Monster Integration - Chapter 893 - Peak Platinum Elite

Chapter 893 - Peak Platinum Elite

Chapter 893 - Peak Platinum Elite


I finally took a sigh of relief as the potion had finished concentrating, it took three hour to craft, and these three hours had been grueling as this potion is not easy to make.

I laid on the floor tiredly as I let the potion cool down, and before I knew it, I fell asleep on the floor. Since the morning, I have been doing something and something, I've even practiced Body Cleansing Technique despite me reaching the limit as it keeps my body flexible and fit.

When I woke up, it was already evening. The first thing I did is to check my holowatch as I have a mission in a few hours. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up and shower and started to cook right after.

An hour later, I laid a simple dinner on the table, and we both started to eat in the silence. As I finished, I cleaned and washed the dishes before I went to my room to change.

Ten minutes later, Ashlyn and I walked toward the Guild, I had already received mission details and difficulty of it enormous, but this is kind of Missions that Elite++ teams do.

We people from the Excelsior Division do not have our own teams, we are just people who will join any team that needs our help, and today I am joining Team 22 an Elite++ team, which I had worked before many times.

Yes, Elite++ team, which led by the Diamond Elite, are very very powerful teams, the real core of the Warzone.

Each of them packed power to destroy the cities easily; they will not even need the whole team, the leader is alone enough to raze the whole city in a few minutes.

Ive seen the power of the Diamond Elites, they are f.u.c.k.i.n.g monsters. The power they have is simply terrifying that whenever Diamond fights, even platinum stays away from as much as they can.

Soon I reached the Guild and walked into the Wing where Elite++ teams' offices are, as I walked into the wing.

I got many looks from the people there; I am very famous in Guild, especially within Elite+ and Elite++ teams, but fame is not earned by but the one on my shoulder.

I could hear their whispers when they looked at Ashlyn, they have given her many names Bird Of Slaughter, Grimm Burner, Silver Ma.s.sacre, and my personal favorite chub smasher. I don't know who gave her that name as she has ever done anything that earns her the name 'Chub Smasher' except for being a little chubby.

Knock Knock

Soon I reached the office of Elite++ team 22 and knocked, "Came in, a voice resounded from within, hearing that I opened the door and walked into a luxurious conference which is even more elegant than the hallway.

I entered the room; I was blasted with powerful auras, in front of me, there are twenty-six people. In all the twenty-six people, not one is Golden Elite, twenty-five present here are Platinum Elites, and Leader is Diamond.

All of them looked at me with various gazes with various emotions flickering through them, but 80% of people had only one emotion in their eyes, and that is jealousy burning jealousy as they looked at me.

"Micheal come sit, we have been waiting for you." said team leader Clara as motioned me to sit on the only empty chair on the table which is beside her, "Thank You, team leader," I said respectfully.

The leader is a beautiful girl with a heroic being; she had dark skin and short pixie hair and a perfectly toned body, if Ellen had been here she would have drooled seeing her as she is exactly the type of girls that Ellen used to prefer before she found Madeline.

"Look, Ashlyn, I have brought your favorite candies. They are really difficult to get even for me, but I have got them for you," said Clara as she placed a small jar of candies in front of her.


Ashlyn giving a single chirp of thanks, flew off my shoulder and landed in front of the candy jar and took candy to open its wrapper expertly with its claws and beak before eating it.

Some like me, who is not Platinum Elite, did not have the right to attend a meeting of the Elite++ team, but I am still attending, and no one abjected my attendance, and it was all because of Ashlyn.

While I am not a Platinum Elite, Ashlyn is and she is not a normal Platinum Elite but a Peak one who is more powerful than the normal Peak Platinums.

There is Limit on my but not Ashlyn's or not at Platinum Level. While I am stopped at my current level seven months ago, Ashlyn is not. She kept advancing continuously.

I did not skim back on the potions; as long as her body clears away the impurities of one Potion, I would feed her another potion, and as such, she had become Peak Platinum three months.

If not for the limit of my body had started affecting her when she reached the Peak of Platinum Level, she would have been Diamond by now.

She is very powerful, and that she could beat normal Peak Platinum powerhouse easily, only the best Platinums Elites could stand against her, and this makes her the most valuable a.s.set on the team after team leader.

As the normal Platinum Elite are cabbages in front of her, that in the most mission she alone finished off all the Platinums Elites before others could even get chance to fight back probably that is since last month, the Guild only allowing us to the mission that needed us, means the missions even more dangerous than the Mission that Elite++ teams do.

I hated the fact that the Guild was monopolizing us this way when they gave us nothing in return, forget about Limit Breaking Method and Privileges that Excelsior Platinum Elite have, they are not even giving us access to the State Of Art training facility Golden Elite Excelsior train in.

Despite how much we are contributing to the human race, we are being treated like; I have fewer privileges than a newly entered Silver Elite. It hurts very much when I think that, but I have no choice but bear silently as I do not have the power to do anything.

"As you all know, this mission is very dangerous, except for our team, we will have help from one hundred Golden Elite excelsior and one thousand Peak Golden Elite from Elite Corps." The team leader said.

Hearing that I couldn't help but feel a little stumped as Guild does not offer that many numbers of Golden Excelsior.

As 80% to 90%, Excelsior Golden Elites became Platinum Elites and if something happened to them then Guild will feel the immense loss from it. So them allowing these many Excelsior means the mission is going to be extra difficult.

It is likely a powerful Garrison of Grimm Monsters with more than a hundred thousand numbers otherwise they would not have issued this many Excelsiors.