Monster Integration - Chapter 844 - Buying

Chapter 844 - Buying

Chapter 844 - Buying

Soon our team found the spot and started activating their abodes, this time instead of staying in the abode of the team leader's life past two weeks, we have activated our own abodes.

The first thing I did after entering the abode is to eat, and after doing that, I stuffed the core inside my mouth and started to train and fell into sleep exhaustingly right after I finished.

Chew Chew…

I was woken by Ashlyn's chirps when I opened my eyes and looked at the holowatch. I found it is late morning, no wonder Ashlyn is demanding food.

I gave her a few snacks while I went to the freshen and shower, due to not showering last night after training, all the sweat had dried up on my body which is making me take a bath as soon as possible.

"I will cook okay," I said to Ashlyn. When I came out of the shower, Ashlyn just looked at me without saying anything. The meaning of her gaze is simple; she wants me to cook for her.

In the past week, she has told me many times how tired she is of eating the packaged food; not only her. I was tired from eating it, but there is nothing I could do. There is no time to cook in the abode with such death missions looming over our heads.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn chirped brightly as she happily started to fly across the room while I started to take out the cooking ingredients.

I am going to cook a big meal today, and since we are finished with the mission, I did not have to worry about the time I will waste cooking it.

It took me nearly two hours to cook everything, and the whole dining table was filled with various dishes, but as we started eating, each of these dishes started disappearing by minutes till there was nothing left.

I couldn't help but feel surprised; we ate like we have been hungry for ages and finished the food that would have been more than enough for the five people. Like Ashlyn, I wanted to lay on the couch, but I could not as I felt the heat rising through my body.

I quickly walked to the training room and started to practice the four methods. I should have just focused on the Body Cleansing Method, seeing the amount of heat rising through my body.

I continue to practice as heat rises through my body; though the heat is rising too fast, I am not worried as this has become a regular thing for me. No matter how dangerous the thing is, if one does it daily, it will become new normal for me.

This medicinal heat that could blow my body to pieces has become normal from me, but I am not worried as I know I will be able to digest it thoroughly before it gets a chance to blow me up.


Finally, I could not continue more and feel on the floor, but there was a happy smile on my face as not only I had created the 53rd seal of Supreme Combat Exercise, but I also took another step closer toward the Major Cleansing.

Ever since I had become the Golden Elite, the practice of the Body Cleansing Technique has become quite hard. Taking each step is extremely difficult; otherwise, with such dangerous training, I would have gone through several Major Cleanings.

I am progressing every day, and with another Major Cleansing, my power will also rise again, which will make my survivability in the missions increase. After a minute, I got up and walked toward the shower and came out ten minutes later.

"Let's go, Ashlyn."

I said to Ashlyn as I walked toward the exit of my abode. I am quite excited about the market of the Death Town, I don't need anything in particular, but if I found something I liked, I will buy it.

In the three missions, Ashlyn and I had killed more than a thousand powerful Grimm Monsters.

All of them were quite powerful. I have opened a few hundreds of storages of them and have got quite good stuff, so I am confident in my ability to buy most of the things in the market.

As I reached the Market, I found it quite bigger than yesterday. Almost double in size, filled with the thousands and thousands of shops. These shops have all kinds of stuff and looking at them. My eyes started to s.h.i.+ne as I noticed I need a lot of this stuff.

Just at the entrance, I saw a lot of potion materials of the potions which formulas Ive in my mind, these materials are quite rare and expensive. In Black Market, I would have had to pay hand and leg for this stuff, but here they are selling at quite a reasonable price.

I went toward these shops and started to buy the stuff. My storage ring is full of all kinds of rare and precious stuff. So, I did not have much problem with trading shops.

Not all trades were successful as many people wanted some peculiar stuff which I don't have, but I am not sad as this marks were filled with all kinds I stuff that within an hour, I materials for tense of formulas, if I make the potions and drink then I could reach the peak of the Golden Elite within two days.

But I would not do that doing that would be utter idiocy. It would be like shooting oneself on the leg.

The positions are good in increasing one's stretch, but they are also very harmful as each of them contains impurities.

If one drinks them in a limited amount, they will not do any harm to one's progress, but if they drink them too much and acc.u.mulate too many impurities, then it will become very harmful for the practice.

Currently, I am at my limit, I have drunk quite an amount of potions and have acc.u.mulated quite an impurities in my body.

Though the amount of impurities I have does not impede my practice as I am very careful about, still I have reached my limit.

If I drink more potions, the impurities would increase and start to harm my practice. So, unless I remove those impurities, I should not think about drinking more potions.

But it is a condition for the few days, as long as I reach the 7th Major Cleansing, I will be able to remove all the impurities I've acc.u.mulated in my body that will enable me to drink more potions and increase my strength in a short time.

I wish I could find material like Yellow Thorn Peach or Emerald Kiwi, they are the best medicinal ingredients. They did not have any impurities in them, and potion made by them also did not include any impurities.

Not only the Yellow Thorn Peach and Emerald Kiwi but all the things present in that mysterious Garden does not possess any impurities in them. They are best practice resources one could have, which is what makes that mysterious garden more valuable than anything.

The regretful thing I could not go to that Mysterious Garden, not only my movement bound to the Warzone 13 due to my criminal tag, but I am also not powerful enough to get my hands on resources present there

I will have to become Nine Star Golden Elite at the least before I could try for any resources there.