Monster Integration - Chapter 828 - Red Death

Chapter 828 - Red Death

Chapter 828 - Red Death

Though my senses, other teams were also moving toward the Aqua Rhinomen Camp just like us.

The teamwork of these people is amazing; just with one signal, they killed all the Grimm Monsters others, and now they all are moving toward the Camp in unison.

Soon we reached the forcefield, and I could see one of the pillars that are responsible for maintaining the forcefield. Now, we just have to wait for the signal, as soon as we receive the signal we will go inside as for how I don't know.

In the strategy discussion, they have to use the word 'Drill' to enter inside the forcefield. I don't know what that drill is, how big it is, I guess I will find out in a few seconds.

We have only a few seconds to enter the camp unnoticeably, as within a minute they will notice the Grimm Monsters that were patrolling the outside of the Camp are dead and will sound the alarm before that happens we have to complete our first objective which will also be out a signal to enter inside.


Suddenly two loud booms rang out from inside the camp; even when we were outside of the forcefield we could hear the loud sound, the sound was from the teleportation gate, the team had destroyed both teleportation gates.

"Let's kill a s.h.i.+t load of Grimm Monsters." Group leader said manically as a small black palm-sized thing appeared in his hand, which he placed on the forcefield.


Just as he placed that palm-size thing on the forcefield, it started to buzz and started creating a hole in the forcefield, which is getting bigger at the visible pace, and just as it became big enough that humans could be pa.s.sed through, the leader jumped inside.

Behind him were Josh and Tom and then me, we all entered inside the forcefield. As we entered our group leader did another thing, he took a circular white disc from his storage and placed it on one of the pillars that are generating the forcefield.

Usually, there is always a guard stationed beside the pillar, but due to commotion, it left its place, which makes destroying the Teleportation Gate first as a wise choice as it not only cuts off the enemy's reinforcement but also helps in attracting the Grimm Monsters from their posts.


This roar started echoes throughout the camp, a group of Fifty-something Aqua Rhinomen had already spotted us and now coming toward us with rage-filled eyes.

"Kill them all!"

Our group leader shouted, and four of us moved toward the group of fifty-something Aqua Rhinomen. This Group is pretty powerful with over fifty Aqua Rhinomen.

In the group of fifty something Grimm Monsters, there are about fifteen Grimm Monsters that have the power of Six Star Golden Elite and Seven Star Golden Elites.

With the order of the leader, we all ran toward the Group of Aqua Rhinomen.

Without hesitation, I activated the energy of FeatherLight and moved toward the Grimm Monster with speed matching to josh.

Slice Puchi Puch Sup���

Just as we reached the group of Aqua Rhinomen, multiple sounds started to ring out, all of these sounds of killing. My teammates are killing the Grimm Monsters at the visible pace, not a single Grimm monster not taking a more than move to get killed.

With the energy of Featherlight coursing through my body, my speed and movements became exceptionally fast, and with the aid of powerful senses, I was able to control myself perfectly.

Slice Puchi Slice...

I started from the weakest Two Star Golden Elites and killed it by decapitating before moving toward the Three Star Golden Elite that is beside him. Every move of mine would kill an Aqua Rhinomen.

Their aqua blue bodies will get pierced or hacked by the sword of mine. There are no Grimm Monsters there who could reach the invisible sword, which would kill them before they know what happened.


I had just killed seven Aqua Rhinomen when suddenly, another Aqua Rhinoman appeared in front of me. It is different from all the other Aqua Rhinoman. I had killed before.

Till now, I had only killed Grimm Monster of the level of Four Star Golden Elite or below, but now I've come face to face with the Five Star Golden Elite Grimm Monster, and there is no fear in my eyes instead there is excitement.

Before the FeatherLight and my ability upgrade, I would have been fearful of the Five Star Golden Elite, but now, there is no fear in my eyes.


It shouted and swung its Sawtooth Blade at me, which is Aqua Blue as its, seeing the blade coming, a fiendish smile appeared on my face, and I took more FeatherLight energy and ever taken before and moved.

I moved with speed like never before, and it was very hard to control, but I did it, I activated all the power of the Killing Rule and took the aid from the Artifact to control the speed.

I easily avoided the blade of the Grimm Monster and moved behind him, and just as I did that, I unloaded a s.h.i.+t load of mana which I had infused my fire ability into my Sword and just as I did, a thread size dark red layer lit up around the edges of the sword.

This is Enchantment of my sword Called Red Death, currently I am capable of lighting up only the thread size boundary of the sword, the moment I become capable of lighting up the whole sword Red, that day I will become terror for my enemies.

As the edges of my sword lit up red with Red Death, I pierced my sword toward the back of the Grimm Monsters. The Aqua Rhinoman sensed my attack coming and moved its blade toward me, but it was too slow.


My sword touched back of its, and like b.u.t.ter, it moved deep inside it, cutting across his protection artifact and skin with no difference.

When I looked at the dead Aqua Rhinoman I saw unbelievably in its eyes and its death was too swift, not only was my speed great but also my sword which pierced through the of Five Star Golden Elite without feeling any obstruction.

The Red Death Enchantment gives my sword an unbelievable sharp edge, not only five Star Golden Elite, It has power to cut through the defenses of Six, Seven, and Eight Star Elites defenses just as easily.

Which means as long as I could touch my sword to their chest, I will have no problem in killing them, but it is easier said than done, even with my superior speed and Great weapon, I am no match against the High-Level Golden Elites.

I took out my sword and looked back to find another target to kill when I saw the last Aqua Rhinoman getting killed by the josh.

My teammates had killed all the Grimm Monsters and unlike me, they have killed all the Grimm Monsters without the usage of ant skill or method, seeing that I couldn't help but feel impressed by them and lodged for their level of skill and experience even more.

"Let's Go, others are getting overwhelmed." said the leader as he moved toward the center where the huge battle is raging where thirty-something Humans are facing against thousands of Grimm Monsters.