Monster Integration - Chapter 883 - Wing 33 II

Chapter 883 - Wing 33 II

Chapter 883 - Wing 33 II

It had been twenty minutes since I had entered Wing 33, and killing became even easier.

For the past few minutes, I am comparing myself to a kitchen knife that could cut anything. I am really acting like a kitchen knife, whatever Grimm Monsters come at me, it will cut into two.

I did not look at its weakness or attack at the fatal spot, I just kept cutting them most efficiently and since I am in the center, there is no shortage of prey, whether Alabaster Bullmen wanted to not, they will always come to the center.

In the past twenty minutes, I've been attacked hundreds of times or thousand, but no attack had even touched me, all of those attacks were borne by the some Alabaster Bullman that I brought in front of me.

I usually don't dodge, especially when my dodging hurts any human, so I just get some monsters to take my s.p.a.ce, it is very easy for me to do that with my current s.p.a.ce especially when I am holding my sword.

Another fifteen minutes pa.s.sed, and numbers of Alabaster Bullmen lessened considerably, not only from the Golden Elite but also from the Platinum Elite as the human side was able to kill three more Platinum Elite.

Everything was going well when suddenly, I had a terrible premonition. It is so great that I feel like I am definitely going to lose my life. Just as I left the premonition, I let go of my sanity and let madness take over me.

As everything around me started to turn red, I saw one of Three Platinum Elites that are fighting a Human Platinum Elite on my backside is swinging its ax at me, just as it did, a fighting Cyan colored Crescent arc comes out of its Axe.

That Cyan Crescent Arc is coming at me, and it is coming at me at a speed that is too fast. If there is anyone else in my place, they would not be able to react fast enough to dodge it, and even if they could react, they would not be fast enough to dodge the attack of the Platinum Elite.

Seeing the Cyan Crescent Arc coming, I, for the first time, took more than a few strands of Featherlight energy into my body and moved. I moved, I moved so fast that it felt like I had teleported.

I moved behind the Alabaster Bullman, who was fighting behind me, just as I moved behind him.

The Cyan Crescent Arc came and struck the Alabaster Bullman in front of me, the Alabaster Bullman had the power above Golden Elite and was using defensive skill but what happened to after that Cyan Crescent Arc clashed into Alabaster Bullman, not only shocked me but also the human that was fighting it.


As the Cyan Crescent Arc touched it, I thought it would slice through it and be ready to face the remaining crescent arc, but to my surprise, the Cyan Crescent Arc seeped into it. For a moment, the Alabaster did not move, but when it moved, it turned into the Ash.

Yes, as.h.!.+ A single attack from the Platinum Elite had turned into the Ash, in front of such attack no Artifact; no defensive method could be used against, if you want to beat the attack of Platinum Elite then you have to be a Platinum Elite.

Seeing I dodge its attack, a look of anger appeared in its face, which turned into fury when it saw a weird smile hanging on my face.

It felt humiliated as it thought I was mocking it, which is why it lifted its Axe and about to launch another attack when a finger size blue energy beam pierced through its head and it started to fall.


This f.u.c.ker, despite knowing they are losing edge in the fight against the humans, did not concentrate it all on the killing human; it is fighting; instead, it concentrated on the low-level ant, which it could kill any time.

In its fury, it did notice the attack of enemies and died under, even the Two Platinum Elite Alabaster Bullmen couldn't help but shake their head for the idiocy of their deceased friend.

After dodging the attack, I did not let go back to my original state and continue attacking in my mad state. With my mad state, my killing speed increased again, and now my killing speed is thrice the original.

After two minutes after I activated the mad state, I found several of Platinum Elite senses had been locked on me, and most of these senses did not have a good intention toward me.

I did not take warning of Platinum Elites seriously and continue killing; I even increased my killing speed just to spite, which had instantly got the result as their killing intent toward me started boiling.

But like an idiot earlier, these Platinum Elites did not take an action; they continued fighting as their situation turned even more grin, as two more of the Platinum Elites got killed.

The Alabaster Bullmen is on the back leg now, and some even went frenzied and tried to attack the Golden Elite below but humans already familiar with nature of Grimm Monsters burst with immense power at last phases of the fight and would kill a Platinum Elite first who shows the signs of going Rampage.

Though most Rampaging Alabaster Bullmen stopped on time, some of them were not, and due to it, few humans have lost their lives.

My mad self felt furious seeing this but did not move toward the Platinum Elite. It is mad, but there is very much reason present in me, even my mad state that I would not do such things.


I muttered as I finally let go of my Mad state, we have finished killing all the Alabaster Bullmen that were below the Golden Elite had been killed by us, and I could proudly say that lion share in that killing was mine.

As we finished killing, people did not waste any time to move to the above floor, only a few courageous/idiotic people lime me had remained by the entrance watched the fight of Platinum Elites.

There are currently fourteen Human Platinum Elites and Seventeen Alabaster Bullmen Platinum Elites, and seeing their end is near, these Grimm Monster Platinum Elites are fighting tooth and nail.

"Thank G.o.d, we had two Elite+ teams present in the camp; if they were not, the Eight Platinum Elites of the camp would not have been able to stop this attack." said a young man slightly older than me.

As he said that, a confusion on my face got cleared. When I saw fourteen Platinum Elite fighting, I was little confused by such numbers, as far as I know, at one hidden camp there is a maximum of ten Platinum Elite to guard and is maximum as most of the Hidden camps usually have four to six Platinum Elite Guarding them.

It took more time than I had thought for them to finish off the Platinum Elites of Grimm Monsters; they took little more than four hours, which is double than what I had imagined.