Monster Integration - Chapter 905 - Fighting Diamonds II

Chapter 905 - Fighting Diamonds II

Chapter 905 - Fighting Diamonds II

I pa.s.sed through their attacks as I normally do and they alike always released another barrage of attack while Snakemen came at me with its poisonous blade, this nothing new as it had been happening for the past ten minutes.

Sup Sup Sup...

I released my knives toward the method attacks of two Grimm Monsters and looked at snakeman that approached me speedily with its speed method, seeing it coming at me, I couldn't help but smile.

Sup Sup

Soon it approached me, and this time, I should have used my sword to attack me, but I did no such thing, I took out two knives from my storage and threw them at the Snakeman.

These knives are different from the other knives I've used; these knives are coated with my Sunfire rule and fire ability.

In the past seven months, both of them have gotten stronger, due to my insufficient strength, I was unable to access their power, but now there is no power in my body that I can't access.

With the boost of my Sunfire and Fire Ability, the speed of my knives increased three times.

Puch! Puch!

The Grimm Monster got alarmed, seeing it and diverted the sword which was coming toward me to defend, but unfortunately, the distance between us was too close and speed of knives too fast that before its sword could reach the knives, the knives reached its pierced through both of its eyes.

It barely opened its mouth to scream when it became completely stilled and started to fall from the sky.

Seeing it, the Bullman and Werewolf got quite shocked; they thought even if they could not kill this human, he could not kill them as he did not have any method power, but seeing how their friend is killed, they are utterly wrong the human could still kill them.

"You F.u.c.k.i.n.g Human!"

The two Grimm Monster seemed to have lost seeing their friend killed and started to throw an attack at me indiscriminately; I think they are doing that because they don't know how to defeat me, all the other ways they have tried result in failure and their friend even got killed.

So they are doing the easiest thing they could do, bombard me with their attacks, but how can these attacks touch me? They may be powerful, but my knives are easily able to deal with them.

The bombardment of the attacks had lasted for a few minutes before it had suddenly stopped, both of the Grimm Monsters looked at me as I had effectively dealt with all their attacks without moving an inch from my spot.

"Gssbsk ungd snsg…"

They looked at me before Werewolf said something to the Bullman beside it in the Grimm Language, which I was not able to understand before both of them came at me and with speed faster than ever before.

'Looks like they have decided to attack from close.' I thought their choice was not surprising as I could easily deal with the long-range attacks with my knives; if they wanted to kill me, then they would have had to come closer to me.

Though it is a very risky choice seeing how easily I killed the Sneakeman, they have to take it if they want to kill me, and seeing they are coming with fury on their faces, they do have every bit of intentions to kill me.

As they speedily came at me, they also attacked, not wanting to give me a moment of rest, but life before, I stayed on my spot and dealt with their attacks as I wanted for them to come closer to me.

Suddenly when they were just four meters away from me, both of their aura had a change, both of them activated their third methods, the Bullman activated its strength type method which I had come across before and werewolf had activated its Defense method which it had kept hidden.


Both of them shouted as they came at me, the werewolf had taken charge as it had activated its defense method which covered its whole body is an earthly yellow field that covered its whole body which seemed more powerful than normal defensive methods.

It had a fiendish smile on its face as it came, fully confident that my knives won't be able to do anything against his defensive method, and it is right, my knives may not be effective against this kind of defensive method.

The Earthly Field will slow my knives, by the time it will reach it they will be no threat to it, it would be a different thing if I had the featherlight Method up to date, with it there would have been no problem for me as with featherlight Method, my knives became fast enough that they could easily be pierced through such fields without losing much speed but alas the featherlight energy I have is not worth much in this battle.

Seeing the smile on the Werewolf's face as it attacked me with its claws, a smile couldn't help but form on my lips as I thought about how its face would be when I cut it into two.

Seeing werewolves claws coming at me from one side and a hammer of Bullman from the other, I did the most unexpected thing that both of them thought I would do, I released the sword from my hands.

They never expected I would do such a thing directly discarding my weapons, which is now falling down at great speed due to weight, and instead of getting happy over me discarding my weapons, both of the Grimm Monsters become alert.

They are Diamond powerhouses, they have gone through many life and death battles and knew if something weird like this happened in the battle means danger is coming.

Their hearts had warned them to run away, but seeing the enemy so close that they could kill it the next moment, both of the Grimm Monsters pushed the warning down from their hearts and increased the strength of their attacks to limit.

Not running away when their hearts warned them to is the most foolish thing they have ever done became the moment the sword fell down, the next sword appeared in my hand.

A sword with a simple black handle and completely red cristal blade which made it look like a Rubie, as it appeared it started to s.h.i.+ne brightly on its edges.

As my Totem Artifact appeared in my hand, my power had skyrocketed; it directly reached 5th Star of Diamond from the 3rd Star of Diamond; with such strength, these became at to me.

I swung my sword without hesitation, and it moved such speed that Werwolf was able to see it, the only thing it could see its red streak, it tried to move its metallic claws for the defense, but before it could do, it found the blade it cutting through the defensive field without slightest obstruction which horrified it further.


My sword cut through its field without facing the slightest problem, and next moment, it touched its waist and cut through it like it is cheese, and before long, it finished as it was cut into two, though it may be finished, but I am not.


I carried on with this momentum and swung my sword at my back, where I cut the bullman into two by its chest, which killed it instantly, unlike the falling werewolf, which is still alive.

I had not wanted to use my sword this early, but Clara is having quite a trouble in dealing with four Diamonds if I did not provide the help soon, she would die.