Monster Integration - Chapter 860 - Running Away

Chapter 860 - Running Away

Chapter 860 - Running Away


I landed on the ground shakingly before stuffing every healing medicine I have in my mouth. Though I was able to kill the phantom Lion, I had paid quite a price for it.

The tail of it, I was not completely able to dodge it. It had grazed my waist, taking quite a big chunk of it, it will take quite a few seconds for it to completely heal it.

I looked around and four the camp is filled with the same amount of Grimm Monsters as before, but now there are more dead bodies of Fire Horn Lionmen than before. There are already near hundred thousand Grimm Monsters lying dead on the ground while the human is still fighting with their all while losing some their members but what they have lost is way way less

Humans could be said to be in full spirits, they have finally gotten used to the power of the Fire Horn Lionmen and killing them by second, but this type of spirit would only last for two hours or three hours at most before they will start feeling tired.

There are just too many of the Fire Horn Lionmen Grimm Monsters, the teleportation Gate inside the hasn't closed yet, and that is why the influx of Fire Horn Lionmen kept coming through them.

It is because we are continually killing them; we can maintain the number. If the killing had stopped for even ten minutes, we would get overwhelmed by these Fire Horn Lionmen that it will be our turn to die in doves.

I looked at the inner dome which is inside the mountain while fighting the Phantom Lion, I got quite close to it, and now I could see what was happening inside. However, I am still quite distanced from seeing clearly and their fighting speed is too fast for me to see properly; I could still make out forms from where I am.

Twenty-something Platinum Elites that we humans have seemed to be fighting against Seventy to Eight Platinum Fire Horn Lionmen. Each human seemed to be against at least three Platinum Fire Horn Lionmen.

This is quite a large number seeing how Platinums are; each of them is Elites as only Elites can become platinum. It is very difficult for the normal person from Human and Grimm Monster to become Platinum.

This is why I was quite surprised when I saw humans handling Grimm Monsters quite well, as for if they are able to kill one, I don't know as there are just too many bodies even in the inner dome.


I was just watching when I suddenly saw something which I could not believe my eyes, I saw two humans fighting against one human, and their fight is the most powerful fight that is going on there.

Others quickly move away when they fight, and the dome literally shakes when the shockwave of the battle crashed on it. It is the most fantastic fight I've ever seen but also a most confusing one as humans are fighting against humans.

Which is very confusing as in such a dangerous environment, how could a human fight against the human? While watching them fight, I even thought one of two parties that are fighting is Grimm Monsters.

There are many Grimm Monsters that have a similar out body structure as the humans, but I did not think that is likely the case as this is Station of the Fire Horn Lionmen, and they would not let other Grimm Monster of another tribe into their Stations.

In the Grimm Race, tribalism is very strong, and every tribe prefers to fight their ways, which is why in the small camps and the station, we find Grimm Monsters of the same tribe, only in the Garrison or above structure could Grimm Monsters of other tribes could be found.

It is very confusing, and I would have liked to watch more, but I saw several killing intentions locked on me and when I looked toward them , I found quite a big group of Nine Star Golden Elite Fire Horn Lionmen coming toward me.

Seeing them, my mood worsened as I would have liked if they have come a few seconds later as, by that time, the injury on my waits would have been completely healed, and I would have been able to fight at my full capacity.

But now that they are coming at me, I have no choice but to fight them whether I want it or not; still, I should be happy that I got precious 12 seconds of rest in the battlefield that very few do.

So, I removed my sword from the slain Fire Horn Lionmen body and stored its corps inside my storage before. I waited for the team of Nine Star Golden Elites to come at me.

The fighting started again, I fought with the group that came at me, and to be honest, the fight was no difficulty as I thought to be in my injured state. I was able to finish off the whole team in three minutes.

This is quite a fast speed for me, and it is due to me fighting a powerful opponent like Phantom Lion. Fighting it, I've got a great fighting experience that I am now having a slight easy time in fighting the Nine Star Golden Elite.

After finis.h.i.+ng that group, I went toward where my team was fighting and started to fight there.

The fights were tough, but we continued fighting, and as we fought, we continued killing more and more of them, but like always, they kept coming no matter how much we killed them.

The combat was not smooth, three-time I was attacked by the Fire Horn Lionmen who have power above Nine Star Golden Elites, all three times I was barely able to dodge their attack.

It was a good thing there was Stephen who helped me; otherwise, I would have died long ago. Not only me, but my teammates were also attacked by powerful Fire Horn Lionmen, many people helped when those above one's combat power attacked, be it they are from the same team or other teams, they helped.

But sometimes help could not reach on time and people die, my teammate Martin died just like that, we were too late saving him.

I should be not saying this, but I am happy that is Martin that died. He had a badest reputation in the team and always hara.s.sed his teammates. Tom had said that he had sent to the Death Brigade on charges of attempted r.a.p.e.

So, while teammates were sad seeing his death, they were not grief-stricken like when our teammates that had died in the first mission I've done with my team.

Such things continued happening as we continued to fight as Grimm Monsters kept coming and coming.

Chew Chew...

As such more than one and a half hours pa.s.sed when suddenly Ashlyn talked to me telepathically, telling me that she had spotted some Platinum Grimm Monster flying above the mountain, and some humans were chasing them.

This had quite baffled me but soon a happy expression came to my face as Fire Horn Lionmen running means we are winning.