Monster Integration - Chapter 882 - Wing 33

Chapter 882 - Wing 33

Chapter 882 - Wing 33

As we killed all the Alabaster Bullmen that were present on the Wing 31, we moved toward the Wing 32.

I was the first to reach Wing 33, where the condition is the same, but with a lot more Grimm Monster, there must be more than three thousand monsters up here who are fighting against the four hundred humans.

Every nook and cranny of the Wing 32 is filled with Grimm Monsters, which people are fighting while standing on the bodies of their fall comrades.

The people fighting here have no time to think about respecting the dead and other whatnot; all they want to do is kill the people they are fighting.

I joined the fight just as I entered and started killing, and since it is so crowded, it had become a perfect battlefield for me as no Grimm Monsters could lock their attacks on me.

I started killing at my heart's content, white bodies of Alabaster Bullmen started falling one after another as my sword cut through their hearts and skulls.

A minute after I joined the battle, the battle had another change as two hundred humans that came from above joined the battle.

We started to fight like mad, killing Grimm monsters like we are cutting the cabbages, we killing them faster than we cut the cabbages. The Alabaster Bullmen started to feel tired of the battle changing, but they are nothing they could do.

Some Alabaster Bullmen tried to send someone down to call for backup, but I killed them before they could do it and call for backup. I had placed myself between the main entrance between two wings.

I am not only killing Alabaster Bullmen that are fighting but also killing them who were running to call for the backup.

At one time, the Alabaster Bullmen became smart and sent nearly a hundred of their people to call for backup, but they were all killed by me in just a few seconds.

As time pa.s.sed, more and more Alabaster, Bullmen, got killed till the battle completely tilted in our favors. The humans became the Lawn Mower that started cutting Alabaster Bullmen from all directions, from every nook and cranny till not a single one of them could be seen.

All we see is pure while bodies of Alabaster Bullmen lying on the ground, they have occupied every s.p.a.ce of the floor that we step over them to walk and I have to say, it is quite an experience.

All of the people looked at each other before we started making our way down in orderly fas.h.i.+on; each one of us has a distance of half a meter between them. I, too, who always run first, also started to follow these procedures to make my way down slowly.

We are cautious because of the sound we hear from down below and the intense vibration we are feeling under our feet. It is very clear that the Platinum Elites are fighting and seeing the sounds we are hearing; their numbers did not seem to below.

If I am right, then there are forty to fifty Platinum Elites that are fighting below on both sides. To most of the people, these many Platinum Elites are no surprise, but they are scared because all these Platinum Elites are fighting in the enclosed s.p.a.ce.

Though through the map, I know that Wing 33 is biggest and the final Wing of the Camp, it is also six times bigger than other wings, and the different training facilities occupy all the s.p.a.ce, all these things may matter when this is the fight of the Golden Elites, but when it comes to the fight Platinum, this big s.p.a.ce is also very small.

Finally, I reached Wing 33, and the scene I saw made me open my mouth in shock. As Wing 33 is in the complete shamble, the walls that were made of precious metals and could not be broken through the normal means are now laid broken.

There isn't anything on this floor that is not completely broken; seeing such destruction, one would start to shake from the core like I am doing right now.

Like the wing above Wing 33, it is also filled with Grimm Monster and humans fighting. The only place where there is some open place is where the Platinum Elites are fighting.

When I looked at all the Platinum Elites that are fighting, I found there are forty-one Platinum Elites in total, fifteen humans, and 26 Alabaster Bullmen.

Unlike the human Golden Elites, the Human Platinum Golden Elite have steadily held their Grounds.

I even saw dead bodies of Four Alabaster Bullmen Platinum Elites; even dead bodies have the energy for a few hours after one dies, so through the Red vision, I only need to take a glance to know what their level is before they die.

Like the rest of those who come from above, I quietly joined the battle and started killing Alabaster Bullmen, who are about ten thousand in numbers. In this fight, I am especially mindful of my potion.

Usually, I like to attack from the corners, but this time, I deliberately moved to the center and even took out my Totem Artifact. I did not take it out to use it against these Golden Elites who are akin to ants to me.

I took it out to defend against the attacks of Platinum Elites; I just saw few Alabaster Bullmen and one human die as collateral damage.

One Alabaster Bullman launched the attack, and human Platinum Elite had dodged it, and that attack directly crashed into Golden Elites that were fighting.

With Totem Artifact in my hand, my killing speed increased even more, wherever I move the Alabaster Bullmen will be split into two.

Unlike when I have a red sword, with my Totem Artifact, I do not have to aim specifically at heart and head, I could attack anywhere I want, which is why there are split bodies of Alabaster Bullmen could be seen piling around me.