Monster Integration - Chapter 842 - Madness IV

Chapter 842 - Madness IV

Chapter 842 - Madness IV

"It's your turn now," I said and moved toward the Armored Violet Striped Serpantmen.

Look of horror appeared on the eyes of Armored Violet Stripped Serpantmen, and its armor became darker, and its aura grew denser. It is using all of its strength to defend against me, especially now.


I moved toward it, and a moment later, I reached right next to it and about to launch the attack as I avoided its sword: when suddenly an extreme threat of death arose in my heart.

From two hundred meters an attack is coming, and it is extremely deadly and fast. It is a single Green Energy Needle launched by the powerful Nine Star Golden Elite.

Now that my killing Rule advanced, I got the power to fight against the Eight Star Golden Elite if I used my all but Nine Star Golden Elite, they are completely different Ligue.

Nine Star is the last and most powerful stage of Golden Elite, reaching this stage means one has reached the peak of Golden Elite, going further than it will directly make you step away from Platinum.

Sensing the attack, I immediately discarded the thought of attacking Armored Violet Stripped Serpantmen and moved sideways using all the featherlight I could have.


This green needle flashed by my ear; there was barely any distance of the centimeter between the needle and my ears.

The attack was launched from two hundred meters, but I was still barely able to dodge it, this shows how powerful the Nine Star Golden Elite Powerhouses are.

I heaved a sigh of relief but soon saw the monster being surprised before getting angry and moved its weapons to launch another attack, and looking at its expressions. This attack would be more powerful than the previous.

But just as it moved its hand to launch the attack, a small b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on its head, and it started to fall on the ground with the same angry expression it was attacking me. It had died before it could launch another attack.

The team leader killed it in her single attack. After killing the monster, she gave me a single look before she started dealing with the Violet Stripped Serpantmen that had surrounded her.

I wanted to smile back at her, but I could not. The second that had pa.s.sed, which is enough time for the Armored Violet Striped Serpantmen to launch the second attack. If I did not, then I would be decapitated by the Grimm monsters.


Seeing its attack coming, I arched my back instantly and threw my sword out at the same moment, yes I threw my 1000 KG sword out, and as I had expected due to the close distance and sped it had moved, it had pierced through the heart of the Armored Violet Striped Serpantmen.

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly as this time, the sword of the Violet Stripped Serpantmen was able to touch my body; it had cut off my front hair.

My hair had grown quite long, and I did not usually keep them long, but Rachel liked long, so I kept it but now seeing the amount of the hair the sword of the Grimm Monster had cut off, I will have to make my hair short whether I wanted it or not as if I did not then I would continue looking as ridiculous as I am now.

Looking at the battles around, I literally started shaking as I am having a hard time controlling myself joining any battle in the current state, but I controlled myself somehow and focused on refining method energy.

Earlier attack with my Totem Artifact had cost me a considerable amount of FeatherLight energy. I want to refill at least that much energy before I join the battle, which I am barely stopping myself from doing.

As I was refining the energy, I took a quick peek at my source and found that the ribbon had become considerably longer. My killing Rule had reached the end of High Level, and I just needed to take one more step, and my rule power would Peak level of Basic Grade.

A minute pa.s.sed by, and no Violet Striped Serpantmen attacked me, all of them busy fighting humans that they wanted to kill badly and my teammates like always fighting on the brink, a single mistake on their part, and they would lose their life.

Currently, n.o.body has lost their lives; two have lost their hand and ear, but they are still fighting. Ashlyn is also doing her part in hara.s.sing the Grimm Monsters with her fireb.a.l.l.s which would even turn threatening to Eight Star Golden Elite if they had landed on the right spot.

Three minutes over and I shot out from my spot, I wanted to stay longer and refine even more energy, but I could not as I wasn't able to control my mad self any longer, which just wanted to kill any Grimm Monster who came across its eyes.

I directly moved toward the burly tom who is barely surviving, not only the Six Eight Golden Elite besieges him, but there are eleven Seven Star Elites, he was already heavily injured and if it's not his immense experience in fighting such battles, he would not have been able to last long.

Puch Puch Puch Puch Puch…

I moved close to the Burly tom before eight knives appeared in my hands, and I threw them toward the eight Seven Star Golden Elites and all of their heads pierced by it without them having any chance of defending.

These knives were not only covered in Featherlight energy, which helps anything move soundlessly, but I also covered it with my newly advanced killing energy, which made it really difficult for others to sense them.


"Watch out!"

Burly Tom got surprised when he saw it was me but soon shouted warning when Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen with speed method came at me.


I gave burly Tom a mad smile before I moved toward the Grimm Monster that was coming toward me, seeing that he was shocked but there is nothing he could do as the several Grimm Monsters also attacked him.

My sword started to glow brightly as I moved toward the Violet Striped Serpantmam. It did not even take it a second, for it arrived before me and swung its sword at my full power.

Seeing that mad smile on my face became brighter, but I did not behave unnaturally, I let the sword come close to me before I creased my speed and dodge the attack by the small margin and launched my own attack.


The Violet Striped Serpantmen got chest pierced before it had a chance to call back its sword for the defense. It had died with the look of unbelievability in its eyes.

I looked at the Violet Striped Serpantmen that were fighting against Tom, they had no idea that their friend had been killed, seeing that corner of my lips curled upward, and I threw my deadly knives at them.

Puch Puch Puch…

All knives pierced through the Grimm Monsters, killing them instantly. I had killed five Eight Star Golden Elite and Three Seven Star Golden Elite in a single attack, seeing that burly Tom was so shocked that he was not able to close his opened mouth quite a while.