Monster Integration - Chapter 902 - Diamond III

Chapter 902 - Diamond III

Chapter 902 - Diamond III

'F.u.c.k it was Hard!' At one moment I had really thought I would explode, the energy was really f.u.c.k.i.n.g too much for me, I barely able to divert it to the right places and save myself from exploding.

But all my efforts were worth it; I was able to build enough momentum to be able to break the second Limit and become Diamond, though the power of potion had dried up right after I broke the Limit, the body had again naturally started sucking up the energy.

I let out a soft sigh as I felt my injuries healing at a visible rate, and my strength is rising exponentially if I opened my eyes now, I would see my body glowing in Diamond colored light.

Finally, a few seconds later, the energy coming inside me started to slow down as I formally became the Diamond Elite, but everything is not over yet; there is one more thing which will take my strength to another level.

Crack Crack… Surr…

As the energy around me finally slowed down, various sounds started to ring out of my body, the Soul cracking Sound of the Secrete Method, Seals Of Supreme Combat Exercise Sucking Energy, and my body going through Major Cleansing, all of them started to take effect at once.


Seeing this is Golden Chance, I did not waste time and started to waste a single second; I immediately took the perfect monster core I've prepared for this occasion and swallowed it down with some difficulty and also began to circulate Supreme Combat Exercise like I never before.

I even started my refinement to refine the energy as I would need a s.h.i.+t load of it for the Ruby. However, I have huge mana storage within my Reinement Engine, I don't think it would be enough from what I've heard about the Ruby Seal, so I started Refinement Engine to refine more energy if it required.

Now my soul and body will be going through two baptisms of Secrete Method and Four Major Cleansings of Body Cleansing Technique and not to forget Ruby Seal, I wonder at what level I would reach when I am finished.

I just hope that my body will digest the powerful core I had eaten; I had already instructed Nero to eat all the extra energy that will start to harm, so everything should be fine.


I had just started the Refinement Engine when a 'Bang' resounded through my soul, and I found myself in familiar conscious s.p.a.ce.

"Diamond, he has become Diamond," John said with a voice full of shock, not only it but each and every person here is sh.e.l.l shocked, they have never heard of anyone becoming Platinum and Diamond in single, he did not even an hour, he just took barely fifteen minutes.

John watched as the whirlpool of energy around that freaky guy withered down and Diamond s.h.i.+ne receded; he thought it was finally over now that freaky guy became Diamond, but no, it is being far from over.

Just as the energy whirlpool receded and Diamond s.h.i.+ne disappeared, he saw that taking out what it seems like a big piece of Monster Core and popping into his mouth and a few seconds after his aura started to rise again and with it another thing also started to rise.

"F.u.c.k! This horrible smell!"

People started to complain heavily as a very horrible smell began to come out of that freak body, seeing the familiar horrible smell John did not waste a second and applied a mask on his face.

Not only him, each and every person in the Sphear applied the mask on their face, but all of them. Though the smell is horrible, they did not want to take a step back, this freak had done something amazing, and they wanted to observe every bit of it, it may turn helpful to them in the future.

The Golden Excelsiors from the front had even taken out a few devices from storage to every energy fluctuation; these people really want to take everything they can get!

John had been just recording, but now seeing them taking out devices to record, he also did not hold back and take all high-end gadgets he had and started to record.

"Why has the smell increased so heavily, Major Cleansing should not have this much heavy smell?" John asked his friend, though he had a faint guess, he still wants to confirm it with his friend.

Hearing his question, his friend touched his mask and tapped his finger on it before sniffing with his nose, seeing that John couldn't help but shook his head seeing that.

When he applied the mask, he did not completely block the small; he let tiny of that horrible smell came in, so he could keep tracking the changes.

"He is breaking through the Natural way means he must have built momentum with the methods and Body Cleansing Exercise is one of the Methods that used to build momentum." His friend said.

"He is likely going through the three or more Major Cleansing and that thing he ate earlier, likely a piece of Monster Core, he uses to maximize the benefits of the Major Cleaning." his friend added.

John couldn't help but nod at his friend's a.s.sessment as he also thinks the same as the same time, he couldn't help but Marvel, the Freaks perseverance, to spend months trying to build momentum.

He had heard quite a lot about that abnormal Bird of his, whenever people talked about him, they would always make snide comments about him Fame Riding his monster but looking at what I am seeing, it is not just his monster that is abnormal but he too is abnormal and bigger abnormal than his Monster.

His aura continues to rise, so his horrible smell he is giving off. Sniffing the scent, I say he is at least going four major Cleansings together, seeing that John couldn't help but let out a mirthless laugh as till now, he had only been able to practice till Four Major Cleansings.

But seeing the freak john promised himself that he would practice more seriously from today will not slack off; not only will he practice Body Cleansing Technique seriously but also other methods like Supreme Combat Exercise.

He may not have the ambition to break the limit naturally, but he will practice more diligently to get stronger; he is clearly aware that if not the freak, they all would have been ma.s.sacred by Traitor.

When I came back from the conscious s.p.a.ce, I saw four of Major Cleansing also reaching their limit, inside me nearly all the energy of the core had been melted and fused, and Nero also looked quite bloated and content, through our link I know he is ready to make the breakthrough, but I had told him to stop as it is not the time.

My time in Conscious s.p.a.ce had been very helpful, and when I came out, I found out I had created three amethyst seals (130 seals), which shocked me, but when I thought about how the creations of seals changes after first Ruby Seal, the three amethyst seals did not shock me very much.

I looked at the third Amethyst Seal, which is forming beside the Beautiful Ruby Seal; it is taking way too much mana, more than ten times what Amethyst seal before use to take, but it is good as the power of previous amethyst seal would not even trickle to current me.

Soon the third or thirteenth Amethyst Seal is created, and the Major cleansing also stopped giving me a clear view about my power, which, if I am not wrong, is at the 3rd Star of Diamond.