Monster Integration - Chapter 885 - Return II

Chapter 885 - Return II

Chapter 885 - Return II

After reading the mail from the Guild, I slept for about fourteen hours and when I woke, I felt completely fine, and all the stress and anxiety I got in the past few days had also vanished.

After waking up, I got out of my pod and went to freshen up, when I returned I ate with Ashlyn before I started opening the storages as I usually do. This time I only have Storages of Nine Star Golden Elite and those above them.


As I opened the first storage, my gaze locked on one item directly. It is a book, a deep violet book which is very eye-catching. Seeing that, I couldn't help but get excited.

I did not waste time bringing it out and translating it with my Holowatch, and soon its content had revealed themselves in front of me and furiously started to read it, and a few minutes later, I finished with.

It is Mystic Method, A Speed type Mystic Method to be exact but it is an Ordinary one, nothing like FeatherLight or any extraordinary method, I have seen before, still, I am happy getting it, as the value to each method is huge.

Every time I find a Mystic Method, I get excited, I hope I will find a rare and extraordinary one but how easy it is to find a rare and extraordinary one.

They are not only the super rate, but very few could practice them, and those who could practice them get them from their tribe, which is transmitted directly to their mind, so finding them is more complicated than finding a needle in the mountain of the haystack.

Getting over my disappointment, I started to open more storages and sort into their shelves; it is long by the enjoyable process, and since I got lots of knowledge from Knowledge Crystals, it is quite easy for me to identify the stuff.

So, I kept opening the storage, and now and then, I would get excited whenever I saw rare things or the things I needed. As such, a few hours pa.s.sed, and I finished going through half of the stuff when I suddenly stopped again as I again found Mystic Method.

This one is Strength Type Mystic Method, and like the one I had found previously, this one is also average. These mystic methods may not be useful to me but they will be very useful to my parents.

I had asked them not to practice Mystic Method till they reach Peak of Silver Elite; practicing Mystic Method is a dangerous affair, and it is best when one practice according to the requirements.

In the official guidance issued by the Grimm Battlefield, it is stated that the Mystic Method should only be practiced when one reaches Peak Nine Star Silver Elite, but no one follows that Guidance.

Most people started to practice the Mystic Method when they are Mid Silver Elites, and some even take a huge risk and practiced when they are Low Silver Elites, I was one of them.

So, I had asked my parents not to practice till they reached Peak Silver Elites; currently, they are Mid Silver Elites, but with Emerald Kiwis and other stuff I will send them, they will easily be able to become Golden Elite.

After the Two Mystic Method, I did not find any Mystic Method in further storages, though there were no Mystic Method I had got a lot of good stuff, including a unique herb which value isn't less than that of Emerald Kiwis I have.

It is no help to me, but it will help immensely to my sister, there is a special formula in my knowledge that requires this herb. With a regular bath from the solution made of this unique solution, her const.i.tution and talent will get a boost.

Soon, I finished sorting all the storages, and it took me quite a while, a total of eleven hours. After taking a complete look at my treasure house, which already looked like a huge supermarket, I withdrew my conscience from my storage.

I looked around feeling bored, I started a movie and watched with Ashlyn, and as such three days had pa.s.sed.

The airs.h.i.+p had reached near Heim, I will be in Heim within an hour which couldn't help but make me both excited and relaxed.

I've been out for seven days, and in these twenty-seven days, I have experienced quite a few things. Some were good, some were bad like vomit worthy fart for two days, but now I will soon be reaching Heim which finally let go all the worries I have.

I couldn't wait to go to my apartment, take a long shower, cook a delicious meal for myself and Ashlyn, and finally sleep in my big fluffy bed. These are the simple things, but that is all I want as days from now on going to get tougher.

I have already reached the Limit of Human and to advance further, I will have to break the limit for that there are only two options in front of me unless I became extremely lucky and found extremely rare herb like that flowers that were ahead of Emerald Kiwis from which I could create a Limit Breaking potion which will help me became Platinum.

This is unlikely to happen, so I have only two ways one is natural, and the other is the Limit Breaking method.

I will continue to strive harder for the natural way I am doing since I exited the cavern, except for when I am sleeping and fighting, I have been practicing Secret Method and Supreme Combat Method regularly, even now I am practicing both.

So, I will continue with the natural way, but my goal will be finding the Limit Breaking Method as it is the quickest way to become the Platinum Elite as a natural method could take months and even years as creating momentum that is powerful enough to break the barrier is no easy thing.

Especially it is not easy when you don't see any result of your practice since I reached the limit, I could still practice due to my const.i.tution, but I will not see the fruits of my practice which is a quite d.a.m.ning thing as all of them will continue to build momentum.

I will have to prepare my heart by telling myself that these benefits will burst out when I break through the Platinum, given me more benefits than they would have given me when I am in Golden Elite.

THUD! Buzz Buzz Buzz

An hour later, the airs.h.i.+p landed behind the Guild, and I came out of it and walked toward the Guild's main building.

I have to submit my mission report and intelligence, I've gathered from the Three Stations, it would be four if they had not attacked us on their own.

'It's going to take a long time.' I thought as I will have to report everything I've gone through in the past twenty-seven days and there is nothing I could do about it as they are the rules of the Guild.

It took seven hours to submit my mission report and answer their grueling boring question. By the time I was able to leave, I was exhausted again.

Tring Tring…

I had just taken a few steps out of the report office when my holowatch started to buzz, and when I saw it from Ellen, I couldn't help but sigh.