Monster Integration - Chapter 85 Clash II

Chapter 85 Clash II

Screaming my heart out, I move my s.h.i.+eld and sword to counter it.

looking at Andrew dual swords, I know they are lethal than any other past moves.

Suddenly all slowed down, the dual swords which seemed fast earlier had become slow that I can see them piercing through the air so slowly.

Not only the swords, but I also become slow, I wanted to move my weapons to counter it but My body can't seem to follow my lead.

In that nearly static time, I have been trying to breach the wall of supreme combat exercise, it is the only candle in the dark that can give me the hope of survival.

I could see the blooming hideous smile of Andrew Andrew as our weapons about to clash, I can feel that this cla.s.s going to send me near death.

"BAM!" 'Cras.h.!.+" our weapons clashed and I felt incensed force my body that it flew backward, that force entered my body, injuring my internal organs and breaking my bones but at that intense shock help me crashed the barrier that had been obstructing me from creating the second seal of exercise.

All mana from my body is moving toward my temple, I had nearly seventy percent mana remaining but is far from enough to create a seal.

"Bang!" I crashed on the rock and time turned back to normal, my sword had left my hand and I turned off became of me losing connection with it.

Many bones of my spine had broke but I didn't think of that and some reached for my right pocket to remove mana potion.

As I am removing mana potion, I saw Andrew coming toward me with victories smile, his slow steps making a crunching sound as he crushed the dried even with his feet.

I remove the potion bottle from my pocket, my face fell when I looked at the bottle, its the same potion bottle that I found in s.p.a.ce pouch.

I wanted to change the bottle but seeing Andrew coming toward me, I didn't change it and chugged the bottle.

"It's no use, no matter how many potion bottles you drink, they are not going to save you from me!" said Andrew who stopped just opposite of me.

'Crack' he put his left leg on my chest and said, "Why aren't you standing up right now! you were full of spirit second ago!" Andrew said with a mocking voice.

I didn't say anything and just laid on the ground blinking at him while thinking why hasn't potion working yet, no matter which type of position it, it should have shown some signs if not I will be in grave danger as less than 10% mana left in me and quarter of seal hadn't been formed.

Suddenly as potion reached my stomach, it started to churn and a huge amount of mana produce from the, I thought I am going to blast like a balloon but all my worries were unfounded as seal started to suck all the mana of the potion but it will take time and I have to survive till then.

"You are worthless!" "Bang!" said Andrew and kicked me full force that I blasted into the tree, this is the fifth time that Andrew kicked me, making my injuries even more serious than I am barely hanging on to my life.

Taking a beating is the best course of action, Andrew had a sick mentality, he likes it when people laid helpless before him, he gets some type of release out of it.

If I fight back, he will finish me quicker while I act defeated in front of him and let him hit me without fighting back, he will get some sort of sick pleasure out of it.

It just has to endure this humiliating beating for a few seconds before the seal is completed, with the finis.h.i.+ng off the seal, my injuries would also heal.

"Take this you worthless s.h.i.+t!" "Bank!" I received another kick and flew away.

"Hmmm!" As seal completed, it hummed and started releasing cool refres.h.i.+ng energy all over my body and started healing my body speedily.

My body was so fatally injured that, the seal has sucked more mana from my body to heal my injuries, Thank G.o.d! the potion I had drunk had more than enough mana.

If I had a drink that potion when I was fine, I would have burst like bubble due to excess mana.

"Bang!" "Puh!" Andrew again kicked me, this time more than 80% of injuries had been healed and this will be last humiliating hit I received from Andrew and as for that blood I just vomited?

I had been holding it in my mouth for some time and vomit it as I received the hit so Andrew wouldn't suspect anything.

My whole body had a suit of armor from neck to feet and my face colored with dirt, with such look it will be hard for Andrew to notice that I nearly did healing, any other person would have noticed it but Andrew who is high on his sick pleasure barely notice anything wrong.

In a few moments, the cool current healed all injuries on the body including the one received from an earlier hit.

Soon the cool current of energy stopped from the seal while making my body faster and stronger.

'Uhnn!' come out my mouth when I noticed that Andrew had stopped on its tracks and looking at the fight between Neil and Rhea.

That Neil looked quite pitiful, he had been taking hit after hit, even his half skill wasn't doing anything as rhea is digging it quite skillfully.

"What are you doing, you f.u.c.king fatard?" Shouted Neil angrily at Andrew.

"I have been holding her back so you could finish him and help me deal with her but you are still in the mood of having your sick fun?" barked Neil, Andrew wanted to say something but he again cut off by Neil.

"What are you doing standing there like an idiot? Quickly finish him off and help me!" Said Neil while launching another attack at Rhea which she effortlessly dodges.

''You f.u.c.ker! Because of you, I had to listen to Neils cursing! You should just die!" Said Andrew and come toward me with his dual sword.

I quickly got up and removed my knight grade sword from my s.p.a.ce pouch as my other sword had flung from my had.

''Looks like you healed from that potion you drank earlier! No matter! You will reach the heaven from my blade in few seconds." Said Andrew and swiftly swung both of his swords at me.