Monster Integration - Chapter 880 - Going Down I

Chapter 880 - Going Down I

Chapter 880 - Going Down I



I couldn't help but curse in my mind when I heard the warning when I saw all the lights turning off red, I had thought it would be a minor instruction but seeing the warning flas.h.i.+ng blaring through the speaker, I know it is no minor intrusion.

To be honest, when I heard a loud warning, I started to feel quite scared. Like us, Grimm Monsters also did not attack our camps without full preparation; this means they have come fully prepared with the capability to exterminate us, and there are quite high chances that we might get exterminated.

"Where is Wing 33," I asked Grace as we started running, she did not directly answer, just motioned her eyes down. The answer is likely to be down. Currently, we are at Wing 5, and if the wings are named in numerical order then we have a lot of distance to cover.

I ran along with her; there are many other people who are running with us; they all are Nine Star Golden Elite or above. In just a few minutes, we walked down three and reached Wing 8; we have a long way to go down.

As we reached Wing 11, we heard the fighting sound, and when I looked up, I saw several Alabaster Bullmen slaughtering humans like chicken, there are already more than twenty bodies of split humans lying on the ground.

Sup Sup Sup...

Seeing that my heart started to burn with fury and that exact moment, my hands turned completely blurry that even I could barely see them, and through them, several knives released at a speed that is invisible to the eyes of even those above Golden Elite.

Puchi Puchi Puchi…

The knives crossed distance for more than twenty meters in an instant and started to pierce through the skulls of the Grimm Monsters, not a single Grimm Monsters of the eleven Alabaster Bullmen survived from my strike.

These Alabaster Bullmen were not normal Grimm Monsters; they were Elite stronger than normal Golden Elites of them; the Eight were Nine Star Golden Elites while the other three are those who had the power over Nine Star Golden Elites.

I've killed them without leaving them a single chance to counterattack, this even shocked me. As I performed this attack with my power, I did not take out my sword, so there is no boost from it.

The only energy I used is Featherlight, which power even blew my mind. When I practiced it, I had expected it to be very fast, but not this soon when I only used a sliver of it.

The other also got shocked by my swift killing, they had expected it would take them a few minutes to kill these Alabaster Bullmen before they could continue, but they found I had killed them in an instant.

"I am going to go fast, do you have a map?" I asked Grace, the map I have is small and only has information till Wing 8.

Grace did not answer for a second, and I was about to ask others when she finally spoke, "Here is the complete map of the facility and also access to some doors that might have locked." she and touched her holowatch to mine.

Instantly, I got a map and authorization, getting in the authorization I became happy as it will make lots of things easier. I gave one look to map and authorization and nodded thanks at Grace before I disappeared from my spot as if I had teleported.

The speed of the 2nd Level of featherLight is amazing, I just took a small amount of it, and it gave me speed that even I was barely able to control. If not me sharp senses gave me by the killing rule, I would not have been able to control my speed.

Within a few seconds, I reached the Wing 12, and I came across another group of Alabaster Bullmen, which is even bigger than the previous, and in the one-third of them have the power above the Golden Elite.

Sup Sup Sup...

Just as they sensed me coming, they found themselves going into oblivion. Knives dark as night appeared in front of their eyes unknowingly, and before they could even blink, these knives pierced through them, sending them to the eternal slumber.

Dudh Dudh Dudh…

"I've killed all the Grimm Monsters, you guys can go up now," I said as I banged the metallic door loudly before I disappeared.

The group of Alabaster Bullmen that I had just killed just now were trying to break open the door as the other of the door, a group of humans was hiding.

It was a good thing I arrived in time; if I had been a minute late, that group of Alabaster Bullmen would have broken open the door. I had told these guys about me killing Grimm Monster, as for whether they follow my advice or not it's up to them.

I started to go down, and with each floor, I could encounter the Grimm Monster, which will have greater numbers than the above floors. As I kept killing them, I noticed all the Alabaster Bullmen I've come across were Nine Star Golden Elites and Above.

There are no Alabaster Bullmen that have the power lower than the Nine Star Golden Elite, which made my mood even more serious as the condition is more serious than I expected.

I started to face more and more Alabaster Bullmen with each floor, but I killed them all without stopping for the moment. With the speed and fast movement that feather-light provides, it made it very easy for me to throw the knives.

And the knives which do not have any other power than extremely sharp edges and the faint featherlight energy that is coating them, with the power of the speed alone, they can kill those who are above Golden Elite in the single attack.

I climbed down floor after floor and finally when I reached the 22nd floor, I had finally stopped, as in front of me there were not twenty, not thirty, not fifty but about a hundred Alabaster Bullmen and all of were Nine Star Golden Elite and above.

Sup Sup Sup...

I stopped at a distance of 50 meters before they noticed me and started throwing knives. This is invisible to even my own eyes; in just a matter of a few seconds, I had thrown away more than fifty knives.

The knives are different from previous since the distance between us is great. I added double the energy than usual, which made them even faster.

"Wat" Puchi Puchi Puch…

Some noticed them, but it was too late. The knives kept piercing the skulls of tens of people every second, such a shocking display of the killing had stopped some powerful Alabaster Bullmen from reacting quickly which helped me a lot.

As by the time they started to react, their skulls were getting pierced by my knives. Of all the hundred-some Alabaster Bullmen, only three were able to launch an attack before dying, but I easily dodged there.

Within seven seconds, I had killed nearly a hundred Alabaster Bullmen. I gave the vast bodies a look before I ran over them toward the floor that is below.