Monster Integration - Chapter 831 - Unique Style II

Chapter 831 - Unique Style II

Chapter 831 - Unique Style II

Seeing the two attacks of Aqua Rhinomen coming toward me at a swift, I simply jumped. Yes jumped, with me taking the jump I directly avoided the two method attacks launched by the Aqua Rhinomen.

For others of my level, doing something like this is impossible, but I have a Featherlight method which increases not only my speed but also movement, doing something like this is very easy with the help of it.

This is why I had said if they attacked the knives, they would have gained something from it, but attacking me, they gained nothing as with speed I and knives moving toward them, this was the only chance they had of attacking.

If they attack again now, they will be defenseless against the knives and me that is speedily coming toward them.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

Soon knives had reached them, and that exact moment, they were showered by the tens of fireb.a.l.l.s from above. With their power, they could easily dodge the fireb.a.l.l.s that are coming toward them, but if they did that, they would be skewed by super fast knives that are coming toward them.

Struggles could be seen on their faces as they saw everything coming at them at once. The struggle lasted on their faces for a moment before they Gritted their teeth and decided to defend against fireball forcefully.

Seeing their choice, I shook my head as they signed their doom; once the fireball touched them, no one would be able to save them.

Clang Clang Clang Dhub Dhub Dhub…

The Aqua Rhinomen blades clashed against the knives as they were successfully able to defend against them, but at the same time, the tens of fireb.a.l.l.s crashed into three Aqua Rhinomen.

They tried to dodge the attack and even dodged several of them but not too many as they are d.a.m.n too fast, and there is me also who is coming at them, seeing me they swung their swords but to their surprise, I just stopped just inches away from their range.


I stopped a few inches from the range of their attack and attacked them with my attack with Domain of Withering Sand, especially targeting this attack on the Aqua Rhinoman, who had the defensive method activated.

The Aqua Rhinomen completely caught off guard by my attack as in the attack of Domain of Withering Sand. I had mixed a small amount of Featherlight energy, which made the attack fast enough that Aqua Rhinoman could not dodge it.


The Aqua Rhinoman started to scream loudly, seeing that two remaining Aqua Rhinomen came at me, wanting to take advantage of extreme tiredness that appeared on me.

Slice Slice Slice!

But they had just taken a single step when they found their whole body turning red, and their movements were slowing down, seeing that I smiled and used the last bit of featherLight energy, I could use to decapitate the three Aqua Rhinomen with the single wave of my sword.

Thud Thud Thud…

Sound of bodies falling could be heard, but I was in no mood to enjoy my kill as I looked around with my pale face to see if any Grimm Monster was coming toward me. I have exerted everything I have to use my Mystic Methods repeatedly in a short time of 2.5 seconds.

Now, I am completely exhausted, unable to use even a single speck of my Mystic Method, I will have to rest for a minute before I become capable of using my mystic method, but that is asking too much in the current condition.

It was a good thing, I've come far from the main battlefield where the battle is raging, every second one Aqua Rhinoman would fall, but my teammates are also receiving heavy injuries.

Even the leader hadn't been spared from the injuries; under the siege of Aqua Rhinomen, she is bleeding from head to toe, but despite that all others, she is constantly fighting.

Our condition is very bad in battle, and if it had been a normal battle, I would have thought of extermination with a difference of such numbers, but here I did not dare to think that.

Here everybody is very skilled, each move them is like the scythe of the Reaper, which will harvest the life of the Grimm Monsters. These people are capable of using all their strength to perfection.

I've never seen anyone fight like these people, and seeing them, I want to learn to fight like that. With my current abilities and methods I have, I would not have to take such an immense risk if I had the skills like theirs.

I know these skills are not naturals, they have learned from fighting such terrifying battles like this where death could come any moment, and If I want to get such skills, then I will have to fight in such battles.


I rested for three whole minutes before I activated my Mystic Method and moved toward the main battlefield.

Zup Zup Zup...

With the experience of my earlier fight, I changed my strategy to fight. As I reached the main battlefield, I had thrown the knives coated with the energy of the method as the Six Star Elite Grimm Monsters who were fighting against the Six Star Golden Elite human.

I know that guy, he that friend of the Burly Tom, named Charles, he sat with me and burly Tom with the car.

Puchi! Puch! Puch!

The Grimm Monsters that were fighting against the Charles sensed the attack and moved back to intercept it, but they were too slow as the knives were able to pierced through their bodies.


Two Six Star Golden Elites elites Aqua Rhinomen had their head pierced by the knives while another one who dodged and only had his shoulder pierced, met my sword which decapitated it.

Charles looked at me, thanks as he continued fighting. At the same time, I moved toward another cl.u.s.ter of Six Star Elite Aqua Rhinomen as Charles's condition had stabilized a little, and many people need help right now.

I moved toward another and performed the same attack with knives, as I fought together with knives and sword, I started to get smoother and smoother till I was able to kill the Six Star Golden Elite Aqua Rhinomen who were busy fighting.

'I am developing my unique style.' I suddenly thought as I continued fighting with knives and swords. A unique style or unique battle style and known as the battle strategy that one used during the battles.

It is very difficult to develop one as one does not only need to merge his Combat Style, Abilities, Mystic Method and weapons both internal (Totem Artifacts) and external.

The usage of external items is rare, but there are people who use it.

There is a girl named Sasha here, who had fixed long metallic spikes under her elbows and feet, and in her hand, she had a short dual sword.

She had mixed these weapons with the Movement Method and her extraordinary sensory abilities, which had made her a complete ghost in the battlefield, piercing those sharp metallic spurs on any Grimm Monsters that she came across.

With her Unique Style, she was able to kill an Aqua Rhinoman who had the power above Nine Star Golden Elite despite being Early Nine Star Golden Elite.

She has gone quite far in her unique style while I have just started, but I have confidence that as long as I keep fighting and furnis.h.i.+ng my Unique, I will reach her level and then surpa.s.s her.