Monster Integration - Chapter 815 - Warzone No. 13 Heim

Chapter 815 - Warzone No. 13 Heim

Chapter 815 - Warzone No. 13 Heim


I gasped loudly in shock when I looked at the city below me, can this huge thing even be called city? I questioned myself as I saw the stretch of buildings below that seemed to have no limit.

Whenever I see buildings there seem to have an end to them, I've heard that the Warzones are huge but never expected them to be this huge, this Warzone is humongous.

It is at least a hundred times bigger than the Milfred, and I felt this is not the right estimate, this city is bigger than that.

The airs.h.i.+p flew for quite a while before it started descending toward the airport. The airport also seemed to be huge as thousands of airsh.i.p.s could be seen coming and going out of it.

Though there is heavy traffic, no chaoticness could be seen the way airsh.i.p.s and come and go outside of the airport. Everything is the perfect order.


The airs.h.i.+p landed in the ground with a soft thud, and I walked out of the cabin, and fifteen minutes later, my feets touched the ground of the Warzone 13 and I started to feel excited like never before, ready for a completely new Adventure.

Ting Ting Ting…

Just a few seconds after my feets touched the ground, my holowatched buzzed with the numerous but most distinct of all were the Purple emails from the Guild.


There are three of them, and all of them are asking me to come to a report of the Guild within an hour or fifty minutes. They even attached a warning saying if I did not report to the guild within fifty-two minutes, I would have to feel grave consequences.

"What is happening!" I muttered as I read the mail from the Guild.

I know everyone has to register to the Guild after they enter a new area, but one is given a minimum of half a day for that, but all I got was less than an hour.

As I read the message, I got quite bad feelings about it, but there is nothing I could do, the rules are rules if I did not reach the guild in the Fifty minutes, I would have to face the consequences as they are stated in the mail.

I did not waste time and opened the map of the city and searched for the Guild, only to see it is quite far but I will not have any problem reaching there with my speed. With that thought, I started to walk out of the Airport when I saw something and which made my eyes wide.

"Teleportation Formation!"

Near the entrance of the Airport, numerous Teleportation Gates have lined up. People could be seen coming and going out of this teleportation formation.

"I had totally forgotten about them," I muttered as I walked toward the teleportation Gates. In the whole Heim city (Warzone 13) there are thousands of such teleportation formations which would teleport them to any teleportation point in the city.

Anyone could use this Teleportation but not anyone, but they cost an arm and leg. Each use of teleportation formation cost 100000 Mana Crystals, though they are not much for me, they are costly to the silver elite that comes to the city.

One can not use the teleportation formation directly; one has to buy the pa.s.s from the guild to use them. It is a good thing I am Golden Elite from S Cla.s.s Guild, so I have ten free uses every month.


So I walked toward the teleportation formation and pa.s.sed my pa.s.s to get access to the teleportation formation when suddenly 'ACCESS DENIED' flashed in front of me in big, bold red letters, thinking it might be a malfunction, I scanned my holowatch again but got the same result.

"My friend, you need to have pa.s.sed to use the formation?" I heard the voice behind me, only to a young man with dark blue hair about my age informing me, "I am from S Cla.s.s Guild." I said as I motioned toward the Badge on my chest, he also had the same badge as me but of a different color.

"There seems to be some issues with your privileges; you will have to take that up with the Guild." The young man said, I nodded and left the line as there were already people behind me.

He is right there seems to be some issue with my privileges; maybe they have updated it, I will have to ask the guild, I thought.

About to take the air when suddenly I remembered something and checked my holowatch quickly, only to see my flying privileges have been restricted as well; if I had flown away without thinking, then the security system would have caught me within minutes and would have to face serious punishment.

Like the Outpost and Midzone, In Warzone too only members of S Cla.s.s Guild fly into air freely, if others will have to reach above Golden Elite before they get that privilege.

Seeing I could not fly, I quickly searched for the hovercar and booked the fastest one without care for the cost. Two minutes later, a very sleek powerful-looking Hovercar appeared in front of me.


Just as I sat inside, the hovercar flashed into sky and speed toward the Guild at a swift speed. Sitting in the hovercar, I took a view of the city, which seemed to make me gasp every second.

The Warzone is really different from the Midzone and Outpost. Not only is everyone here super powerful, but the environment of it also feels very different, and there are tech and architecture that is way advanced than what is found back in Outpost and Midzone.

Every building there seemed to be a work of art, be it sky kissing Skyscr.a.p.ers of a single house, is beautiful. It is not like Midzone is not beautiful. It is, but it is nothing compared to what Warzone is.

As for the Advanced tech, this superfast Hover Car I am riding is a prime example of that. Such a suffocated machine could not be found in either Outpost or Midzone.

Despite getting some unknown feelings, I am feeling pretty excited about the War Zone. However, I have a feeling that Warzone will be very dangerous for me, I also think that with the danger, there is a reward that comes with as long as I remain cautious and careful, I will survive here.

Time pa.s.sed by as I enjoyed the scenery while reading the messages from my friends, but the one's message I was waiting for had not come. Rachel had said that she would call me as soon as she got a chance or at least message me, but I had not got anything from her.

This is worrying me very much, but there is nothing I can do but wait for her and try to get stronger as soon as I can, so I can go to the Central Continent.

Time pa.s.sed, and about ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of the Castle, yes a Castle. I had expected the Guild to be a sky-piercing, but it turned out to be a Majestic Castle.