Monster Integration - Chapter 87 Nine Raging Tides

Chapter 87 Nine Raging Tides

'Thud!' the body of Andrew with my sword in its neck fell on the ground but I lay standing on the ground, without moving.

I killed a person! I screamed in my mind, I had never killed a person ever before.

He was just waking talking person a few minutes ago, I never thought what I would feel when killing a person but now that I killed a person, I felt nothing.

Nothing! And that is what makes me fear, I don't want a person who kills a person without emotion.

Killing a monster is a different thing, we were taught from the childhood that killing a monster is a good thing and killing a human is a bad thing.

But now that I had just killed Andrew I feel nothing. No guilt, anger, pleasure, pain nothing and that is scaring the h.e.l.l out of me.

I have read many times that after one kill a person, one would feel some sort of emotion, even for a moment one would feel something but I am feeling nothing.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn woke me out of my stupor, she is feeling worried about me.

''I am fine!" I rea.s.sure her and patted her silver wings, ''did you finish that tri-colored poison frog?" I asked.

"Chew chew chew chew." she chirped in succession but I clearly understood her.

She is saying that when the fighting that monster earlier, it suddenly fell unconscious and she didn't kill it since I told her that not to kill it if possible.

I nodded after listening to her, monster or person always receive a severe shock when their partner dies, some even fell unconscious or died when the bond is severed.

Tri-colored poison frog very special and rare monster, they have cla.s.s 9 strain but that's not the specialty of them.

Partner of tri-colored poisoned snake can gain a new type of poison ability every three levels if Andrew had been at Corporal grade, he surely had had another poison ability and that time, it would have been very hard to kill him.

The reason I asked Ashlyn to kept it alive because I want to sell that monster to the alchemists or potioners.

The body of tri-colored is very high in demand and alive even worth more so much that I will bear a very dangerous monster in my backpack.

I gave the body of the monster in look and gaze toward the fight rhea and Neil far away.

Neil had become even more pitiful than earlier despite using a skill that Andrew had used earlier but his body didn't show any serious effects that Andrews body showed despite using constantly against Rhea.

Both of them wholehearted fighting each other without looking toward my direction, I quickly take out my sword from the ground and activated my s.h.i.+eld again to guard against contingencies.

Neil may go mad and attack me seeing his friend died by my hand, being ready I will at least survive if he attacked me.

If fight going in this pace Neil is going to lose sooner than later.

The fight continued on for near half an hour before Neil looked toward my direction.

''Andrew you f.u.c.ktard! Come help m" Neil shouted but then he noticed Andrews dead body near me.

A look of intense anger come across his face and I thought for sure that he will come to kill me to take revenge for his friend but he suddenly bolted to the opposite direction.

But just as he turned to run away toward the opposite direction, rhea come opposite of him as if knowing he will run away and swiftly attack.

The first attack barely dodges by Andrew but the second attack hit him heavily on his spine injuring him so fatally that he fell directly.

As he fell rhea attacked him, as his injuries were already quite heavy and when he fell on the ground, he had become vegetable on the chopping board.

Rhea killed him without wasting any time by slicing his neck, he didn't has the chance to say a word before he was dead.

Seeing Neil is dead, I deactivated my weapons ran toward Rhea, who sat on the clean spot for the rest.

"Thank you! If not for your warning, I would be dead right now!" Said rhea as patted Ashlyn.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped arrogantly with her head high, we both laughed seeing her acting like that.

After resting enough we started to remove artifacts from Neil and check his pockets.

We found several things but one thing made most happy is thumb size square which has thousands of runes drawn, we quickly scanned this with our holowatches.

This thumb size square contains skill, probably the same skill used by Andrew and Neil.

Nine Raging Tides is Grade 1 Skill, this skill could multiply the user strength one time the original by every tide.

My mouth dropped open when I thought about power it will create and ninth strike, it will ninth times of the original, that's huge!

But not all suns.h.i.+ne and roses in these skills, its conditions were dangerous and strict.

Nine raging tides can be performed by anyone but if one didn't satisfy its condition then his condition would turn just like Andrew.

Only after reading its condition did I able to understand the extent of Andrews condition.

This skill is a little different than normal skill, one will need to immense vitality with mana and what better source of vitality than seals made from supreme combat exercise.

This skill divided into three parts of three, three, three tides. If one wants to perform the first three tides without any harm, he had to have three seals of supreme combat exercise.

For the middle three parts, seven seals are necessary and last three-part whole ten seals are necessary.

This skill not only requires seals for vitality but also need a strong body to bear the pressure Of the skill.

This is a really amazing skill it's really hard to satisfy its conditions, I could only try my best.