Monster Integration - Chapter 878 - Limit

Chapter 878 - Limit

Chapter 878 - Limit

"Six Hours!" I said when I looked at my holowatch. I had six hours to practice before I had to leave the Garden Once again.

I walked close to the Emerald Kiwi tree and before stopping. Now there is only a distance of four steps between us; the Gravity and energy pressure here is immense, which is what I want.

I want to get as much as Suppressive Energy I could get to strengthen myself, and for that, I will have to be inside the thick suppressive energy. I popped a pierce of the monster into my mouth and started to practice.

It is very hard to practice under such pressure, but I continued when I saw the result, and such little more than an hour pa.s.sed when finally I was not able to continue anymore and collapse on the ground.

I was exhausted, so I rested for an hour before I started again, but this time, I moved one step closer to the Emerald Kiwi Tree.

The pressure is immense, and normal times I would not have practiced under such pressure before practicing several times in low pressure if not for my last practice session in the Garden.

This is my last session, and I finished practicing, I will take a rest and leave as soon as the day goes dark.

So, I started practicing my last session of training in Garden, and it was a wise choice for me to practice under such pressure as I am feeling quite a bit of suppressive energy pa.s.sing through me and leaving some crumbs before leaving.

These crumbs are an excellent tonic for me to increase my strength and to see such big bits urge to stay inside the Garden became greater and greater in my heart, if I stayed just for the night, I would be able to make great progress under such energy.

I was just fighting my inner battle when I had noticed something. I saw that suppressive energy stopped leaving crumbs inside my body; at first, I thought I had reached my quota.

This Garden is under control of a very powerful being, last time not only I heard that Primordial voice but also saw it bestowing Nero seeds of Wisdom. This being also had placed strict restrictions on usage of Suppressive Energy.

After taking a limited amount, I could not take it higher just like fruit on the trees present in the Garden, but sometimes later, I noticed it is not that Suppressive Energy is not leaving the crumbs, it is my body not accepting it.

Not only is my body not accepting the Suppressive Energy, but it is also even rejecting medicinal energy that usually merges inside my body in a small amount.

I was just thinking that when I crashed through the 24 circulations for the 64th Seal of Supreme Combat Exercise and a small swirl had formed to suck the energy, but to my surprise, it did not suck any energy.

"Limit!" I muttered in surprise while still practicing the methods. I have finally reached the limit of my body, and to be honest; I don't know if I should feel happy or not as I did not expect to reach the limit this soon; it looks like Suppressive Energy in this spot was more powerful than I thought.

My Body has finally reached the limit of natural human standards; there are two ways I could break through them one is directly making the breakthrough to Lord Stage using the Inheritance Crystal I have.

I could make a direct breakthrough to the Lord Stage without reaching Marshal Stage as long as I have Inheritance Crystal, or I could break the limit with the help of Limit Breaking Method or other things and continue my practice in Knight stage.

I am not going to break through to the Lord Stage. That is for sure. If I directly make a breakthrough to the Lord Stage, my prospect would be limited. I want to become Adamantine before I could make a breakthrough to the Lord Stage

Though I don't have a Limit Breaking Method, I will find some way to get it, and even if I did not Limit Breaking Method, I could still reach Platinum and levels above.

For others, it may be extremely difficult, but for me, it is very possible. I have a special const.i.tution, which gave me the potential to reach the Adamantine Level, which is why even after I reached my limit, I could still practice my methods, normal people would not have been able to do that.

Though the limit of the body is stopping me from making progress, my special const.i.tution is helping me through the backdoor by creating the momentum.

The 64th seal of Supreme Combat Exercise is part of that momentum, the seal is not created fully, and it is spinning to absorb energy, but my body is not letting it absorb any bit of energy.

So, I have to continue to create such seals until I build the momentum big enough through them. Not only Supreme Combat Exercise, but I also have to build momentum through the Secrete Method and Body Cleansing Exercise.

Like Supreme Combat Exercise, I could practice these methods but could not get their benefits. If I had performed 108th poses for the 7th move of Body Cleaning Exercise, I would not go through Body Cleansing Exercise as my body will not allow it.

But like seals of Body Cleansing Exercises, the Cleansing Energy that Body Cleansing Exercise produced will be added to the momentum, it will be the same for the Secret Method or any other method I practiced.

My body and soul will not make even a tiny bit of improvement from now on, but if I can Build humongous momentum and break through the limit, I will go through all the accomplishments I have made through the methods.

As I break through the, I will go through the Major Cleaning, The seals in my temple will start to suck energy, and so on, but it will only if I break through the limit after momentum.

It is an extremely hard thing to do naturally, which is why most people prefer the limit Breaking Method.

Others could also use this natural way using the potion called 'Fawx Potential.' It helps them build the momentum, but that potion has a time limit if one does not break the limit in that time, then that person has to bear very dangerous consequences.

This is why most people do not use 'Fawx Potential' potion as it is near impossible to break the limit in the time given by the potion.

To break the limit, I will try my all to get Limit Breaking Method as it is the easiest way one can break the limit, but at the same, I will pursue the natural way fiercely, train even harder than I am training right now as a natural way is my first choice as it is the thing I have control over unlike 'Limit Breaking Method' which is illusory right now.


Finally, I reached my limit and fell on the ground where I stayed for half an hour before I got up and walked toward the exit of the cavern and started to make the preparation to leave.