Monster Integration - Chapter 904 - Fighting Diamonds I

Chapter 904 - Fighting Diamonds I

Chapter 904 - Fighting Diamonds I

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A Diamond werewolf screamed at me loudly as it finally saw what I was doing, but I did not give a hoot about its rage and continued throwing knives, seeing that rage on the faces of Grimm Monster became bubbling and three of them came at me.

Seeing them coming at, I stopped throwing the knives and let the madness take me out as I took out the sword off my back. I let out the madness because all three of these Diamonds are at 2rd Star one star lower than me.

Even though they are normal 2 Star Diamonds, they are more powerful than me as they have their method of power while I did not.

The featherlight and Domain of Withering Sand, both of them at the level Golden Elite, and due to 4th-floor Refinement, they could be used in the Platinum level, but that is their limit.

So, unless I practiced their higher levels, these two Mystic methods would be useless to me, I would have to fight these three Grimm Monsters with my ability which will be very difficult, but I am up for the challenge.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.ds you have killed quite a lot of our Comrades now pay the price for what you did." said one Grimm Monster as three of them came at me with their speed type method.

It will be one of most difficult fights I've ever fought, till now I had only fought against the Golden who only has one Mystic Method, traitor which I fought earlier had one extremely rare Phantom Method, and another is a Defensive Method which he revealed when I was smas.h.i.+ng my sword against its head.

But the one I am facing are Diamonds who could practice three Mystic Methods, dealing with them would be quite difficult, but I am up for the challenge, as now I could be able to fully utilize the abilities that my Killing Rule bestowed me without feeling drained.

Sup Sup Sup…

As they came towards me they attacked me with their methods, one released extremely sharp wind blades, other released concentrated energy beams and last attacked with a very dangerous looking blue fireball.

I could not let any of these attacks touch me as each of them have the power to seriously injure me and kill me if any of their attacks. .h.i.t on any vital part of mine, so I should not let that happen.

Seeing their attack coming toward, instead of dodging, I jumped forward into their attacks, and with repeated practice of doing it, I have become quite an expert taking the jumps between the attacks.

They were shocked, but that did not delay their reaction; as I jumped into the attacks, another barrage of attacks came at me, and this time the attacks have very little s.p.a.ce between them. Seeing that a made smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

I twisted my body at the angel who seemed inhuman to whoever looked at and pa.s.sed through the attack and used the momentum of the in my sword and swung it at Bullman.

Seeing my attack coming toward it, it activated its speed method swung its hammer at me while its friends attacked me with their methods against me, seeing that weird smile on my face couldn't help but widen.

If I had Mystic Practice to the current level, I would not have to fight such a dangerous battle against these Grimm Monsters who are a level lower than me they would have fished on chopping board for me.

But I did not mind such difficulty. It could be said that I am quite enjoying it, I would rarely get a chance to fight such battles when my methods are up to date.

If I wanted to finish battle quickly, I could just take out my sword, with the help of it, I would need maximum a minute to finish this b.a.s.t.a.r.d but I will not do that, these three are very good grinding stones for me to gain control over my new advanced strength.

Sup Sup Sup...

Seeing the hammer and two method attacks coming toward me, I threw a couple of knives at the method attacks with my open hand while continuing with my sword attack.


As our weapons clashed, I felt intense force coming at me, most of it was destroyed by my cover of rule power, but some force were able to seep inside me and injured me, 'So, its third method is Strength Type.' I thought.

I have been counting the method of the three Grimm Monsters; the Bullman has Speed, Ofensse, and Strength type of method, while others did not show their third method yet.

As my sword clashed against its hammer, my knives have effectively dealt with method attacks. Methods do not make one invincible; there are many ways one could deal with method attacks.

I have had a lot of free time in the past seven month, and I used some of that free time to think of ways to deal with methods, and my knives are one of them.

"Don't hold back on Methods! He has just advanced and has not upgraded the methods yet." shouted the werewolf.

Quite Sharp! I couldn't help but mutter in my mind hearing the shout of the Werewolf, a cruel smile appeared on the Bullman as it heard it and next moment they started attacking me indiscriminately.

Dhub Dhub Dhub...

Wind Blades, fireb.a.l.l.s, and energy beams came at me, but I showed no fear against them, I calmly took out knives from my storage and threw at the attacks that were coming at me.

Dhub Dhub Dhub...

Each of my knives. .h.i.t against the attack accurately neutralizing and deflecting the perfectly, the Grimm Monster stopped seeing this and continued attacking me with their method powers, but not a single attack was able to hit me.

"Let's attack him directly." said the werewolf after some time seeing not a single attack of theirs was able to hit me, the Grimm monsters looked quite frustrated and angry that they wanted to tear me apart.

They seemed to channel all that anger and frustration into their attacks as they became very ferocious, I had to get creative over to survive against their attacks.

As time pa.s.sed, I got better and better control over my sudden strength, which made my moves very refined. The untrained eyes would see my condition the same, barely holding on against the Grimm Monsters, but an expert would see how easy for me to dodge the attacks.

These powerful attacks have become a breeze for me, the impeccable combination of Killing Rule and my expert control that I've learned through months of hard work made me feather in a tornado, it could sweep me inside but could never harm me.

They also seem to understand what is happening and upped their attacks, even more, going as far as giving a big opening in their defense so that I could walk in, but how can I be unaware of these little tricks.

As a result, I started to throw the knives at these intentional openings which frustrated them to no end and their expressions have become such that they wanted to eat me alive.