Monster Integration - Chapter 827 - Silent

Chapter 827 - Silent

Chapter 827 - Silent

A few minutes later, I finished practicing and went to shower while Ashlyn was still busy eating. She is eating eight to nine times food of her size, this is a record for her, but I did not feel surprised as I had stopped doing that when it came to her eating habits.

When I came back from the shower, she instantly went inside me, and I sat on the bed, closing with my eyes closed, waiting for the amazing thing she had told me about.


I shouted loudly when I saw what Ashlyn doing is, this is the biggest surprise she had given me so far, it is bigger than her comprehending Rule powers and using it as those things happened, albeit very very rarely but do happen.

But what she is doing right now is beyond my comprehension. It is amazing beyond belief.

She is taking energies of my Mystic Method, I have never heard any Monster using Mystic Method as unlike Rule power or Occult Energy, the Energies of Mystic Method require a base to use them.

The Base is not only helpful in absorbing these energies but helps in storing and using them. Without the base, it is nigh impossible to use those energies, and even if one somehow is able to gather those energies in one's body, instead of helping, they will ravage the body and one will die.

But Ashlyn is sucking them without any problem, and when I looked at her body, there seemed to be no problem with her, which again shocked me.

I wanted to ask her how she is doing it, but seeing she is busy taking the energies from me, I closed my eyes and started refining the method energies. With her taking energies from me, I will need to refine energies to fill them as, without them, I am as good as dead on the battlefield.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued refining energies, and such a whole two hours had pa.s.sed when I was finally able to refine my energies, and when I look at the time, I found there was barely ten minutes remaining till our time of our leave.

Seeing that, I started to wear clothes and also started asking Ashlyn questions about how she is taking the Method Energies from me and will she be able to use it.

Her first answer was similar to most of the answers she had given me in the past. She didn't know how she was able to do this.

She just knows that when her body and soul got stronger, she automatically knew she could do it.

Sup Sup…

As for will she be able to use the energies, she did not answer me, she showed me. She came out with me and started using the energy of my FeatherLight. She is appearing and despairing in every corner of the room.

Her speed was so fast that I did not feel able to see anything except for appearing and disappearing in the small room. I was quite shocked seeing the speed she is flying and her mastery on the FeatherLights energy despite using it for the first time.

'Don't use the method of energy in front of others.' I told Ashlyn telepathically, her usage of Rule power is fine as it happened but Monster using Method Energies will shock the city even continent and bring loads of trouble to me.

After cautioning her, I asked her to come inside me before I walked out of the room.

In the hall, except for two, all the people have gathered, the two people have also come, one minute before decided time.

"Everybody good luck. I hope everyone survives the mission." The team leader said solemnly before she flew up and following her, I too flew up with others.

"Rookie, be careful, this mission is not anything else you have done before." said burly Tom as we started to move toward Grimm Monsters Camp.

Burly Tom and I are in the same team; our team has four people other than me; there is a Seven Star Golden Elite Josh and Nine Star Golden Elite Adam, who is the leader of our team.

I nodded at burly tom in thanks as we continued toward the Camp of Grimm Monsters. Our speed is fast, faster than mine when I went to the Grimm Monsters camp day before yesterday.

The speed does not surprise me, as our leader is the Eight Star Golden Elite who could kill any Elite Star Elite or those below in a single attack, with the power we have been able to reach the camp of the Grimm Monsters in just two hours.

We have currently maintained two hours' distance from the Camp of the Grimm Monsters; we did not want to alert them with our presence before we entered their camp and destroyed the teleportation gate.

"It is time."

Said team leader softly when there are only fifteen minutes to the required time. We silently approached the Camp of the Aqua Rhinomen, and now there are only two hundred meters of the distance between us and camp.

The closest Aqua Rhinoman is about a hundred meters from us, it usually would be quite difficult for normal people to get these close to the Grimm Monster without them sensing us, but these people are not normal persons.

They are a member of the Death Brigades. Their stealth skills are amazing that without using any skills or method, they could hide from the Grimm Monsters in this close distance.

The closest Aqua Rhinoman looked quite bored, every now and then it would look at its wrist device and mutter something likely the time remaining to his s.h.i.+ft.


Finally, after three minutes, a smile appeared on its face, and at the same time, the rings that Grimm Monster distributed to us have also buzzed means it is time to kill.

Without any need for order, four of us got out of the mud pool and moved toward the Aqua Rhinoman that was patrolling outside. Our leader chose the Aqua Rhinoman, which is three hundred meters from us as it is the closest Eight Star Golden Elite monster.

The monster which is closest to us was Seven Star Elite, so Josh took while Tom took Five-star elite and I four-star elite, which is also three hundred meters distance from me.

Puchi, Slash, Puchi…

I activated the Featherlight without any hesitation and moved toward the Aqua Rhinoman I chose, my speed was so fast, and I appeared in behind soundless without a second and pierced my sword right through its back.

It happened so fast and that even Aqua Rhinoman that I killed did not get a chance to see how it is killed, not only it but I am also surprised at speed I have killed it as this is the fastest speed Ive been and I am still in quite a disbelief that I was able to control myself in such speed,

After killing the monsters when I looked around, I found my teammates had already killed their targets and were now moving toward the different monsters. They have to kill.

Half a minute pa.s.sed by, and we have killed all the Aqua Rhinomen that were patrolling outside.