Monster Integration - Chapter 862 - Condors Defense

Chapter 862 - Condors Defense

Chapter 862 - Condors Defense

I went to the Airs.h.i.+p with my teammates and before climbing into my a.s.signed pod.

After the Airs.h.i.+p had arrived, everything went quite smoothly; there was no chaos or second attack from nearby station of Grimm Monsters nothing, everything just went normal like a regular mission, which is what is making me feel abnormal.

And not to forget those three human captives which I am forcing myself to not think about it and such think better not overthought. I am already in deep s.h.i.+t in with my criminal tag, and if I mistakenly utter something that I saw and think, I would be in deeper s.h.i.+t, so it is better than I did not think about it.

Laying in my pod, I sank my consciousness into my storage and started to sort the things inside then.

This is one of my favorite things to do and one of the things that gives me joy, especially when I open the storage ring of the Grimm Monsters that I had never opened before.

This time most of the Grimm Monsters I've fought against were the Nine Star Golden Elite.

I've never opened the storage of the Nine Star Golden Elites and this is making me quite excited, especially when I think about how Nine Star Golden Elites are the most powerful Golden Elites and what kind of things they will have in their storage.

So without wasting any time, I opened my first storage, and my eyes started to s.h.i.+ne, as I saw many rare and precious herbs I have never seen before but know they are precious from my knowledge.

It not only has herbs and ores, but it also has many weapons and abodes and other things, including human bodies. I started to place the things on their respective shelfs and human bodies in the Morgue.

I specifically activated a huge abode to store the human bodies, in that abode their thousands of coffins that I had brought from the Guild. Yes, the coffin is the only thing I could buy from the Guild with my criminal status.

The Guild advises that human bodies we find would be placed in the coffin before they are handed to them, so it is obvious that they sell the coffin in loads, and since they cost nothing much, I buy to give the last dignity to the dead humans.

I opened one storage after another, and everything I've found I've placed them on their shelf. With the amount of the stuff I put in them, they kept filling by the second, and new shelves placed every minute.

Though the s.p.a.ces kept filling, my storage ring had quite a huge s.p.a.ce; it will take a while for it to be filled, there is quite a huge s.p.a.ce that is empty.


Time pa.s.sed by and I kept opening and sorting one storage ring after another . I had just opened a new ring and was about to place its stuff on their respective shelf when I suddenly stopped as I noticed something in the particular storage. I lifted that thing and observed it.

It is a book of average thickness; seeing it a smile come to my face as if it is what I think it is, then this will be my lucky day. So, I wasted no time in bringing it out and scanned it with my holowatch.

This is top of the Cla.s.s translation software that Guild had given to us, it is the same software that Elite used.

So with the help of it, I could easily translate it. I scanned who book through my holowatch, and just as I finished with the last state, a translated book compiled in my holowatch.

"Codors Defense." This is the t.i.tle of the book, and as I read further, I found out it is the Defense Type mystic Method. Calming my heart, which had gotten excited due to the mystic method.

It took me a little more than an hour to finish the book, and the answer is not that great. It is a Defensive type Mystic Method as it is written on the first page, but I am not interested in it.

The Defensive Method is too average; there is nothing special about it. So, I am not much interested in it.

Though I could not practice any Mystic Method now, I will be able to practice one when I become Platinum but I still think about what kind of Mystic Method I will practice once I become Platinum.

Since I am Practicing Offense and Speed type Method, I am thinking about practicing Unique Mystic Method, but it will be very hard to practice one as they are extremely rare, and I don't think with my capabilities, I will be able to get it officially.

As for the Black Market, I've heard they don't sell it, that means they have, but they don't sell it, normal people and an only certain amount of people with certain connections will be able to get it from the Black Market.

I don't have any connections, but I am planning on making them, that is only a way I could get a Unique Mystical Method. As Guild would not give me, and depending on the chance like this one is pure idiocy, I had killed tens of thousands Silver Elite and Golden Elites, but I was only able to find two Mystic Methods from the Grimm Monsters.

I am still happy about finding it, though, no matter what type of Mystic Method it is, it is crazy expensive, especially when one has a physical copy of it.

As the Methods sold by the Guild and Black Market transferred to mind direction, they have restrictions on them, which prohibit one from sharing them.

This method is not useful to me, but it is extremely helpful to my parents who have become the Silver Elite with all the potions I had sent and the hard work they are putting through the Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing Technique.

I have been thinking about sending them a Domain of Withering Sang, and now with it, I will also send this Condor's Defense, they can choose for themselves which type of method they want to practice.


This Airs.h.i.+p is quite fast, ten minutes ago I received a message that we will be reaching the Heim in fifteen minutes, compared to our previous Airs.h.i.+p that took us to the north, this one took us back in one and half days which is half a day early.

So I can finally sleep on my s.p.a.cious bed, the pod is fine, and it has quite a s.p.a.ce, but it could not compare to my bed which is big and fluffy, it is I could move whenever I want without feeling restricted.

There is another thing that is making me more excited about my home, and that is potions. Now that I have made advancement in Body Cleansing Method and Soul Method, I could finally drink the strengthening potions again.

I am already a Six Star Golden Elite, and potions should make me at the Seven Star Golden Elite. With the aid of my sword, I would be able to project the power of the Nine Star Golden Elite. At that time very few Golden Elite will be able to pose a threat to me.