Monster Integration - Chapter 829 - Silver Dawn

Chapter 829 - Silver Dawn

Chapter 829 - Silver Dawn

Through my senses, I could see that the Grimm Monsters are coming out of their abodes each second and joining the fight, increasing the pressure of those who are fighting the down below.

Hearing the order of the Group Leader, we moved toward the central part of the Camp while killing any Grimm Monsters that came in our way.

Crack Crack…BANG!

While we were moving toward the center of the camp, I saw numerous cracks were forming on the forcefield at the swift speed. In just three seconds, the cracks spread densely across the forcefield before the whole forcefield shattered.

This is such an amazing scene, the force field that is covering the area of the small town shattering on such a grand scale is an amazing thing, and I would have loved to watch it if I was not in such a hurry.

After fifteen seconds of running, we had finally reached the center of the camp, and the scene I saw drew horror on my face. I have seen this scene through the red vision second before, but when I looked at it with my own eyes, I realized the true horror of it.

Nearly a thousand Aqua Rhinomen are attacking thirty-something people in an utter frenzy, the bodies of Grimm Monsters are piling each second, but they did not seem to care as they frenziedly attacked the humans.

Our side is getting more and more suppressed, and I could already see injuries piling on the bodies of the humans as they fought tens of powerful Grimm Monsters, even with their amazing prowess the Grimm Monsters are taking a huge toll on them.

It was a good thing there is Leader and blue-haired young man who can save anyone who is about to die, but still, they are also getting overwhelmed.

The Leader and Blue haired boy are archers. They are firing across the battlefield, saving any humans who are in danger and also surviving attacks from the tens of Aqua Rhinomen that are chasing them, which makes their condition also bad.


I was just about to join the main battlefield when I noticed an unexpected thing that I really did not expect to find here. There is one monster fighting on the battlefield.

It is very rare for monsters to fight on the battlefield as they are quite weak, even if they want to increase their strengths it is quite hard to do, it is not like every monster is weird like Ashlyn.

This Monster, which is fighting, is a slender Black Cat monster, it crystalline claws from which it is piercing hearts and skulls of Grimm Monsters. The Cat is also quite powerful as it was able to kill the Five Star Elites.

'Ashlyn came out; it is time for you to kill some monsters.' I said and called out Ashlyn before cautioning her not to use any Method Energy when she attacked, except for not using Method Energy, she could use her full power.

Chew Chew…

Ashlyn came out of me, and she chirped happily, but her cheerful chirp m.u.f.fled by the sound of fighting. As she went out of me, some Grimm monsters noticed her but did not care for the little bird which they easily chomp out.

Slice Puchi!

I entered the battlefield and started to kill the Grimm monsters. I have chosen the side which has less powerful Grimm Monsters and started killing them with the power of mu Speed Method and Enchantment.

My speed of killing is fast, but there are too many Grimm Monsters, even with my speed, I still got laden with heavy injuries within thirty seconds of entering the battlefield.

Though these injuries are not much and easily healed by the potions I have in my mouth. There are extreme dangers from them if they hit the vital spots, and there are very very chances of getting injured on vital spots as the Grimm Monsters that are attacking are going for that.


I kept killing, but there are f.u.c.k.i.n.g too many of them, and just now, I had received a heavy wound on my back, I had known attack was coming, but I was powerless to dodge it as completely dodging that attack would meant getting skewed by another.

It was a good thing I have the Killing Rule, which makes my senses sharper and gives me the ability to see around me. If not for it, I would have long dead in this fearsome battlefield.

As I was fighting, suddenly I saw the night was getting brighter and brighter in the silvery light as if the silvery dawn had risen up on the entire battlefield.

It attracted the gaze of everyone, and when everyone looked up, they saw an amazing scene. There high in the sky they saw about a hundred one meter long fireb.a.l.l.s floating in circular motion.

These fireb.a.l.l.s had dawned the whole sky above the battlefield, seeing such scene eyes of everyone went wide as they could not see what had made these fireb.a.l.l.s appear and that alerted both humans and Grimm Monsters.

Soon they saw fireb.a.l.l.s spinning rapidly as they spun, they became smaller and smaller till they became the size of the baby fist.

Chew Chew…

The Chirp that was drowned by battle earlier clearly heard across the whole battle field as a small silver bird revealed herself in the center of the tint fireb.a.l.l.s.

Sup Sup Sup…

Seeing the Silvery Bird, expression of the Grimm Monsters has changed as they understood the attack is from the human side, but regretfully they understood very late as the lake the fireb.a.l.l.s rained down from the sky at an immense speed.

Dhup Dhup Dhup…

A hundred fireb.a.l.l.s rained down on Grimm Monsters so fast and precisely that they hit the targeted spot without missing an inch, seeping inside their skin as they touched it.

Only a select few Grimm Monsters were able to survive from these fireb.a.l.l.s due help from powerful Grimm Monsters.

In just single attack, Ashlyn had wiped out about eighty Grimm Monsters between for One Star Golden Elite to Five Star Golden Elite, such fearsome power that it had wiped out a such number of Grimm Monsters in the single attack and this was just a starting as Ashlyn had started to summoned another group of fireb.a.l.l.s.

While Ashlyn was attacking earlier, I used that chance very well. Taking advantage of the Grimm Monsters' shock, I killed sixteen Grimm Monster within eleven seconds, and of that sixteen Aqua Rhinomen, three were Five Star Golden Elites.

This was fruitful kills, but that is a chance that only came once, and now that Grimm Monster knows what is happening, they would not lose their composer easily and will be vigilant against such attack.

"Kill That Wretched Bird!"

Shouted one Aqua Rhinoman and tense of Grimm Monsters flew up, but all of them died by the arrows of the Team Leader and Blue haired young man, but this did not seem to deter Grimm Monsters as another group of powerful Grimm Monsters flew up.

I took a glance before I started to fight again, I am not worried about Ashlyn, even if Nine Star Golden Elite went after her, Ashlyn still could easily evade its attack easily.

Ashlyn's help is immense, but it's in the initial phases, once all the weaklings are dead, her usefulness will also lessen as she will not be much helpful against the powerful Grimm Monsters.