Monster Integration - Chapter 879 - Code Red

Chapter 879 - Code Red

Chapter 879 - Code Red

It was completely dark when I came out of the cavern, before coming out I had sent Ashlyn out, to see if there was anyone outside, especially humans. If there are humans nearby, I would have waited till they leave.

I do want to share this Garden with anyone, but I do not want to kill any human who finds out about it. Ashlyn does find someone outside, but it was Grimm Monster, a Silver Elite at that; she had burned it with a simple attack of hers.

As I came out, I fixed the vines properly before flying to the top of the hill where Ashlyn was already waiting for me with her two-meter long size and the special seat of the fire, seeing that I did not waste any time and sat on it.

"Lets Fly!"

I said to Ashlyn who chirped excitedly before shooting in the sky at the blurring speed. With her speed, we have reached very high, even higher than when we have come here and like that time, it is cold, even colder than before.

I had thought with my strength increasing, I would not feel much colder in my return trip, but what happened is the opposite, I am feeling even colder. If not for the layer of fire covering me, there would be frost piled up on my body.

We are flying at an even higher alt.i.tude from before, and I had also taken out an oxygen mast from my storage as I was having difficulty in breaking.

It would have been fine if I did not wear a mask, but I did not want to have any problem in breaking; I've had that enough in The Garden.

To be honest, I am enjoying flying at such a high alt.i.tude. There was complete silence, except for the sound of wind one could not hear anything and not forget the view of the above one get.

When one looks above, one gets the feeling of being minuscule, which is quite a tempting feeling, it gives one inspiration to try harder, so that one day one would become powerful enough to do things that made one feel minuscule.

Such serenity one could barely get anywhere, no wonder Ashlyn liked to fly so high, anyone would like to be in such an environment, but of course, to be here, they will have to experience the Cold that is enough to freeze off the Golden Elite.

It has been two hours since we started our return journey and have existed in human territory half an hour ago and now flying in the airs.p.a.ce of the Grimm Monsters.

I've seen many Grimm Monsters on the way, but they didn't see us, they were far below us to see us. Not to forget their senses, even their eyes would not be able to see us through their eyes.

The travel is lonely, but it feels good, such alone free time is very good for thinking about many things. In the companions.h.i.+p of the freezing wind, I thought about many things, good, bad, neutral, everything.

As such, time pa.s.sed by, and Dawn came, and we are just a few minutes away from our destination. The whole night, we had traveled, we did not stop by a single Grimm Monster, which made our travel very fast.

We completed our return journey in half of the time that we needed to go to the Garden; the speed to Ashlyn was simply amazing, and the thing is this is not her greatest speed.

The speed we have returned is her balance, which did not consume her stamina; if she had traveled with her real speed, it would have taken us even less time.


Ashlyn landed on the secluded spot, and I jumped from her and second later Ashlyn returned to her original size, and we walked toward the teleportation point which is at just an hour distance away.

I had thought my whole trip to The Garden would take five days, at least, but I had completed it in just the Three Days.

Which is kind of Good, as the five days would have been a long stretch for my mission, and I would have to answer some needless questions, now with me coming early, I would not have to go through that unnecessary stuff.

An hour later, I reached the teleportation point and went through the strict examination of the various devices. After they gave me all Green, I was allowed to pa.s.s through the Teleportation Gate.

When I reached the other side, I went through an even more intense check-up before the cannons that had aimed at me had lowered, and I was allowed to walk out of the teleportation hall.

The security is very stringent, and there is the reason for it; many times, Grimm Monsters place the tracker on humans secretly, or some human traitor brings the trackers inside.

Such things had happened many times, and due to it, many hidden camps had also been destroyed, but despite being this cautious every year, tens of such camps get destroyed in the hands of the Grimm Monsters.

After I got out of the hall, someone had already been waiting for me at the exit of the teleportation hall. With him, I went to the conference room and made a short report about my mission, which is recorded.

I did not hand over the intel I had collected as I could only hand it over to Guild or unless he had the special order from the Guild.

After making the short report, I went to my room and waited for the evening, as the evening when the airs.h.i.+p will come and take me to my next hidden camp where I will gather the intelligence on the last Station.

As I entered my room, I showered and ate some food with Ashlyn before sleeping as I am feeling dead tired due to all that training and travel.

When I woke up, there was only an hour remaining for my flight. So I quickly freshened up, ate something before I went toward Section U7, where my airs.h.i.+p is coming. The airs.h.i.+p had come an hour late, but I did not mind, I walked into it with some people and went to my a.s.signed pod.


The airs.h.i.+p took little more than two days to take me to Hidden Camp 798, where I will complete the last part of my mission.


I heard my name as I came out of the airs.h.i.+p, this time my cicerone is a beautiful girl with chocolate colored skin and Golden Brown hair. She is quite tall, tall as me, and her battle power is also similar to mine.

"I am Grace, your cicerone. If you have any questions about the mission, you can ask me," she said as she led me toward the conference room. I had experienced this three times already, so I started to ask all the questions about the mission I had in mind.


We were just talking when suddenly every light in our view turned red and a peculiar siren started to blare through the camp.