Monster Integration - Chapter 86 Clash III

Chapter 86 Clash III

I activated my sword and s.h.i.+eld to counter Andrew's swords.

This time I am using my knight grade sword the first time, I modified it according to my need.

It is still a katana, it is around 80cm and slightly more curved than the sword than normal katana.

I really excited to see if it is as good as my s.h.i.+eld, I really want to beat the s.h.i.+t of this Andrew for humiliating hits he had given me.

''Bam! Clank!" Our weapons clash and except for little shock from my sword, I didn't feel anything.

"How…how do you?" he asked stammeringly, I didn't reply to his question and swing my sword toward him.

Andrew is slightly stronger than normal medium level specialist grade revolvers, he was able to beat me to the half-dead state because he is one level above me if we were the same level, I would have easily beaten him.

"Clang! clang! clang!" Andrew and I keep clas.h.i.+ng our weapons without one getting upper hand.

seeing he is not having upper hand in battle like earlier when he absolutely crushed me, his fat face became even more ugly than it was.

"I should have never given you a chance to drink that potions but no worries! this time I will make you experience such pain that you will beg for death." He said with a cruel smile.

Both of his sword hands turned green and dense green liquid started to come out of them.

The gree liquid started to ascend and started coating both his swords green, I watch in horror as few drops of green liquid fell and touch the gra.s.s below.

"Ziii!" as the green drops touched the gra.s.s, it withered with extreme speed and returned to earth.

I am quite horror struct seeing that, really what people said is right, the poison of tri-colored poison frog is really dangerous.

Thank G.o.d! That Ashlyn is a flying monster, or it had would be in deep trouble because of this poison.

He looked like a villain from movies, with his ugly face and his hands and covered with nauseous green liquid.

''Hehehe! Let's see how you survive this." Said Andrew and attacked me with his dual swords.

Except feeling fear for a moment, I contrived my emotions and lighten my sword and s.h.i.+eld.

My weapons are completely covered in fire, fire is the best weapon against poison, it will be able to burn it before it could even reach me.

As Andrew swords coming toward me, leaving drops of poisonous green drops behind its wakes.

I am safe in all my body except for my face, I have to careful of that green poison or my face would also face consequences of that withered gra.s.s.

''Clank!!" ''Zii!'' As our weapons clashed, the green poison the swords of Andrew started to burn as it comes in contact with my fire.

Some drips of poison did come towards my body but most of it blocked my armor, while some drops coming toward my face were dodged by me.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h!" cursed and Andrew and started to attack me ferociously, his attacks I've defended, sometimes I barely able to defend my face against it.

"Zii!" I miss to defend against and one drop of poison pa.s.sed by my defense and touched my neck.

Thank G.o.d! it was an only small drop, except for hurting like h.e.l.l, it wasn't able to do anything, if I hadn't had created the two seals of the exercise, it would have been lot more series.

still, I have to be careful, if a large amount of this poison touched my body, I will be a dead man.

He kept attacking me and I kept defending and to keep using my fire ability, I've been burning man like crazy.

I thought I would maximum have fifty percent mana left but I got quite surprised seeing there is more than ninety percent mana left in my body.

I was quite surprised at first but On careful checking, I noticed that the Mana I kept burning were from potion bottle which I had to drink earlier and I have been using that leftover mana from the potion.

Only ten something minutes earlier did I started to use my own mana, It gives me quite surprised and fearful, seeing mana potion I drank earlier was high grade, if I had drunk it in the normal times, I would've definitely experienced some repercussions.

"You idiot fata.s.s! Do you want dead?" Neil's voice sounded from the distance.

"Quickly finish him and help me or we both will reach the heaven today!" he sounded quite panicky.

When I looked towards him for a moment, I was quite shocked seeing his condition.

He looked really pitiful and looking at his gait, rhea much broken several of his bones, his condition is a litter better than me and if this keeps going on, his condition won't be worse than mine.

''he! You can count yourself fortunate to first to die by skill!" Said Andrew, but before he could do anything, I attacked him.

Idiot! Dint tell your opponent what you going to di before doing it.

I attacked him with all my strength without giving him any time to perform the skill.

"hehe, Its no use," said Andrew with the laugh and light gree smoke started to cover his body and suddenly he attacked.

His speed is nearly double than before, he came so fast that I am barely able to counter his moves.

''Clang!" "Thud thud thud!" the shock I felt through the collision was so strong that I had to take several steps back and it was not over.

''Let's see how you survive next strike!" Said and attacked me again this time, without thinking, I enlarge the size of the s.h.i.+eld to the same size as so it could cover the whole me.

These knight grade artifacts usually take five times less mana than normal but if one wants to increase their power or size from the normal, the need s.h.i.+t load of mana for that.

That is why last time I didn't increase my s.h.i.+elds size and the second reason that it would evoke the greed from Andrew and I was not powerful enough to protect my possession earlier.

I can only maintain this size of the s.h.i.+eld for fifteen to twenty minutes before going out of mana.

Andrew dint waits for a moment and attacks the second time, this time, he is, even more, faster than last time.

"Bam!" "Thud thud thud thud….." as his sword and my s.h.i.+eld touched, I felt an immense force ran through my body, I have to take several steps back to dissolve the force lest it injures my internal organs.

But just as I was taking steps back, Andrew comes toward me, This time even faster, so faster than I barely able to see his figure, just saw a body which is cloak in faint green smoke.

I move my s.h.i.+eld as I am taking steps backward, this attack of Andrew going to be very dangerous.

"Banh!" "Crack!" "Puh!" "Thud thud thud…." It all happened at the moment, as his sword hit my s.h.i.+eld, I felt like a truck crashed into me.

Both of my hands which is holding the s.h.i.+eld for better leverage had some bones broken, My internal organs got injured that I had to vomit blood.

I barely able to control myself to flew like cannonball because of the blow. My knight grade s.h.i.+eld is very good at defense, it would barely shake when Andrew attack at his full strength but the skill he had just used now made his attacks very strong, the attack I just felt was three times stronger than his normal attacks.

If he attacks one more time with the more aggressive attack, I don't think I can handle it.

When I looked up, I got very startled seeing Andrew as he is drinking a mana potion. He looked completely different from earlier, he skin lost a glow and he looked little thing.

He threw the potion bottle and came attacking me again, I heaved a sigh of relief seeing his attack looks only twice stronger than his normal attack.

That means the skill he is using can only attack with three moves, every move is one time stronger than last, this quite fearful skill if he had five moves, I would have definitely finished at the fifth move.

The first move, I easily endured, at second moved, I had to take a few steps back and drink back the blood that came to my throat and at third move I barely able to save myself being canon.

But this I saw Andrew, my mind is completely blown, he skin looked sickly yellow and he became even thinner, now he just looked like little fatter than normal kinds.

I wipe my b.l.o.o.d.y mouth from my hand sleeve and ran toward the Andrew, who was drinking a potion with shaking the hand.

Seeing me running toward him, Andrew directly swallows the potion bottle to defend against my sword.

"Clang!" 'Hoos.h.!.+' as our sword clashed, due to shock or weakness, his sword from the right hand left flung away.

I saw him activating his s.h.i.+eld and it started forming slowly but before it could fully be formed I swung my sword toward his neck unconsciously.

"Puch!" my sword stabbed in Andrew's neck and next moment I am completely stilled. Like a statue, not even a single muscle of my body moved.