Monster Integration - Chapter 890 - Crushed

Chapter 890 - Crushed

Chapter 890 - Crushed

This is huge news for me and came at the right time when I had needed it, I have already reached my limit, and now I desperately need the Limit Breaking Method, and now with Excelsior Brigade, I will get it.

Every member of Excelsior Brigade gets a Limit Breaking Method, among other privileges that could make one jealous. I don't care about other privileges, I could make do without them, but the Limit Breaking Method is a must for me.

Once one became a member of the Excelsior Division, they would get all privileges that are being a member of the Excelsior Division to have; it did not matter if one was the biggest criminal or an idiot, they would get all the benefits.

So I won't have to worry about my criminal tag stopping me from getting privileges.

"Seeing the power of Ashlyn, earlier I had known you would leave us soon but did not expect this soon," said Stephan to me as he looked up from his holowatch, "Congratulations, Micheal on getting into Excelsior Division," Stephan said.

I am not surprised seeing him knew that, as the team leader, the guild would surely inform him first of my departure.

"Micheal, are you really leaving? To the Excelsior Division, Wow, I am really jealous of you." all of the sorts of voices started to come from my teammates, but in the end, all of them have congratulated me.

To be honest, I don't want to leave as I am quite content with my current team; very few people would be lucky to be placed in such a team, but I will have to as it is an Order and also for higher progress.

The team's level is too low for me now; it can't help me advance further as there are no challenges, only when I keep fighting something powerful, something challenging only then I will be able to make the advancements quickly.

The Excelsior Division is such a place; it will give me new challenges and powerful opponents to fight as in that division, all people are like me, who have the battle power that is far above those of a similar level.

I have heard so much about the Excelsior Division, and now I could not wait to join them.


Soon we crossed the city and took the hovercar toward the guild; we were just about to reach the Guild when I received another mail from the Guild, it is said that I quickly registered myself to Deacon that is responsible for the Excelsior Division as I have to leave for the mission in two hours.

"Steven I'll have to leave now, I've been sent to the mission before that I will have to register myself with Deacon responsible for the Excelsior Division," I informed Stephan as I got out of the hovercar.

"Ok Go, but don't forget us when you're in Excelsior Division," he said jokingly, I nodded emotionally before hugging him and my other teammates, this team have given me so much, taught me many things, how could I ever forget about them.

After bidding the emotional farewell, I put on my happy place and walked toward the Deacon's office; it took me a while as it is quite deep into the Guild Castle.

"Knock Knock!"

I reached in front of the door and knocked on it, "Come in!" came from inside, and I am quite surprised to hear the slightly familiar voice; when I opened the door, I found the same person I had expected to find.

She is Deacon Reya, the same Deacon I had registered myself when I entered the war zone. But Deacon Reya of that time and Deacon Reya now have the difference of sky and earth.

Her aura is completely changed than before, to become Deacon in S Cla.s.s Guild. One need to Platinum and not a normal Platinum that could top above other Platinums Elites, when I met her more than two months ago, she was then but now her aura is even more threatening.

If I am not wrong, she surely has broken through the 2nd Limit and now is Diamond Elite.

When I entered the office and looked at her, her face did not look good, she seemed to be frustrated by something which gave bad premonition, but I pushed down that premonition and faced her with a smile.

"Deacon Reya, what a coincidence when I first entered the Warzone I had registered with you, and I am selected in Excelsior Division," I said as I took a seat in front of her as she motioned.

"Yes, coincidence, that couldn't help but make me wonder if I am bad luck for you," she said with a sigh, which made me feel like something bad will happen.

"Last time I gave you news about you joining the death brigade this time; I am giving you the news that despite you being selected into Excelsior Division, you will not enjoy any of its perks." added with another sigh.

Hearing that, I felt like the earth beneath my feet split apart and took me to the abyss. I had so many hopes about joining the Excelsior Division, thinking I will get a Limit Breaking Method and train in their state of the Art training room, which will help me advance faster than I am advancing now but hearing that one sentence from the Deacon, I am crushed, completely crushed.

"Why?" came out of my mouth; I am asking this myself. Why do I have to be so unlucky? Why do they have to be so unfair? That despite working so hard, risking my life for every mission I got nothing from the Guild who preached to be impartial in its dealing have now become a dog of the powerful to oppress me.

I don't know for how long I had been mumbling to myself and dropping a few teardrops on the table before I came to myself, but I am grateful that Deacon let me have a few minutes to myself.

"You don't have to feel sorry for me Deacon, I will consider this challenge for myself and like all other challenges I had faced till now and finish it as I finished others," I said while putting a brave face over my self which had become quite hollow.

"Now, where do I have to sign to enter the Excelsior Division officially?" I ask with a smile.