eye on the platinum." I said to Ashlyn and about to speed toward the battle when Ashlyn chirped. "Chew Chew Chew…" she is saying that this is a boring job and she wants to fight Diamond too.

"Let me fight, you will get plenty of chances later," I said to which Ashlyn looked at me angrily before flying away, for past few months she had been fighting exciting enemies.

At the same time, I stuck with cleaning the trash, but now my power has advanced, I am going to enjoy fighting powerful enemies which I hadn't got much chance in the past month.

Looking at the fight for a moment, I took a few slivers of featherlight energy into me and flew toward the battlefield with such speed that everything around me went blurry; if not, my senses are quickly calibrating, I would have definitely crashed into the battlefield.

I am not four two hundred meters from the battlefield, and both team leaders and the Grimm Monster noticed my arrival, which made them stop fighting for a moment.

"Fre, So go handle him." said the Peak (Seven Star) Diamond Hyenaman, as he told the ward two six-meter buffy looking Hynenamen came toward me speedily sporting a fiendish expression which clearly said that they wanted to swallow me alive.

As I looked at the two Hyenamen coming at me, I couldn't help but shake my head; I would be excited if that Six Star Diamond had come or Peak Diamond, even five Star Diamond would be fine but what came at me was to Three Star Diamond, I am quite disappointed.

"You Bas" Puch! Puchi!

They got angry seeing my expression, but I did not care a hoot for that, I just took two knives from threw then the at the two Three Star Hyenamen, seeing the speed of the knives, the two Grimm Monster started to activate their defense methods, but before they do that, the two knives pieced through their eyes and killed them instantly.

"Disappointing," I said.

I did not control my voice; the Diamonds were still shocked over the death of their comrades who did not last two seconds when I spoke and gave them a feeling of rubbing salt over their wounds.