Monster Integration - Chapter 892 - 4th Floor

Chapter 892 - 4th Floor

Chapter 892 - 4th Floor

I am now very sure that I would need a maximum of two to three seals of Supreme Combat Exercise before I build enough momentum to break the limit.

It may sound easy to create two normal seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, but it is extremely difficult, more difficult, especially after the 90th seal. Just to create a 91st seal, I had needed seventeen days, and this happened twenty-four days ago.

Since then, I had started to create a 92nd seal, which hadn't finished even after twenty-four days. Though it may be difficult, I will do it; I had persisted for seven month, I could continue for a few more weeks, I thought.


I said after an hour when I was finally able to refine all the energy of featherlight, after going refinement of the 4th floor, it had become even more powerful; with such refined featherlight energy, I could also be able to contest against Platinum in speed.

As I had refined, I carefully took a look at two Violet Feathers of Featheright Method, which glowed the Violet Light. There is instability, and breakage could not be seen on the feather.

In the past seven months, there is no advancement in the level of my methods as there is no advancement in my level, but the power of my methods has tremendously changed.

Seven months ago, I had only refined the energies on the 2nd floor of Tower but now toward had reached the 4th floor; each floor of the toward refined energy further, which increased the power of the method even further.

With four refinements the power of the featherlight had far surpa.s.sed what it was able to give me originally, it hadnow become powerful enough to compete against the speed of Platinum easily.

After finis.h.i.+ng Featherlight, I looked at the twelve petals black lily of Domain Of Withering Sand. This method is a little weaker than featherlight, at least in the initial phases, which puts me in a dilemma to refine its energy or not.

The two feathers of the featherlight look fine, the purified energy did not put a strain on them, but the same can't be said about the lily of Domain of Withering Sand.

Though I had used best materials during the practice and even added quite an amount of White Grade Origin Water, I wasn't sure if it is able to bear purified energy that is refined through the 4th floor of the Tower.

"Let's do it," I said.

In the past seven months, I have seen the powerful fight, not only the Platinums but even Diamonds, so having little extra strength will help me a little as I always couldn't depend on Ashlyn to save me whenever I am in danger.

I started to refine the energy, and a few minutes later black cored energy which dark as night began to come out of the 4th floor and merged into a runic lily, I observed the lily and seeing it is fine, I continued refining while keeping a close eye on the lily.

If I spot the tiniest problem, I would stop as I don't want the whole lily to explode and poison me to death.


Finally, an hour later, I was able to refine all the energy of the Domain of Withering Sand, and Runic Lily hadn't cracked or blasted apart, which gave me a big relief.

But I could still tell that Runic Lily had reached its limit; if it purified ant further, it would explode into tiny pieces.

Seeing both of energies had been purified, I got up and started to be proactive with them. I first started with the FeatherLight, taking a very very tiny amount of it before using it.


I curse in exclaim as I barely stopped myself from cras.h.i.+ng against the wall, that tiny bit of featherlight energy had given me speed beyond my imagination, if not for my immense control over me and my energies, I would have definitely crashed across the wall.

After getting a taste of the speed, I adjusted myself and started to practice earnestly to control energy under me completely; it is for the training but also the challenge to myself.

In the past seven months, my friends had really helped me a lot from giving me emotional support to giving me materials I need, and Ellens's help was greatest; she had helped me get some top researched materials with her access to the Adamantine, yes she had become Adamantine.

I first did not have a complete breaking the limit, I just crazily wanted to build the momentum and break the limit but reading the materials that only Adamantine has access to, It had broadened my perspective immensely.

If I am going to spend months, even year in breaking the limit then I might as well squeeze for every bit benefit it could offer me which is why I had already decided that I will not make a breakthrough till I had created 100 seals (Ruby Seal)

The power of the Ruby Seal is immense if I had not practiced any other method and just practiced Supreme Combat Exercise and created the Ruby seal, I would have easily broken the limit.

That is why, for the past five months, the only thing that I gave similar attention to the practice is control. I practiced control, not only energy control but body control and other things.

My base was already very strong in this aspect as I've always been focusing on the Control, but when I truly started to focus on it by giving a few hours of my day, that time, my Control over everything started to increase even further.

Still, I do not think it is enough; when the time comes, my current control would not be enough for me to control what I have to control that time, which is why I kept practicing till I became capable of controlling that Momentum which roars through my body and soul.

I practiced for an hour before I stopped, and I have to say, these two refined energies are immensely powerful, more powerful than I thought. They will make lots of things easier for me.

As I finished practicing, I rested for an hour before I started to take out Alchemical Ingredients and Alchemical materials. I am concocting the potion, and it is not for Ashlyn but for myself.

Though I could not drink it right now, I am concocting to drink it when the right time comes. This potion had a quick expiry date of ten days, and its material is very, very expensive, so much that my heart started to burn when I saw two expired potions in my storage.

All the ingredients of this potion are expensive but most expensive; it is the core of the Lord stage monster. That monster is quite rare to get its core; I have to spend a large amount of money to get it.

I am concocting this potion every ten days, and this is my third time crafting it. Though after ten days potion expired, taking a large amount of my wealth, I have to do this for a day, I want that potion ready in my hand when the time comes.

This is why I will continue to craft the potion till that day comes, and for that, even if I have to spend every penny I have to buy the materials of this potion, I will do it.