Monster Integration - Chapter 840 - Madness II

Chapter 840 - Madness II

Chapter 840 - Madness II

I could feel everything turning red around me, in the fight with the Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen I had kept my eyes closed and fought with the red vision, but when my eyes opened automatically when I let Madness out.

The vision I see now is faint red, which is a mixture of my regular vision and red vision, here except for I could see other colors in the faint light.


As madness descended, I have become a completely different person. A weird laugh came out of my mouths as flawlessly dodged the attacks that are coming to me. The dodge was so perfect that not even a single attack was able to touch my body.

All Violet Striped Serpantmen surprised seeing this as I've dodged their all attacks before but never in this flawless manner. This time I had dodged as it was a normal attack, and I did it very effortlessly.

"Attack with your all, kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d quickly," shouted Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen as it sensed the change inside me.

Sup Sup Sup…

Hearing the Order of Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen, all of the Violet Stripped Serpantmen started to attack me like mad.

Colorful attacks began to shoot over me, and top of that, Eight Star Golden Elite also came at me and attacked me with all its strength.

A fiendish smile appeared on my face as the dangerous attacks came toward me from all sides. They are extremely fast and deadly, and if it were normal me, it would have been near impossible for me to dodge all the attacks without suffering under some.

But currently I just have a weird smile on my face as I float around the attacks dodging them at the did distance of centimeters. Some of these had touched my clothes, burned them, torn them, but not a single one was able to touch my skin.

I am doing all that while using the bare minimum of the method energy. My mad self seems to think that using all the featherlight Energy I could use with my body is waste, so I should only use only as much as I need, and this slight amount of energy is all I need to dodge the attacks.

This stage of mine may be filled with madness, but there is control mixed into it. There is no question about me feeling the extreme desire to kill, but the desire is targeted and controlled.

This is my flavor of killing Rule. I had known for quite long that I needed madness in my killing rule as there is too much control in it, but I did not let the madness out back then.

I was sure that if I would let out this madness, I would simply become a killing machine that had no control, which is very bad choice.

So I waited and sharpened the control over myself and the killing rule, only in this battle I felt my control had reached the sufficient level, only then I let the madness out

While dodging the attack, I suddenly moved backward with immense speeds and flipped, as I flipped I transferred all the momentum my body had into my sword and swung it at the Seven Start Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen whose behind I had appeared.


The head of the Violet Stripped Serpantmen as I decapitated it, it had happened so fast that other Violet Stripped Serpantmen were not able to react at all, including Eight Star Golden Elite.

I went from using barely any featherlight Energy to using full Lightfeather energy for a second as I killed the Violet Striped Serpantmen.

"Kill it."


Shouted Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen as it looked at me with murderous eyes and while I had just laughed at fiendishly and moved toward another Violet Stripped Serpantmen unhesitatingly.


This time my mad me did not hide his movements. I fearlessly went toward another Violet Stripped Serpantmen. The Eight Star Elite had come to a stop me, but I avoided its attack and decapitated another Grimm Monsters.

I had done that amidst the tense of attacks coming after me and hound-like Eight Star Golden Elite pestering me when I killed the 2nd Violet Striped Serpantmen, the Eight Star Golden Elite just a meter away from me but was not able to stop the death of its comrade.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d if I did not kill you and drink your blood then my name would be Gor!" shouted Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen and attacked me.

Its attack was so fast that the previous me would have been able to cut me into two pieces but against present me, It was only able to cut a few threads of my clothes.

Swish Swish Swish…

It launched attack after attack at me with extremely fast speed but made me dodge all of them at an unbelievably close angle.

If someone looked at us from a distance, they would see one violet-colored Grimm Monster crazily attacking while a small human was easily dodging each of its attacks with ease.


I killed a third Violet Stripped Serpantmen, and it was due to its own idiocy, this Violet Striped Serpantmen wanted to launch a sneak attack at me and came quite close to me, all I had to do was throw a small knife at my back.

The knife had perfectly pierced through the eyes of the Violet Stripped Serpantmen, killing it immediately.


The killing of another of its mate made it extremely angry, and it lost all reason it had and started to attack me crazily. It had completely gone frenzy, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face as in a frenzy Grimm Monsters may become more powerful than normal, but it also the time one could easily kill it.

It came at me like never before with speed that was unreal to it before, to deal with that my mad me finally started taking a considerable amount of Featherlight energy and continued dodging with the same expression I had on my face.

Puchi Puchi Puchi Puchi

Feeling annoyed by the extra attacks coming toward me, four knives appeared on both of my hands, and I threw them at the four remaining Seven Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen.

I could have killed them before, but I had killed them, so no more Grimm Monsters would get attracted to our fight seeing there are already enough fighting against weak Three Star Golden Elite like me.

But seeing their constant attacks like irritating flies, I decided to kill them as I became quite sure that I would be able to kill this frenzied b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

It started to attack me even more crazily, seeing its mates dead while I just kept dodging watching it every move as if I was imprinting them in my mind.


Sometime later, a weird laugh came out of my mouth and dived toward the Eight Star Golden Violet Striped Serpantman. Others might think of me as a mad doing thing; sane me will also think that.

The Violet Striped Serpantman is Eight Star Golden Elite Grimm Monster, and moving close to is madness for someone who only has the power of Five Star Golden Elite.


I dived toward Violet Stripped Serpantmen and seeing that it let off a guttural noise of happiness as it swung its sword at me, its speed so fast that its was blurring even to me; still, I did not fear it and instead let out the crazy laugh and moved ahead.


The sword came down on me, and just as it was a few inches away from me, I used all the Lightfeathers energy, to sidestep, and also at that exact moment, I swung my sword upward.


A wet slicing sound rang out and next moment an Eight Star Golden Elite Violet Stripped Serpantmen split into two.