Monster Integration - Chapter 859 - Phantom Type II

Chapter 859 - Phantom Type II

Chapter 859 - Phantom Type II

Clang Clang Clang…

It had been half an hour since I had been fighting against the Phantom Lion, but till now, I had not been able to do much damage to it.

Since I entered the WarZone, this is the most time I had to spend on a single opponent.

Till now, I had not given more than three minutes to the single opponent, and even when I was fighting the Nine Star Golden Elites earlier, I only needed less half a minute to kill one, but now this one had taken my half an hour, and there was not a slight injury on its body.

As I am trying to kill it, it is also trying to kill me. Its frustrated roar could be heard now and then. It had tried everything on me, but all it cold is serious, injure me with every clash, and those injuries would get healed within a few seconds.

Every direct clash I had with it, I would get injured due to the immense force that will come inside me. It is very painful, but I have grown used to it and now it feels like casual vomiting to me.

This Fire Horn Lionman I am fighting is real Elite, if I did not have the killing Rule and Amazing speed method, I would not have lasted in front of even for a minute, even those three Nine Star Golden Elites would have lost their lives in a minute or two if they had continued.

Probably which is why they have left within a minute, I had started fighting with the Phantom Lion.

Earlier I had thought with the killing Rule, it would take me not more than 15 minutes to know about all of its weaknesses and then kill it, but it had been half an hour, and I knew all of its shortcomings, but I was not able to exploit it.

Its moves are so fast that I didn't even try it as if I have tried and failed then it will know I know all of the normal weakness it is purposely showing and secret weakness which it was secretly hiding, I don't want to reveal that yet.

I am planning to fight it for fifteen minutes more and get a look at all of its weaknesses before I make my move and kill it in a single attack.

"Human, I've Had Enough!." Grimm Monster roared, this its first time speaking, all the other time it had only roared animalistically, but this thought lost in the back of my mind instantly as a feeling of intense threat had come over me.

I instantly reacted, but I was too late as the claw of Phantom Lion came at me with the speed that was barely visible to eyes, the only thing I was able to do using my sword at the defense against its claws.


Our weapons clashed, and just as I did my body shook a little before it shot back like a cannonball with humongous pressure coming at me through my sword, most of the force was absorbed by my sword but there was still a large amount of it coming at me to wreck my body apart.

Spur Spur Spur…

I felt the h.o.m.ozygous force entering my body, and I found my skin spitting and spurts of blood coming out of it as I have no time as another of its claw attacks came at me.


Spur Spur Spur…

Its huge claw again fell on my sword, and I again shot back like a cannonball with much greater speed than before, while blood started to splurt from every part of my body, and all I could do was prepare for its another attack.

This Fire Horn Lionman has hidden too deep. Like me, it had practiced two Mystic Methods instead of one. One is the Phantom type Mystic Method, and another is a Speed type, and this is what it is using to gain such immense speed.


It kept launching one attack after another while all I am doing is to defend. It's not like I could not defend the attack, I could.

I have to bear those earlier attacks due to surprise and thought of actively attacking but soon threw away that thought as with speed it has now. It will easily dodge the attack.

So I have to continue playing weak till I become completely sure that I could kill it in a single attack, only then I will release all my power to kill it within the single attack.

I continue bearing its one attack after another, not minding the torturous pain I feel when the force of its attacks ravages my body, it is very painful but I bear it as killing these Grimm Monster will not only give me a sense of accomplishment, but it will also help humanity.

This Grimm Monster is very talented; not only its battle sense is topped notched, but it also bore the special const.i.tution which had enabled it to use two mystic methods at once, I have to kill it before this pup before it becomes a wolf.

Another half an hour has pa.s.sed, and I continue to shoot through the air wholly bloodied, there is not a single part of me that is bloodied, even my whole face is caked with blood due to popping of veins on my head and bleeding nose and eyes.

But all these efforts, the torturous pain worth it as I am able to find most a way to kill it in a single move, I've found that twenty minutes ago but I waited to be perfectly sure as I don't want to make any mistake, I will only get a single chance at this.

Seeing it is time I calmed my mind and let its claw come closer to me, and as it did, I moved up with speed it had never imagined I would have, since the starting of my battle with it, I have never used the full power of it.

It got surprised, but its rich battle experience made it find another way to kill me quickly, it moved its mouth unnaturally with speed I've never seen before and also its tail came at me with lightning speed.

I was not the only which was holding back, it too was holding back, but I am not surprised by it a bit as this what most experienced fighters also, they always hold back some of their power which they could use at the last moment too surprised and kill their enemies.

I calmly looked at the huge mouth and swift tail that was coming at me and a small smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

While planning the final move, I had decided on the three attacking spots, Mouth, Neck, and Back. When I jumped, I was going for the neck, but seeing its mouth, I decided to attack its mouth.

So, I pour all the eight-petal worth of withering sand energy I have in the sword. I have also covered my sword with as much feather-light energy I could before throwing my sword at its mouth.

It got alarmed, seeing this and immediately started to close its mouth while shrinking its neck back. Its reaction was fast, but my sword faster; it had completely gone through its mouth before it could close it completely.


A crus.h.i.+ng sound came out as the sword started to mess its energy body before piercing the Fire Horn LionMan's chest which is inside the energy body of the phantom Lion.

Others may not be able to see its main body in the phantom sh.e.l.l but I could, I could see it completely, this what gave the confidence to kill it in a single attack.