Monster Integration - Chapter 830 - Unique Style I

Chapter 830 - Unique Style I

Chapter 830 - Unique Style I

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

Ashlyn kept launching one attack, and after another and in just three minutes, she had wiped out more than three hundred Aqua Rhinomen on her own. This is a fantastic kill record that even the team leader could not compete with.

With little help from Ashlyn and our efforts, we have wiped out about eight hundred Aqua Rhinomen, and now there are about four hundred of them that have remained, and those who have remained are Six Star Golden Elite and above.

Now the real battle is being fought in the battlefield where thirty-something humans are fighting against the four hundred Grimm Monsters, and all of these Grimm Monsters are extremely powerful.

As for what I am doing, I am running. There are five Six Star Golden Elites that are chasing me, and two of them are using speed type of method just like me.

If I did not have this amazing Speed Type Method and Ashlyn's who is hara.s.sing these monsters from above, I would have fallen under the blade of these Aqua Rhinomen I am running away from.

My Teammates are not in much better condition than me. They are also fighting against at least ten Aqua Rhinomen at once. I would have asked them to help if they had not needed it themselves.

Sup Sup...

"Human, if you are a man, then stop and fight us." Roared one Aqua Rhinomen who is just a few meters behind me. I did not fall into its provocation and dodge the attacked one of the Aqua Rhinoman.

The attack was very powerful, launched from the Mystic Method. If it had hit me, I would have died immediately as the one that had attacked me Six Star Golden Elite, even a normal attack from such a powerhouse could kill me much less the Mystic method attack that came from them.

'I have to do something quickly.' I said to myself as the strain on my body is building with the repeated use of the Featherlight. I would be most able to use it for three more minutes max with the current quant.i.ty of energy I am using.

If I keep using it continually then I would have to take a break of at least a minute or my body would collapse under such strain.

There is only one thing I could do to stop these Aqua Rhinomen from chasing me, and that is to kill them, but it is easier said than done. I am a Two Star Golden Elite, who could increase his power to the Four Star Golden Elites but the powerhouses I am facing are Six Star Golden Elites.

There is still the difference between Two Stars, which is a huge difference which can't be bridged through the normal means but I have ways to bridge that difference and kill these monsters but doing that would be extremely dangerous.

Though the plan is fatal and chances of me dying are more than fifty percent, it is still better than dying three minutes later when my body wouldn't be able to accommodate the energy of the FeatherLight anymore.

Since the plan had formed then there is no time to waste on waiting, the quicker I act, the more safe I would be.

Suddenly I stopped on my tracks and turned toward them as I did two swords appeared in my hands. One is my Totem Artifact, while others are my Red sword, which I used to use before.

Seeing me suddenly stopping and two swords appearing in hands, the Aqua Rhinomen got surprised, but they still came at me with the fiendish smile thinking I had reached my limit and now making a final stand.

The first offensive launched by the two Aqua Rhinomen who was closer to me as they had been following me with the Speed type of method of theirs and these two are my first targets.


These Aqua Rhinomen did not stop seeing me stopping and came toward me with their full speed and with their sawtooth blades slas.h.i.+ng toward me, wanting to tear my body with shreds.

I did not move from my spot and let their toothed blades come closer to me, and when there was just a half meter distance between blades and me, I made my move.

I took as much as featherlight energy in my body as I could and leap. My leap was so fast that even Grimm Monsters barely got a chance to notice what was happening as I leaped between their blades.


There was a very small distance between the two blades, and when I leaped between them, a sleeve of my s.h.i.+rt got torn by one of the teeth of the blade. I did not care about the small scratch and tear on my clothes as the second and most important part of my plan to begin.

I leaped out from the gap of two toothed blades and just as I did. My red sword covered in the cloud of Black Sand and thin edges of my totem artifact lit red.


Just as that happened, I threw my red sword, which is covered in the cloud of Black Sand toward the Aqua Rhinoman on my left with all stretch I had used my shaking right hand to slash toward the head of Aqua Rhinoman on my right.

The eyes of the two monsters dilated extremely as they saw the threatening attack coming toward them, but they were powerless to do anything as despite using the Speed method, they did not have enough speed to dodge the attack.

Puchi! Pachac!

My sword moved toward it, and soon it touched its upper lip and started cutting through it, and all it could do is watch in horror as I cut its face into two.

The moment was over just as it had started and a small smile appeared on my face. The Red Sword I threw at the Aqua Rhinomen had stuck on its neck, it had not died yet, but the amount of petal worth energy I had put into that attack, there is no question it will die and die painfully.

As for Aqua Rhinomen, I had attacked with the Totem Artifact is completly dead, I f.u.c.k.i.n.g sliced its head in half, it will not survive if it drank away the most miraculous medicine it had.

This whole attack just took me second to complete, and it is not over yet, and there are still three Six Star Elites I have to kill.

Without wasting any time, I took out three knives from my storage and infused them with the energy of the two of my mystic methods and threw them at the three Aqua Rhinomen.

I am not an idiot to think that there are enough to kill the three Grimm Monsters when they precious second to react, I just threw these knives as the distraction as I am right behind those knives.

Seeing me and knives coming, three Aqua Rhinomen got ready. One activated its defensive method while the other two attacked me with their offensive Mystic Methods.

One attack is a long thunder spear while the other is in the form of a Card made of yellow energy. That card looked very sharp, capable of cutting through anything.

These two attacks came at me, instead of the knives, the Aqua Rhinomen thought of me as a greater threat than the knives while they are right to think that as knives are just for distraction.

But they should have gone for the knives, they have made a huge mistake for not dealing with the knives first.