Monster Integration - Chapter 891 - Seven Months

Chapter 891 - Seven Months

Chapter 891 - Seven Months

It had been seven months since I had joined the Excelsior Division and since then many things have changed but many not, like my friends kept advancing while I am not.

I am still at the same level as I was Seven Months ago; nothing had changed about that except for that I got a lot more fighting experience which made my combat style even more refined and thus increasing my power.

All my attributes are the same, except for me becoming even more good at fighting. To be honest, these seven months went like a blur; I still remember that fateful day seven months back when Deacon Reya or may I say Vice Guildmasters Reya as she is now told about me not getting privileges that every member of Excelsior Division gets.

That news crushed me, so crushed that I wasn't able to come to myself for one, that whole month went to blur that I only have few memories of that month. In thirty-two days, all I did fight, fight, and fight.

I partic.i.p.ated in every mission I could, in that month I was so busy that I entered and slept in my apartment only at once. I was in complete depression, and at that time, I was at my lowest.

Except for fighting, I did nothing. I did not even train, which I do every day. That month I was just an empty sh.e.l.l, a zombie which I

I had never felt so much empty before; even when I was breaking the Ashlyn seal, which took me a year, I was never so depressed because that time, no one was oppressing, not giving me what I deserve.

That time everything was in my control, and I had to find a way to break that limit. This time too I had a way in my hand but there was a second way too, a much easier way which had been taken away by me.

It was due to the companions.h.i.+p of Ashlyn and Nero, and support from friends and family; I was able to come out of that dark phase of my life and took these obstacles as my challenge, as I said to Reya that day.

Since then, I had been practicing with my complete focus; I did not hold back on anything. Since they won't let me have the Limit Breaking Method, I will break it on my own.

For the past six month, I have trained continuously and could be said to have gotten quite close to reaching my destination.

In these Six months, I've created 91 (64 former progress) Seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, reached 10th Move (6th Move former progress) of Body Cleansing Technique, and reached the 6th stage (4th stage former progress) in Secret method.

My Rule power had also made the advancements, now both the Sunfire and Killing Rule are the Peak of the Basic Stage.

That's not all, I've also broken through the 3rd Floor of Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Refinement Tower. Though I had reached 3rf floor of it, I could not refine my mana through it as mana nourished soul and body to some degree, which is why my body didn't allow it to get refined at the 3rd level of Tower.

But method energies did not have such a problem, that is why I had used them to break through the 3rd floor of the toward, and due to them being refined by the 3rd stage, they have also received immense advancements.

With all the advancement of these four methods, I was able to build a great momentum; I just needed a little more before I could finally break the Limit in one go.

But it is not that easy; for the past one month, I was barely able to make any progress. It had become extremely difficult to make progress in the Secret method and Body Cleansing Technique.

For the Secrete Method, my soul had become quite fragile, with the current power of my soul, I could not continue practicing the Secret Method if I forced, then I could permanently damage my soul as further one went in practice.

The higher I go in the practice of Secret Method the more pressure I will put on my soul, it was because of my special const.i.tution, I was able to practice to the two advanced stages of Secrete Method.

But I had to stop after that if there weren't danger of the soul injury, I would have reached its 7th stage by now, and the limit would have been broken.

The Body Cleansing Exercise in a similar condition, I have reached the 10th Move of it. I wanted to perform further, but I could not as I did not have energy to do so. To perform Body Cleansing Exercise, one needs to have a strong body.

I do not have that; I have at the first limit (Golden Elite Limit), and me reaching 10 Move (Major Cleansing) is already a near impossible thing, and physical energy required for that is immens. I was able to reach the 10th due to sheer willpower.

It is not boasting, I've read the well-researched papers, very few people have been able to do what I have done in Body Cleansing Technique at my level.

Both of the methods have given all the help they could give, but to move further, they are no help. To cross the little bit of power I need for the momentum, I have to gather it from Supreme Combat Exercise and my Refinement Tower.

From my current estimate, I will need Six more seals of Supreme Combat Exercise to break the limit, and if I can reach the 4th Floor of my Refinement Tower, then those seals reduce to three.

For the past two weeks, I have been trying to crash through the 4th Floor of refinement Tower, and yesterday, I nearly succeeded, so I am confident that I will be able to do it today.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, I closed my eyes and started to enter my s.p.a.ce, where I took a large amount of Violet color Feather Light Energy and began to circulate through the toward.


As I did, the green runes started to light up one by one until they light up all the runes till the 3rd Floor, but I did stop there, I moved the energy up and crashed it across the roof of the third floor, as I did faint crackling sound heard and a small crack appeared on the room.

Crack Crack Crack…

Seeing that I started to build my momentum before cras.h.i.+ng it on the roof, as I did that cracks began to appear on the roof, and these cracks kept bigger and bigger with each crash till they covered the whole roof.

I feel quite tired, building momentum is no easy task-it takes quite a lot of mental energy, and like yesterday, I felt quite tired reaching this stage, but unlike yesterday, I am going to give up, I will continue trying till I blasted that roof off.

Crack Crack Crack…. BANG!

So I continue trying with higher and higher momentum till there is no s.p.a.ce remaining on the roof that hadn't been cracked, and finally, after gold knows how many tries, I heard that peculiar Bang that I had only heard three times before.

The roof blasted apart and violet energy shot into the fourth floor, getting more and more purified while energy getting purified, I felt the ranging momentum that resing every cell and soul increase in power further.