Monster Integration - Chapter 841 - Madness III

Chapter 841 - Madness III

Chapter 841 - Madness III

My sword split the Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen into two; from bottom to top, it got divided into two.

This is one of the amazing killings I've ever made, cutting the Grimm Monsters into two, which is five-level above you can give one amazing feeling, especially when one is in a Mad state like me but regretfully it isn't time to enjoy it.

Some Violet Striped Serpantmen have seemed to see me killing and got really angry by it.

They are coming toward me with very thick killing intent, and all four of them are Eight Star Golden Violet Striped Serpantmen, which even puts a pressure on my mad self.

Sup Sup!

Two method attacks came at me with extremely fast speed with intent to kill me in a single attack. It was a good thing I had sensed their attacks just as it launched and already took the precaution, which aided me to comfortably dodge them.

But it will be the last time I will dodge their attacks in a comfortable fas.h.i.+on as they come close to me, it will be extremely difficult to dodge their constant attacks and this thought of it is making my mad self very excited.

Seeing that I wanted to get out of the mad state immediately, but I did not as I know once I got out of the mad state, there is a very high chance that I will go in a few seconds of being attacked.

Only in a mad state did I have the chance to survive and kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who are coming for my blood.

"This human is very crafty, don't give it any chance, attack it with all of your power." said the Violet Striped Serpantmen, who had its body covered in thick metallic-looking Armor which clearly is its defensive type Mystic Method.

There are four Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Striped Serpantmen that came at me, and from what I had observed, Two of them had the Offensive type Mystic Method, One had Speed type method, and the one who just spoke had the defensive type mystic method.

It is a very dangerous lineup where you have a tank to absorb the attacks, an Agility type of controlling movements of the enemy and two which have the powerful offensive ability.

The only thing in my favor is that these four Violet Stripped Serpantmen never seemed to have grouped together exclusively, so they don't have that much of the teamwork in them.

This means I have to finish the battle as quickly as possible before they developed teamwork. If they did that then it would be a very bad thing for me and the only option I will have to run away.

Hearing the order from the Armored Violet Stripped Serpantmen, two Eight Star Elite attacked me with their Mystic Method and another Violet Stripped Serpantmen speedily came right behind these attacks to finish me off.

The weird smile on my face couldn't help but become brighter as I felt immense pressure building inside me. I laughed, which seemed irritating to my enemies and dived toward the attacks.

In such cases, others would think of creating as much as the distance between the enemies and self as possible, but I am diving toward the enemies as it is the only way I could get a chance at speedy.

"Watch Out!" F.u.c.k!

I cursed myself as I heard that all of my offensive depended upon the surprise, and now that the speedy knew I was coming at it, it will be better prepared. I could see wicked smirk forming on its lips as it saw me coming.

And the worst thing is, I can't change my course of the attack as I am already leaping between two methods attacks, from there moving an inch means death, and after I leaped out between two attacks, I would directly come across speedy.

If there had been any other Violet Stripped Serpantmen than speedy, I would have been able to deal with it, but it is speedy that is speed similar to mine. It will be able to counter my every move.

Seeing I barely have microseconds to think of a way to survive from speedy's sword, I started to think. Tense of scenarios going into my mind at once, but I could not find that one which would help me survive from the speedies attack.


Seeing there is no scenario to survive, even help from Ashlyn will come a moment late. The smile on my face becomes completely madding as I move my sword forward instead of keeping its defensive position.

There is no use keeping the sword in the defensive position, as with the difference of strength between us, a direct clash between or sword will directly kill me, so I might as well take it with me to the underworld.

Speedy seemed to notice my intention as well, and there was a conflict that appeared on its face before it became firm, and as its sword started to move toward me with greater speed than before, wanting to cut my head off.


Both of our swords started to come toward each other at the near-invisible speed when suddenly everything around me began to slow down, my vision became even more clearing, and my hearing sharper.

My sense of smell became more magnificent, and so is my sense of taste, I could now taste the killing intent around me with more clarity which is also around the madness inside me at great intensity.

I forcefully quashed the intense madness that was rising inside me and went back to controlled madness before focusing on the sword that slowly covered my head.

Earlier I had to think about how to survive but now I did not have to as I know the tense of ways I could dodge the attack.

I took the large violet energy and concentrated it into my stomach and pushed my stomach out with force.

Though my stomach had moved a centimeter barely it had created enough force to move me back a little, which was enough for me.

Speedy's sword, which was about to pierce my head now pa.s.sing by the temple directly, there is barely any distance of a few millimeters between us, h.e.l.l I could ever see a dark black sword monster very very clearly as it is pa.s.sing right in front of my eyes.


It got alarmed to see me dodging the attack at such close range that it tried to move its sword, but it had become too late for it as my sword had already pierced through the heart, killing it immediately.

At the same time, my sword was piercing through the heart of the Speedy. Two knives appeared in my hand and sneakily went toward the Two Eight Star Elite Violet Striped Serpantmen, who were shocked watching the death of their mate.

Puch! Puchi!

When they noticed the knives, the knives had already appeared in front of their faces and pierced through their eyes, killing them immediately.


I landed on the ground with the body of Speedy and looked at the palm-size fireball that had stopped meter above my head, seeing me find that fine fireball puffed away and a tiny bird revealed herself who flew back into the air after giving me a look.