Monster Integration - Chapter 846 - The Apartment

Chapter 846 - The Apartment

Chapter 846 - The Apartment

"The missions are getting more and more dangerous, the more teams for the Death Brigade are being made, and they are also recruiting more and more people for Elite Corps and other Corps." Team Leader Regina whispered at the end of the discussion.

I don't know whether she is talking to herself or talking to us, but it immediately caught everyone's attention, especially mine.

I did not have much chance to spend time in the city and listen to the gossip on the feed. So, I need to listen to what is happening as with my meager strength. I would have to be more careful and better prepared if something bad is happening.

"Is something big happening in the dark? Have you heard anything from your organization?" Kevin Asked, clearly worried, looking at his expression, he seemed to feel something bad as well.

"No, It is purely my conjecture. Maybe it's nothing, I am too strained due to these constant missions that I had started to make the conspiracy theories," she said as she pressed her temple while sighing.

"It is nothing, for the past few weeks, I am also feeling something going on in the dark." "There are too many Grimm Monsters, first there use a maximum of three two to four launchpads in the radius of 100 Kilometers, but now there are ten or twelve, not only the powerful but normal Grimms Monsters numbers have also increased in the past month," Sacha said.

"Yes team leader, I also think something fishy is going on for the past few weeks." said another one of my team leaders, others also chimed with their observation, hearing them I also started to get a dangerous feeling in my heart.

"Do you think a War may be starting?" Charles asked, and suddenly everything quieted down, and the expression of everyone had turned heavy.

'War' is not a casual term than anyone could use normally, this word had big implications, and if not everyone's observation of things around them, they would have snapped at him angrily.

"There hadn't been any big war in the past Century," said Kevin, which again made everyone silent. n.o.body wants war, even if Grimm Monsters are our mortal enemies, the war with them is always costly.

"We should not worry about these things, train yourself with the time you have. I have a feeling that the next mission will be soon, and it will be more dangerous than what we have encountered." The team leader said as she dismissed the meeting.

One by one, everyone left the room, except for me, Charles and Tom, we stayed behind as we had to look for a place for me to rent. "Micheal, do you have any preference on where you want to live?" Tom asked.

"Yes, if possible, I want to get an apartment in these three areas," I said as I forwarded him a list of areas I would prefer to live. They are not many; most of them are near the guild.

He projected them in the center of the table, and we started apartment hunting for me. There are many apartments available, and all of them cost an insane price to rent.

When I looked at the rent of some apartments, my eyes had nearly popped out. I had researched the price, but they are on the lower end. The prices of the apartments are humongous, with each starting from 5 Million.

5 Million is just the starting price for the apartment I want. The prices may be huge, and it shocked me a little, but that is all. With me, Ashlyn killing hundreds of Golden Elite during our mission, the price I could easily afford.

Not only here, but I would also have afforded it back in Midzone too. After I adjusted my mind to the prices I am seeing, I started to look at the apartments carefully, wanting to find what I needed.

There is no question that I would not be in the apartment for half a time, but when I do, I want it to be perfectly laced with state of the art tech that Warzone had to offer.

Especially for the Training Room and Kitchen, I wanted them to be the best and forty-five minutes searching I found the perfect the Apartment that suited my needs.

It is just 1.5 Kilometers distance from Guild and cost me about 32 Million Mana Crystal. It is an insane price; even for those who live in Warzone, Golden Elites could easily afford it, but Silver Elite will surely fill a pinch and some weaker one would not even be able to afford the deposit.

"Here, the Key to your apartment." Tom said as forwarded the Key to my holowatch, I looked for the second before looking at, "Thank You." I said. I am grateful; if not for him, I would have had to find an apartment outskirt, which would have been very convenient.

Tom and Charles had some business in Guild, so I said goodbye to them and walked toward my Apartement. Yes, I walked. It is late, but the night is beautiful, so I decided to walk toward my apartment.

The night is beautiful, so is the city despite being very late the city is alive as it is early evening. People could see it everywhere. Some were walking the whole other somewhere flying.

I saw many couples on the road walking hand in hand, seeing them I couldn't help but remember the walks I had with Rachel, those were wonderful moments and long for them very much.

I wish Rachel with me now to enjoy such wonderful, but regretfully, she is not. Not only is she with me, but I did not get any message or call from her, which is worrying me, but I could not do anything about it.

In the past few days, I've asked my teammates about the organization that took Rachel and got quite intense reactions from them. That Organisation is very one of the most powerful Organisations in the whole world, part of Nine Supremes that Ruled the world.

I had expected them to be very powerful but not this powerful, to be at the level of Ruler of the whole world. So no matter how much I want to go to the place, Rachel is, I could not.

I am a realistic person and know that the current me is lesser than an Ant in front of them; even if they killed me openly, there will be nothing they could do. It is just like how the Guild Leader declined to rescind my Criminal target despite having the power to do so.

So, if I want to meet Rachel, then I will have to be powerful enough, there is another way which is to join Nine Supreme, but that is currently a pipe dream for me.

Every member of the Nine Supreme is Adamantine, even the lowest level member Adamantine.

The Nine Supremes have members lesser than any low-level Organisation, but each and every member of their Organisation have the power to break up the sky and split open the earth.

I can ha join Nine Supreme; there are ways, but to do that I will have to become Adamantine first.