Monster Integration - Chapter 863 - Farewell

Chapter 863 - Farewell

Chapter 863 - Farewell

"Everyone has done a great job in this Mission" Deacon praised, who was already waiting for us when we got out of Airs.h.i.+p, which had left right after dropping us as all the teams that had partic.i.p.ated in the mission are not from the Heim.

The Deacon seemed to be a young man in his early twenties, a Platinum with a very strong aura.

To become a Deacon, one has to be at least Peak Platinum Elite or above; there are a limited number of seats for Deacon in the Guild and even less for those who are at Platinum, so the Platinum Elites who can get the post of the Deacon are powerful.

"Team Leaders follow me while you rest please go to Administration and make your report." Deacon said before he walked away with team leaders, and we, as he said went to the Admin to make our report.

Usually, it took an hour to make a report, but this time, it took three. There were so many questions to fill, and it was all mandatory that it took me three hours, and by that time, I was so tired that I just wanted to sleep.

"What was that a f.u.c.k.i.n.g test?" Charles said as we met outside after making our report, "Those questions are too much, who asked how many steps we took from the cave to the station, seeing those I was so angry that I wanted to slash that screen apart…"

Charles started to rant; the more people came out, the louder his rant would become, and this time, no one got annoyed by it as everybody was feeling the same as he did.

The questions were weird and lengthy, and answering them made me more tired than I am when I had fought the huge battle yesterday.

We listened to his rant before we walked toward the room that is a.s.signed to our team while also looking at holo watches to see if there is any change in ranking.

Our Teams Rank is now 77th; when we left for the Mission, it was 78th. No is surprised by our rank as every day as members complete the mission, the ranking changes.

To be honest, we were quite surprised seeing our ranking had only fallen by one, seeing how missions are getting harder and harder, it had become quite difficult for the team to maintain their ranking.

When we reached our Team's room, the team leader was already there. She looked quite as if she is in deep thoughts as it took her quite a while to notice our entry.

"Let's follow the Silence of one Minute for Martin's death." Team leader said after everyone had taken their place, but unlike last time, very few people had a solemn expression on their faces, some even took yawns with the clear intention of disregarding the team leaders' advice to follow the silence.

As I've said yesterday, Martin did not have many fans in the team. His wandering soul should be grateful that some people are willing to follow silence for him.

Seeing the behavior of her teammates, the team leader couldn't help but take a sigh as if she already expected such behavior from her teammates.

"Martin was a bad person, I will not deny that, but he was still our team member who fought every battle with us courageously, so we should at least follow a minute of silence for the peace of his soul." she said.

Hearing what the team leader said, unwilling expressions appeared on the faces of Charles and Sasha, but seeing her everyone had put on the solemn expression on their face, both of them put solemn expression and followed silence for a minute.

'Burn in h.e.l.l, Martin.'

Whispered Sasha after a minute of silence, her voice was silent, but n.o.body said anything, even a team leader. That reaction is enough to tell how bad Martin was.

I am the newest member of the team with the shortest, but I had still experienced Martin teasing.

I remember during the first mission, he had repeatedly asked me what I've done to end up in Death Brigade, his question so angered me so much that I just wanted to beat him up, but he was way stronger than me and I could not do anything against him.

"I have important news to share with you guys." the team leader said after some time of casual discussion, hearing that everyone became quiet and waited for Teamleader to speak.

"I am being transferred out of the team; the official confirmation will come by tomorrow." the team leader said, and unlike one would expect, there was absolute silence. There are no shouts or questioning voices about 'How could guild do this and all.'

On the faces, there was a look of unwillingness but also understanding; everyone expected this would happen after the team leader became Platinum.

Our team is too weak to hold her if our team had been in one of three teams in the Top 50 or all the members of our teams would have been Nine Star Golden Elite or above, there would have been quite a high chance she would be able to continue as our team leader.

But with the current prowess of our team, we are not capable of keeping the Adamantine. If she states with us, she will be slowing down her progress, which is why n.o.body objected to her transfer but only had unwilling expressions on their faces.

"After I leave, Stephan will take my responsibility, and I've talked to Deacon about our low number, he promised to give us some people before the start of the next mission," Teamleader said, hearing that some expressions of relief come to everyone's faces.

Our team had fewer numbers; the other teams that we went for the mission had at least forty-three people in their teams, but we only have thirty-seven, and it will be thirty-six after the team leader said.

"Team Leader, do you know what the Mission was actually about?" asked Sasha, everyone is not an idiot, they have already guessed the mission was far more than normal.

Hearing Shasha's question, the team leader stilled before a look of contemplation appeared on her face as if asking herself whether to tell us or not.

For a few minutes the team leader stayed silent before she took a sight and looked at us, "I can't tell you much, the only thing I can tell you is the mission was about capturing traitors." she said.

Various expressions appeared on the faces of everyone; some looked in question as they did not clearly understand what the team leader had said, while some had contemplation and understanding, feeling all the broken pieces of the puzzle getting together.

I was one of them, I have seen three people bound going into the airs.h.i.+p in a special cell that even my Killing can't penetrate.

I had expected something like that when I saw those three bound in the chain but still got quite surprised.

With the team leader's answer, the question I had in my mind got solved, but with it, ten new questions arose in my mind, but I did not let myself think about them.

"Team Leader, let us give you the best farewell party ever," Sasha said after a few minutes, breaking the serious mood of the room that stayed too long.