Monster Integration - Chapter 84 Clash

Chapter 84 Clash

Tri-Colored Poison frog, this explained it all, no wonder! They were able to minx the food without noticing anyone because of its poison is odorless and colorless and could kill those with the same level as it within ten minutes.

They must have mixed poison Tri colored poison frog in the food and had eaten antidote before, so it couldn't affect them.

Such clever planning, if not being for Ashlyn sensing something, we would have laid on the floor dying.

"Hehehe, you caught us! but no worries, we kill you and take all of your things and might as well have some fun with you if you were in one piece," said Andrew, his words were especially directed at Rhea.

"Enough talking Andrew! Quickly finish them off, we only have ten days to reach the scind forest." Neal snapped and both of them attacked us at unison.

"Clank!" as Andrew and my swords clashed, I felt a heavy shock in my arms, I got quite startled

''Clank!" I felt heavy shock traveling through my arms as Andrew and my swords clashed, I barely able to keep myself from taking a step back.

Fortunately I started to circulate the supreme combat exercise as soon as Ashlyn said something is wrong with the food, still, I felt the heavy shock in my hand even after circulating 24th move of the exercise.

I think that was just casual strike from Andrew just to test my power and I was right.

"Clank!" "thud!" I have to take to step back to neutralize the blow. "Hehe!" Andrew laugh and his attacks became even faster.

"Sizzle!" I heard the burning sound, Tricolored poison frog didn't have any offensive except for spitting poison and now that frog is busy with Ashlyn.

The frog would have easily dealt with a monster of the same level but it can do anything to Ashlyn despite Ashlyn being one level lower than it. No matter how much it tried to attack Ashlyn, she is easily dodging it with a flap of her wings.

Ashlyn has been constantly attacking it with mini fireb.a.l.l.s, not giving it any chance to attack me, h.e.l.l! it is quite busy trying to survive from the Ashlyn's fireb.a.l.l.s.

''Swis.h.!.+" I dodged Andrew offense and attacked him but he avoided that quite easily.

''You made a big mistake sending your monster!" Said Neil to rhea gloatingly as he and his monsters attacking constantly while she focused on dodging both of their attacks.

''did I?" Rhea asked back and one could be seen stone panda deedee is coming toward them.

I got pleasantly surprised seeing Deedee coming toward the battlefield, looks like Rhea really didn't send her monster, just asked it to hide in the trees.

Neil got quite startled seeing this bit soon got his emotion under control and started to fight earnestly.

"Where are you looking, do you finding me an easy opponent?" said Andrew and swung her sword toward me.

My heart skipped seeing his sword coming toward me, it was many times faster than his earlier moves, I didn't think much and activated my knight grade.

"Bam!" Andrew's sword clashed with my s.h.i.+eld, I was quite surprised because except for slight tremor, I didn't quite feel anything.

Seeing I am totally fine without any scratch, Andrew faces contorted, which looked extremely ideas which had put a smile on face.

he became extremely angry seeing that and started to attack me in frenzy.

"Bam bam bam!" his attacks are so fast that I am having little difficulty moving my s.h.i.+eld to counter his attacks.

If I haven't had this s.h.i.+eld, I would have got fatally injured by now.

"Looks like your s.h.i.+eld is quite special, it will suit very well in my hand," he said with his smile on his and his left-hand move toward extra sword hilt which is hanging by his waist.

My heart started to beat faster, if he is dual saw ord wielder as I am guessing right now then I am in big trouble because it would be very hard to counter both his swords with my sword.

Soon he activated his second sword and attack me with it, one sword is coming towards my waist. I can not dodge the attack of this speed, my only option is to defend it with my sword and s.h.i.+eld.

"Bam! Clank!" "crack!" ''Thud thud thud…." I didn't feel anything when I countered his first sword with my s.h.i.+eld but when his second sword clashes against my s.h.i.+eld, I felt like someone hit my hand with a huge hammer.

The bone of the shoulder splintered a little with me taking back more than ten steps back, even blood has come into my mouth but I drink down forcefully.

I have been circulating 24th move supreme combat exercise ever since the fight started and trying to circulate way past it but every time I do I come across the block as if giant thick still wall blocking me and if I have to circulate past it and create the second seal, I will have to crush that giant steel wall.

I didn't even get a moment of rest before I saw Andrew coming towards me with both of his swords.

This time I barely dodge his first sword while countering others with my s.h.i.+eld but I was lucky only one and when he launched another attack I have no chance of dodge and had countered with my s.h.i.+eld and sword.

''Puh!" I vomit mouthful blood as I got internal injuries through shock and had to take several steps back to diffuse the force.

Andrew keeps attacking while I kept attacking giant obstacle to creating the second seal, that's my only chance or I will die sooner or later.

Keep resisting while trying to complete the circulation of the second set of exercise.

Bones of both my hands broke as I had to exchange my sword and s.h.i.+eld in my hand but that was temporary and within four, five moves my other hand's bones also broke.

''Where do you think, your opponent is me!" I hear Neil saying from distance, Rhea must have tried to come to my rescue but stopped by Niel.

I kept taking a beating from Andrew to the point, all bones of my arms and legs were broken and I am having hard keep active my weapons despite that I still trying to break past 24th move as that my only chance.

I stood up from the ground as I just took another hit from Andrew and rolled away a few steps.

"I have to commend you are quite tenacious if I were at your place, I definitely would have asked for a swift death," said Andrew while coming toward me slowly.

I know he is toying with me but still every time he hit me, I stand up and meet his blows head on.

I will not give up, as long as there is a chance! No matter how much he toyed with me, I'll fight him to the end.

"Let's see how much you can last!" Andrew said with his ugly mouth and swung his both swords toward me.

"Ahhh!" without backing down, I screamed loudly and met both of swords with my sword and s.h.i.+eld.