Monster Integration - Chapter 843 - Death Town

Chapter 843 - Death Town

Chapter 843 - Death Town

This battle was the longest we have ever fought, it took us nearly an hour to finish it, and except one or two other people and me, nearly all my teammates are grievously injured.

They could be seen drinking potions, connecting their cut off limbs and body parts, or like me rapidly collecting the bodies of the Grimm Monsters. Despite Ashlyn Vaporising hundreds of them by the blast, there are many Grimm monsters she had killed, and those she vaporized are not completely useless. Some had left behind storages that are completely intact.

I collected them and also used this time to collect my thoughts. The mad state of mine had made my emotions a little jumbled, I had to fix them. Mad state gives me power, but it is not without flaw, the slight inhumanness, and lingering urge to kill.

I knew there would be flaws, and I will have to keep dealing with it every time I will use the mad state.

"Well done Micheal, you have fought better than some of us," said Cara, this battle seemed like flipped the switch on them. n.o.body is calling me rookie anymore and talking to me with great familiarity.

This team seems to have a rule that unless the rookie survives the first mission, they will not talk to him, and I think it is a good Rule, it saves the team some pain as some rookies especially weaker ones easily die under such missions.

I can say it with my own experience if I did not have the killing rule and Speed type Mystic Method, I would have been killed in the first minute of the 1st part of the mission.

Still, my entry into Death Brigade was quite unnatural which was not only confusing to the Deacon but also the members of Team 52. Death Brigade only takes Five Star Golden Elites and above.

So, my coming there clearly surprised me as my power of Four Star Golden Elite that time, it would be near impossible for me to survive such a dangerous mission.

Soon we finished collecting everything from the camp of the Violet Striped Serpantmen and got moving, unlike two missions before this time we were not walking toward the abode but out, we were directly going out.

It has been nearly two weeks since we have entered this place, and no one wants to live in the G.o.dforsaken place than they need to be. Here not only one needs to cover themselves with stinky mud but also have to bear the inflammatory smell, smelling it they will feel their innards are burning.

The marsh is big, and it will take some time to get out of it seeing our speed, I hope it did not take midnight, I really want to sleep to settle away from the effects of the Mad state.

"Finally, out!"

Shouted burly tom with others, we have been traveling through the Marsh for fifteen hours, from early morning to now eight in the evening. It was quite tiring to travel so slow, but we have no choice.

"Let's go."

The team leader said she flew to the sky, others followed the suit. It has been nearly two weeks since I last flew and to be honest, I really missed it. The feeling of looking down on high and feeling of air across the face is just refres.h.i.+ng.

Flying through the forest, we did not hold back on the speed. We shot through the sky without care for any Grimm monster attacking us, which is totally unlike we behaved in the Marsh.

In the marsh, we were extremely cautious due to it being a den of Grimm Monsters with no human presence, but now we are outside we don't have to worry about that and currently no Golden Elite could threaten us, if they want of threatening us then have to be at least thousand which is a simply impossible number of having on outside unless they are going for the big battle.

As for the Platinum attacking us, it will not do so as human Platinum is hiding everywhere here, so rarely any Platinum Grimm Monster would attack a big group like ours.

"Where are we going? This is not the route toward the Heim?" I asked burly tom a few hours later when I noticed we are not following the route to the city.

"We are not returning to the city yet, we are going to the special place," answered Burly Tom. "Where?" I asked, feeling curious, "You will know soon." he said mysteriously.

Seeing his expression, I did not ask him again, as I know he will not tell me. I continue to fly with my team when an hour later, I noticed the globe and a few minutes later than the small globe turned into town in a forcefield.

Thud Thud Thud...

"Welcome to Death Town." said burly tom as we landed on the ground, "Death Town?" I asked, clearly confused by such a weird name.

"Yes, it is a town made by members of the death brigade, and only members of the death brigade could enter inside it." Burly Tom explained as he flashed his holowatch to the entrance, just like my teammates.

Seeing them doing that, I also flashed my holowatch to the entrance and entered inside, and there I saw the bustling place. One side is a row of abodes while other side sprawling markets.

There are thousands of people selling all sorts of stuff, this place gave me a feeling akin to Black Market, just a small one.

"Since most members of Death Brigade did not have access to the Guild Resources, they have created this," he said as he motioned toward the whole camp.

"Here you can sell anything to buy anything, the Grimm Monsters we killed are the treasure trove but most of the stuff present there is not needed to, but others might need it, and this place lets trade that in price way cheaper than the Black Market." Burly tom explained.

"You should connect to the network of town and list the stuff you have and the stuff you need, there is quite a high chance that you will find what you need here," Tom said, I nodded and but soon a question arose in my heart.

"The city doesn't stop it?" I asked. I can understand the black market, it is needed and has power behind it, but what about this little town, the higher-ups did not need to do much to close the town like this.

"We are members of the Death Brigade, we even if we are the worst trash in the whole cities, we are important a.s.sets which value only slightly less than Elite Corps."

"They may not be able to provide us resources due to various rules, regulations, and the things we have done, but they have to provide us resources to grow and this their way to get resources," he said, what he said is absolutely true.

Even if we are the lowest dregs, we are valuable, and if they did not give us resources to grow, it would be like cutting a limb to them.

"To tell you the truth, there are many people sent by guild here and sell stuff on Guild behalf in a secrete, so here you can see what you can get in Guild with a slightly high price and little wait," he said, which did not surprise me even a bit as it is perfectly aligned what he said earlier.