Monster Integration - Chapter 884 - Return I

Chapter 884 - Return I

Chapter 884 - Return I

After all the Alabaster Bullemen Platinum Elites were killed, everything started to happen rapidly.

They started dismantling every important thing in the camp; since the coordinates of this Camp had been discovered. It had to be abandoned in the shortest amount of time.

So just as the fight finished, they started ordering people to dismantle everything, including the Airsh.i.p.s.

It was a good thing, those who are not the members of the camp were left alone, the only thing we have to do to collect all bodies of the Grimm Monsters we have killed and not interfere with work.

After I collected the bodies of the Grimm Monsters I had killed, which were in huge huge numbers. I picked up the corner and sat, waiting for the next order like everyone else who was not part of the Camp.

Sitting in the corner, I have heard lots of tidbits, and one of them is how the Grimm Monsters were able to infiltrate our camp. The answer is simple; there was a traitor among the members of the Camp.

He constructed the teleportation formation and brought Grimm Monsters in, first Platinum Elites entered, and with their protection others started to enter as a week, the humans have to work so hard to destroy the formation, in the process One Platinum Elite had even lost her life.

There is much protection against such scenarios, as the s.p.a.ce protection devices help guard against unauthorized teleportation formation, but those f.u.c.k.i.n.g Grimm Monsters always find a way to infiltrate.

It is said traitors sent by the Grimm Monsters have infiltrated every small and big place; their spies are everywhere. For more than ten thousand we have been fighting, many changes occurred in the fighting.

From what I heard, it is said Grimm Monsters trained children from birth before they send them to cells all around the world, before sending them they create the seal inside which lets them forget everything about Grimm Monsters and their mission.

Only when that seal is activated, these humans gain their memories and react to do the Mission they are brainwashed to do. It is very difficult to find any error in the background of these people.

The sleeper cells had been going for thousands of years that it made agents of Grimm Monsters infiltrate every nook and cranny.

While sitting, I heard that thirty years ago, the leader of the S Cla.s.s Guild in Warzone 13 had suddenly snapped and killed very important people.

I don't if it's true or not, but I also heard that there are many spies of Grimm Monsters. This is the reason why there were heavy background checks when I had joined the Raging Thunder. I had also gone through heavy background checks.

It took them nine quick hours to dismantle everything important. To dismantle the whole camp, it might have taken days, and not everything in the camp is important. The most important things in the camps are various security sensors, Airsh.i.p.s and Teleportations Gates.

These things are most important; after these things, other things are easily replaceable.

After the dismantlement we were asked to come back to Wing 33, they have built a new teleportation Gate there. One by one, people started pa.s.sing through the teleportation Gate, I had to wait for two hours before my number came to enter the teleportation formation.

There are thousands of people here, and single teleportation formation is present; it ought to take some time, especially when there are some naughty people who are present who create trouble.

When I was in the line there was a young man several s.p.a.ces ahead of me, he had started creating trouble despite receiving a warning. Feeling infuriated, a Platinum Elite had directly cut off his hand as the warning.

He should have done that sooner, as such methods work better than soft words. After the display of platinum elite, everyone had straightened up and did not create any trouble that would impede the line.

After entering formation, I had thought I would reach the safe location, and from there, I would take an Airs.h.i.+p to leave, but nothing that sort of happened. When I entered the side, I found myself in a very huge hall with thousands of people who appeared behind me.

We have to wait for others to come before the Teleportation Gate is calibrated from another location. We have to do not one but four times before we reach another hidden camp.

Crossing four teleportation Gates took more than twelve hours, and when I reached the hidden camp, I had to share the room with the other two people.

It had been a very long time since I shared the room with strangers, and I have to say, the experience was the worst, especially when your roommate's habit of farting constantly.

Since the Camp had become crowded, there was no possibility of changing the rooms, and since we did not permit to leave more than fifty meters from lodging, so it could be said these two days were h.e.l.l like to me.

I felt good when I finally received notification that it is my time to leave, I did not waste time to move section 3 and sat there as two hours were remaining before the airs.h.i.+p arrive and take me but I did not mind as this section is hundred times better than roo which had only smell of fart and nothing else,

Two hours later, the airs.h.i.+p had finally come, and I entered inside when I entered my pod, and I laid inside, I finally felt good.

These past three days were really something; I would willing to fight non stop for three days rather than experience something like this; it was really horrible.

As I settled, I finally read the email that I had received from through the Hidden Camps server. It is a mail about formally terminating the fourth part of my mission, reading that I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

There is also some tiny information in the mail also, it turned out the Alabaster Bullemen I had fought three days ago were from the Station where I was being sent to gather the information and now since their Elites are dead, that Station will soon be discarded.