Monster Integration - Chapter 845 - Rank 76th

Chapter 845 - Rank 76th

Chapter 845 - Rank 76th

I browsed the Market for a few hours before I went back and started to train with even more enthusiasm than earlier.

After buying all those potion materials, my urge to grow stronger has increased again, and I want to reach the 6th major cleansing as soon as possible so that I could drink some potions.


In this session, I did not make much progress, but I am fine as the training itself is making progress. It is due to such progress I have such a flexible body that could help me perform such unnatural moves with ease.

Still, this is not enough; compared to my teammates, it is not enough. I have seen how they fight. All of them are extremely strong and possess the ability to fight above two levels.

They can do that not only because of the terrifying experience they have fighting Death battles but also due to their extreme training.

Through their conversation, I've heard t.i.ts bits about their training, and I was quite surprised at the type of training they put themselves to.

And despite doing all that, they are in the middle rung in the Death Brigade. My team ranked 78th in terms of points that are considered middle in two hundred something teams of the Death Brigade.

From what I have heard, the members of teams that are the middle rung have power slightly less than a member of the Elite Corps, while those in Top 50 have power equal to that of the Elite corps.

It is very hard for the Team of Golden Elites to get into Top 50 as compet.i.tion is very tough. In the top fifty, there are only three teams that are of purely Golden Elites, while the other 47 had the members of Platinum and Higher level.

All of the teams of Death Brigade want to get into the Top 50 as entering Top 50 not only lower one's restriction, but one also gets a chance to reach Adamantine Level as the guild provides the Limit Breaking Method, this privilege is on par with that of Elite Corps.

The Limit Breaking Method is the greatest motivation for the people of the Death Brigade. For this reason alone, they readily accept the mission where chances of their death are quite high.

Like them, I also have the l.u.s.t for the Limit Breaking Method. I already have the potential to become Adamantine.

If I am able to get a Limit Breaking Method, then my chances of reaching Platinum or a higher level would be quite great.

Though having a method does not guarantee reaching Platinum and Above Levels, I am confident that I could reach it.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon the evening came, seeing 7:00 ticks in, I walked out of my abode as it was time for us to leave the Death town; we have to register completion of our mission otherwise our points would be capped as the penalty.

When I reached the decided place, half of them had already gathered, and the rest were coming every minute. I walked toward the burly Tom as he is only whom I talked the most and could be considered a friend.

"Micheal, do you have a place to live?" asked burly as I sat on the bench beside him, "No," I replied.

When I walked out of the Airs.h.i.+p, I was going to look for an apartment first, and I had already decided on which area to choose from the catalogs that Rachel had given me, but then this whole criminal s.h.i.+t happened, and all my plans had gone to drain.

Now, with this criminal tag, not only will some areas be unavailable to me, but I will have to pay more money than normal to get an apartment.

"Do you want me to book for you?" Tom asked Tom this, surprised. To be honest, I was going to ask for Tom or Team leader to ask for help booking in the apartment as these are only people I know good enough, and both are not the criminal, so they have full privileges.

The areas are that were available to me are in the outskirt of the Heim, and due to restriction on teleportation formation, it is a b.i.t.c.h to move in a giant metropolis like Heim which is why I wanted to get a central apartment area of Heim, as much as closer to the guild as possible.

"I would be grateful if you could help me with it." I said, "It's a small thing." he replied. We talked for a few minutes till all our teammates arrived.

"Let's go."

The team leader said, and we walked toward the exit of the town, as we walked out, we jumped in the air and started to fly toward the speed that is double than before.

Earlier, we were quite tired, but now we are completely rested, even if we were rested, we still would have needed this speed to reach the Guild before 12 AM.

With such fast speed, we only needed two hours to reach the city and after than half an hour to reach the Guild.

We entered the Guild, and we directly went to the resort area, which is specially a.s.signed to the Death Brigade. We made our report and submitted proof of the mission completion; all of it took nearly two hours.

"Just two ranks." Blue haired Stephen complained. We were all sitting in the room that is a.s.signed to our team, watching the ranking board that is just updated with our submission of the report.

"With Three Extremly Difficult mission, our rank would have been able to go up at least five number, but it only went three," said Stephan, sounding quite angry. His expressions looked pitiful, he looked like a child who was promised a whole cake by his parents but only got a small slice.

"As I had said before, the missions are getting tougher and tougher, others are also giving their all just like us." the team leader said with a sigh, like Stephan, she also seemed quite disappointed.

Well, I would be, climbing each rank means going closer to the Top 50. It represents not only privileges but also glory, especially the people like team leader and BurlyTom who are members of the Organisation in the Central Continent.

"We will have to try even harder if we want to climb ranks faster." The team leader said as she looked at the current 76th Rank.

"Our rank would have been a little higher if we would not have utterly destroyed that Teleportation Gate," said Kevin, another Nine Star Golden Elite. His tone is not accusatory. He is just stating the fact.

The parts of Teleportation Gate are very expensive, and they also give ma.s.sive points, if we had not utterly destroyed the formation, there would have a chance of going at least one rank higher.

"Destroying it was necessary, it not only saves Regina but killed a lot of powerful Grimm monsters, if not for that explosion killing so many Grimm Monsters, we might not have such easy victory, and some of might have got buried there." said another Nine Star Golden Elite whose name is quite hard to p.r.o.nounce.