Monster Integration - Chapter 903 - Strange Reality

Chapter 903 - Strange Reality

Chapter 903 - Strange Reality

3rd Star Of Diamond!

To be honest, I am a little surprised to get this far as I thought it would mostly reach the 2nd Star at most, but my methods and preparations worked better than I had expected, well it's good they did, with this power the chances of my surviving had increased quite by far.

I opened my eyes and found all people in the same potion I saw before closing my eyes, the only difference is that they all are wearing masks and holding various devices towards me, seeing that small smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Thank you for protecting me when I am advancing," I said with genuine expressions before summoning fire over me to burn off all the filthy sweat and smell I have over me, I would have liked to take a bath, but there is a huge battle going outside, so I don't have the luxury to do that.

I was about to go out when my gaze fell on Traitor; I immediately appeared beside him and placed my hand on my chest. This time I released my energies and created bindings only just on his heart but all over its body.

I also did some tinkering, so he remains unconscious for quite a while. Some traitors commit suicide just as they caught; I don't want something like that to happen, at least not on my watch.

After I have done with it, I take out all of his hidden and Visible storages; since these storages are from a traitor, I will have to submit them for the inspection, but I will still inspect it and take anything I like.

"Don't come out, there is a big battle going on outside," I said to the people before I place the drill on the forcefield, with my current power I could forcefully break through the forcefield, but it will take time and create the commotion which I do not want.

So, I just simply placed the drill on the forcefield and walked outside when the big gap opened through it. When I walked out, there was a stark different scene going on outside.

Unlike earlier, all the Platinum Elites have come outside, not only platinum but also Diamonds, I could clearly see the Bloodied figure of Mission Leader Clara. She is barely holding her off against the attack of Seven Diamond Grimm Monsters of the different tribes.

The Human Platinum Elites are not faring much better either; they are also completely bloodied fighting against these Top Platinums, if not for Ashlyn providing them support, they all would have lost their lives.

These Platinum Elites are not normal; they are more powerful than normal Elites; if they have been normal elites, it would not be a human side that would be losing.

Except for Ashlyn, n.o.body noticed me, Ashlyn wanted to come at me, but with Eleven Platinum Elites chasing her and she barely has time to even look at me.

Seeing the condition of the battle, I immediately took my sword, but it was not a red sword or my totem artifact. The Red sword could not be used; its level has become too low to compete against Platinum and Diamond.

The sword I took is greatsword; it is pitch black and has a similar weight and size as my totem Artifact; it is an excellent sword to practice before I use my totem Artifact.

I shook the sword a little as it felt even lighter than I had expected, but I am in no mood to change the sword right now; this is the sword I am familiar with, and I will fight with it.

I placed the sword on my back as it is not time to use it, I will have to deal with the small fries before, to do that I will only have two to three-second before Diamonds notices me and I have to fight time.


I flashed away from my spot and appeared in the air, on the perfect spot where I could see and attack all the Platinum Elites.

Sup Sup Sup Sup…

Barely anyone noticed when I appeared midair and saw the knives that are releasing through my hands; these knives are the best I have. I have bought especially for this scenario to use them against the Platinum and Diamond Elites.

'I am dead; I am dead f.u.c.k I am dead.' I keep thinking in my mind as I fight against these five Grimm Monsters. These f.u.c.kers are really powerful if they had been the average Platinums he would have slaughtered them long ago, but these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are not easy to kill.

Jerome and Sera had already been killed, and I think I will be next, I am already drained though I have enough energy to fight for two days, still in front of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds is not enough.

I was able to survive until now because of my hidden moves, but I have already used all of them many times, these f.u.c.kers have got used to them and now finding the gap through them to finish me off.

Puch! Puch! Puch!

I was cursing them in mind while fighting when I heard the soft puchi sound and saw three of the five Grimm Monsters I was fighting had their skulls somehow pierced by the pitch-black kunais.

How? Where?

These three Grimm Monsters soon lost s.h.i.+ne in their eyes and started to fall. It is too sudden, one moment I was fighting the next moment I saw Kunais pierced through the skull of three Grimm Monsters, I didn't even see Kunai, I just heard the sound and found the Kunais were already in the skull of the Grimm Monsters.

The two Grimm Monsters I immediately stopped fighting and created a safe distance between them before they looked around, only to see Grimm Monsters falling from toward ground like rain.

I was just looking around, who is the one who killed them while thinking if one his teammate became Diamond which seemed unlikely as he would have sensed it as they all were fighting at very close distance.

If it is not his teammates, then did they receive the unexpected reinforcement, but that has also seemed unlikely as they are in the territory of the Grimm Monsters, and this Garrison is only one the radius of the five hundred kilometers.


I was just searching for the culprit when I heard a loud shout filled with extreme rage; I quickly looked in the direction of the voice and saw it is from one of Grimm Monsters that is fighting against the team leader.

Like us, all of them also stopped fighting and are looking in a certain direction.

I looked at the team leader and saw her in even worse condition than me, there was not a part on her body that is not being bloodied, and now that bloodied face had a look of shock, a look of utter shock.

I looked at the direction where Grimm Monster and the team leader are looking and finally saw the person they are looking at.

"It can't be, how can it be he?" I said out loud of shock, questioning my own eyes, but no matter how much I try to deny, it seemed to be the truth, especially when he intentionally revealed the aura of 3td Star of Diamond.

Have I gone mad in despair that I started seeing things? I asked myself as the strange reality appeared in front of my eyes.