Monster Integration - Chapter 826 - Important Thing To Do

Chapter 826 - Important Thing To Do

Chapter 826 - Important Thing To Do

"Good Job, rookie."

Said Redhead leader, as she finished reading the report I'd made. Other's also seemed impressed by my report. They should be, I've taken quite a big risk going close to the Grimm Monsters Camp to get this information.

It is the fourth day morning, and after I've returned with others yesterday, the leader has sent another group of people for spying, and now with all the information we have collected, we are crafting the best strategy to attack.

I've become quite impressed with their work, despite having less time for the mission, they did not hurry even a bit. They gave maximum time they could for information collecting before they started planning for the attack.

The discussion is going on intensely, each member giving his or her thoughts in planning and the leader listening to each of them before discussing each point with them. I did not say anything as all the points I've had already voiced out by others.

I just listened to their discussion and soaked in every information that came to their mind , as they were discussing they were also giving reference to the missions they have done, listening about their past missions, I got both shocked and surprised as they were no less dangerous than the mission we have dealing with right now.

"So, everyone agrees with the Evening attack. We will launch an attack at around 6:15 PM when the guards change their s.h.i.+fts." said leader, and everyone nodded.

"We will be divided into eight teams and attack on eight sides, my team will be responsible for destroying the teleportation gate, while Sashs's, Kevins, Mira's team will lead...."

Team leader started giving off duties to each group she had divided us into. Explaining everything in great detail. from where we will attack and how we will attack and everything; she did not leave a single detail out.

This is an Extremely Hard difficulty mission. We will be dealing with the Thousand Golden Elites with just the strength of the thirty-eight. It is such a vast difference in number that finis.h.i.+ng such a mission seemed almost impossible.

"Ok, take a rest you all, we will leave at 2.," Leader said and dismissed the meeting, everyone silently nodded before heading to their rooms.

This is 11:00 AM, and it means I have three hours to prepare for my death mission. I call it such that the chances of me dying during the mission are quite high. I have seen the power of the Grimm Elites, who are in camp, and they are f.u.c.k.i.n.g powerful.

So powerful that if I had come across any powerful Grimm Monster, then I would have no chance of surviving.

With my amazing speed method at most I could dodge attacks of the Seven Star Golden Elite, but if I had come against Eight Star Golden Elite or Nine Star Golden Elite or something above, then there is no chance I would survive their attack, no matter how fast I am.

Walking to the big hallway, I've reached my room, this abode of the team leader is quite big, n.o.body would guess under the mud pool there is a big Mansion.

After entering my room, I removed all my clothes and popped up a big piece of the Medicinal Monster core before I started practicing three methods together.

The mission is hard, and I will need all the strength I need, and if this practice could provide me with little aid, I will continue with it.

Just a few seconds after I started practicing, it began to feel like my body started to feel bloated before blood started to seep out of every hole of my body, seeing that I did not panic as it had become a common occurrence for me.

Even since I started my journey for the Warzone, I am practicing with immense risk. I would always eat the core of the monster, which is above my limit.

I first started to do that to take my mind off the Rachel, but after I saw the result it is giving me, I began to do it regularly.

It is due to taking such a risk I was able to create the 5th Amethyst Seal this early and progressing quickly toward another Major cleansing.

With me becoming me Golden Elite and my const.i.tution upgrading, everything has become harder. I need an immense amount of energy to make a breakthrough, and the Secret Method, Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise have also become harder to practice.

I do not mind their difficulty as this is the price I've to pay for becoming stronger and they will become even harder as I progress further.

Time pa.s.sed as I continued performing, and with that, more and more medicinal energy gathered in my body with no way to get out, which is making it crack throughout my body from which blood could be seen seeping out.

This scene did not affect me as it had become a common sight these days, I did not mind the changes and continued, and finally, Nero came out and started to eat the energies swiftly.

His speed is so great that it makes one feel it is not eating the energies, but energies have been coming into its mouth on its own. However, despite Nero's amazing eating speed, it is still taking him quiet time to eat all the medicinal energies I have in my body.


Chew Chew!

I was just watching the Nero eating the energies when I heard a familiar sensation in my mind, and the next moment, I heard melodies chirp as Ashlyn came out to me in a cheerful mood.

My b.l.o.o.d.y face couldn't help but smile seeing her coming out, she came out means she had finally digested the potion.

In the morning, when I checked my source, I saw that my fire ability had become strong enough to activate Enchantment on my sword barely and that did not end as that time, Ashlyn still had not digested the potion.

Looking at my source, it seemed powerful than before though it had become only slightly powerful, that slightly powerful is fine as this slight increase will increase the power of my swords enchantment slightly, which will be very helpful.

This potion had done another thing which I had not expected and was quite shocked earlier when I sensed Ashlynn's aura. The potion had increased her power. She had gone from Two Star Golden Elite to Four Star Golden Elite peak.

Her increase of power is totally unexpected but very much needed surprise, with her peak Four Star Golden Elite strength, she had become more powerful enough to help me in combat.

Chew Chew Chew…

Suddenly Ashlyn started chirping loudly, she was feeling very hungry, and I should feed her as she has a very important thing to do. She seemed very excited about this thing, I had asked her telepathically, but she refused to tell me.

Thud Thud…

Sighing internally, all I could do was give her food that had been in my storage ring, they are frozen food, which she did not like much, but I did not have a chance to cook, so this is the only food I can give it to her.

She seemed to be very hungry as she started to eat the food from the boxes without hesitation.