Monster Integration - Chapter 861 - Prisoners

Chapter 861 - Prisoners

Chapter 861 - Prisoners

Crack Crack Crack...BANG!

I was talking to Ashlyn when suddenly, the familiar sound of the cracking rang out from the inner dome before it shattered in the impressive bang, and the next moment something happened that I will never be able to forget in my life.

The Platinums stormed outside and started launching destructive attacks on the Fire Horn Lionmen that we have been fighting against. They killed hundreds of Fire Horn Lionmen by seconds.

Their attacks are so powerful that I am sure if I went against them, I would be dead before I could even get the chance even to lift my weapon.

Colorful attacks could be seen everywhere in the outdoors, and wherever these attacks land destruction of Grimm Monsters follows. This is the first time I saw the real destructiveness that Platinums brought on the battlefield.

Compared to other Platinums, the performance of the team leader is quite lackl.u.s.ter, and that is understandable, as all the other Platinums on the Battlefield are up to date with their abilities, but team leader had just become the Platinum, so did not have to practice the advanced level her Method powers.

When she practices the advanced level of her Method Powers, she will become strong as these Platinum Elites that are bringing the destruction on the Battlefield.

For eleven Platinum Elites, it took seven minutes to wipe out more than twenty-five thousand Fire Horn Lionmen that were present on the Battlefield. It is just a shocking feat that if I am not able to see it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it such power could be brought out by the Platinum Elites.

I had to see Platinum Elites fight before, but they were fighting against those of the same level and in those fights their destructiveness could not be seen by those who have low level, but just now they had been performing slaughter, they had showcased their abilities just to make destruction.

My heart started to beat faster and faster when I think about the power the Platinums have displayed, and my heart couldn't help but longed for such power. Such power is not everyone can get. One needs talent, resources, hard work, and, most importantly, Method.

A limit breaking method is most important; without it, it is very hard for others to reach the level of Platinums.

There are some other ways, like a Ruby Seal of Supreme Combat Exercise, it is said that Ruby seal of Supreme Combat Exercise possesses the power to make one Platinum, it is just a rumor I have heard amongst my teammates, I don't know if its true or not.

But I know one thing, making 100 normal seals (10 Amethyst Seal) of Supreme Combat Exercise is no easy task. It may even be harder than one becoming Platinum through the Limit Breaking Method as Supreme Combat Exercise gets harder and harder with each seal one makes.

To go forward in the practice of the Supreme Combat Exercise one needs immense willpower, this is only things one needs.

When I talked to my parents three days ago, my father had said he was barely able to create the 7th amethyst seal, and going forward has become very difficult for him.

He had been fanatically practicing the Supreme Combat exercise for the past two years in these two years of practicing. He never said the word 'Very Difficult' when practicing it, so one can guess how difficult it is to practice when he said this word.

"The Battle Had Been Finished; Everyone Had One Hour To Collect The Loot Before Airs.h.i.+p Arrives." A Voice rang out front the mountain, hearing that I stopped thinking about the other things and started to collect the bodies of Fire Horn Lionmen.

I've killed thousands of Fire Horn Lionmen, but one hour would be enough if I used my everything, including my speed method.

I started to use my Feather Light Method from the start. There are so many bodies that if I went on with my regular speed, an hour would not be enough for me to collect all the bodies.

Collecting bodies is the favorite thing of people; each body of Grimm Monster is huge wealth. Not only is the body itself valuable, but weapons and storage are also valuable.

The storage, especially, contained many things, and most of them are very valuable. If one is lucky, one could find the things they need and things they could never have imagined to be here.

Time pa.s.sed by, and within fifty-five minutes, I was able to collect 90% bodies of Grimm monsters I've killed as for the rest 10% they are lost in the battlefield, people took them intentionally or unintentionally.


"Charles, little help here," I said to Charles after I motioned toward myself, seeing my motion he instantly understood what I meant to say, and next moment, a thick shower of the water came at me with force.

Charles is the only pure Water Elemental in our team, which made him our shower guy. Whenever we finished killing, we asked for him to shower us with his water as we acc.u.mulated quite a lot of s.h.i.+t during the battle.

In the past few hours, I have become completely bloodied that one could see dried blood everywhere in my body. So, I needed to get washed immediately.

A minute later, I became completely cleansed and dried myself with my fire ability and also helped Tom and a few of my teammates to get dry with my fire ability.

Soon an hour pa.s.sed, but people were still collecting the bodies, as long as one did not order them to stop, they would keep collecting till they finished.

Crack Crack Crack...Bang

Twenty minutes pa.s.sed as such when suddenly the outer dome collapsed, and a few seconds later and a slim airs.h.i.+p came down. This new airs.h.i.+p is similar to our new airs.h.i.+p but twice in size.

As people saw the airs.h.i.+p, anyone who was still collecting the bodies stopped and moved toward their teams, just like I did, but this time, our team leader was not present with her, so Stephan took her place as the leader.


The airs.h.i.+p landed on the ground with a thud as it did its door opened. My team and I were quite close to the airs.h.i.+p. So I was able to see twenty-something Platinums, including our team leader moving toward the airs.h.i.+p.

For others, this may seem casual this may seem normal, but to me, it is not as I could clearly see these twenty-something Platinum Elites are hiding people between them.

They are taking three people, and these three people are heavily cuffed, I have never seen someone as heavily cuffed as these three people. They are cuffed from top to bottom.

Not only their hands and feet are cuffed, but their mouths are also gagged, and they have a blindfold over their eyes, and seeing how careful these Platinum Elites are around these three people, it is very clear that they are very dangerous targets.

Human to human fight I saw earlier seemed to be related to them. The next moment I shook my head and did not continue with my thoughts as it involves high-level secrets, and it is not a good thing to delve too much in such secret matters.